Saturday, December 29, 2018

Chris Burrous Left Big Shoes To Fill at KTLA-TV

Los Angeles, CA--While TV news is dying nearly everywhere, the late KTLA-TV weekend morning anchor, Chris Burrous found better ways to reach the audience. 

What made Burrous rock was his fearless attitude about broadcasting his way, always departing from the routine.  He was a TV Maverick that truly knew how to have fun.  

Burrous has proven his news reporting chops on so many high profile stories.  But there was always so much more for him to deliver to the audience! 

Rather than accept reality that few newsworthy things happen on the weekend, he used exceptional creativity to fill a five-hour show! 

Burrous often, brought the normally unseen weekend KTLA production crew into the studio.  

Burrous encouraged everyone connected to the show to simply relax and show his or her human side.  

There was much more on display than sterile anchors and a plastic studio set to see.  Burrous gave viewers real warmth as he made his own vulnerabilities acceptable! 

With Burrous there was real interaction with viewers as he merged their, e-mails, photos, tweets and fun into the broadcasts.  

Burrous really deserves a posthumous star on The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Broadcasters that try to copy Burrous will fail.  They should take a cue from him and many of the successful Internet vloggers that simply refuse to follow the very stale TV template of Murrow and Cronkite.  They need to create their own brands.

Let me say that the rest of the weekend morning show talent has likewise always delivered their fair share to the show.  

The void of Burrous leaves KTLA  is huge.  However, the show must go on!  

I expect great things from KTLA-TV News Director, Jason Ball.  Please let the unpredictable adventure continue. 

I always say, being number one is never enough.  

Friday, December 28, 2018

Apparent Drug Overdose Fells Popular and Talented Los Angeles KTLA-TV News Anchor.

Chris Burrous, 43
Glendale, CA—Yesterday afternoon fire and police officials responded to the Days Inn Motel here after being called.  Reportedly KTLA-TV newsman, Chris Burrous, 43 was found un-responsive in a room there.  He was present in the room with a currently unidentified man that supposedly had unsuccessfully performed CPR on Burrous. 

Glendale Police and the LA County Medical Examiner are investigating this death as a potential accidental overdose.  It will take perhaps several weeks to obtain the results of toxicological tests that will identify any drugs involved.  

This death has shattered KTLA-TV, their workers and viewers to the very core. All are mourning the loss of a very unique and bright TV personality of this or any market.

Is this yet another tragic example of the Opioid Crisis?  Who supplied the drugs and how will this shake out in the Criminal Justice System?  

Will we learn the name and history of Burrous’ afternoon rendezvous and motel male roommate?  

Burrous leaves behind a beautiful wife and pre-teen daughter. They will have to deal with the shame involved with the apparent illicit conduct of a husband and father.  Los Angeles society has managed to somehow legitimize Gay sex and drug abuse so that stigma will be reduced.

Undoubtedly his family may also suffer financially over their loss.  I, for one want to morn the loss of his very likable public persona rather than his failings.  

The lesson here is, that his family, co-workers and television viewers really loved this fellow.  He let them all down and lost his charmed life apparently due to bad choices.  

Using drugs properly prescribed by physician caries a genuine risk. Ingesting or injecting drugs from criminal sources always invites poverty, pain and death. 

Recreational drug abuse now kills more people that both automobile accidents and gun related deaths combined. 

Friday, December 14, 2018

The Borderline Bar Mass Murder Cover Up Continues!

Thousand Oaks, CA—The November 8th   massacre  of college kids and a Sheriff’s sergeant by a crazed gunman still generates many more questions than answers.  

It’s now more than obvious that the answers will have to be forcibly extracted from the officials by legal process and court orders. 

Right now, lawyers helping victims face a solid stonewall as far as getting enough information to even file lawsuits. Legal authority is required to open the reports, surveillance video and evidence for inspection.  

The lawyers must sue before they can obtain subpoenas or any discovery material.  However they can’t sue without having a proper theory as to negligence or some other tort claim.  With the records locked up so tight, justice may never be done. 

The first obvious liability target is the Borderline Bar and Grill itself.  We know that those people injured were not shot.  Due to inadequate emergency exits those fleeing the gunman had to break windows and jump a dozen feet or so to the ground that was covered with broken glass. People suffered nasty injuries simply trying to get away to safety.  The people shot and killed by the gunman definitely had no clear way to escape!

The entire property including its parking area was quickly surrounded with a tall, opaque green fence and 24/7 security to keep lawyers and their investigators from discovering and documenting the serious lack of viable emergency exits.  

Did local government officials enable and accommodate the crazed gunman’s death trap through shoddy safety inspections of the property?  

Will they destroy evidence before the fence comes down?  Will they simply demolish the club to avoid liability claims?

Next, what was the role of the at least eight cops both armed and unarmed that were inside the club that clearly never challenged the gunman?  Case law has long ago established that cops have no legal duty to protect anyone. Perhaps they do have a duty to arrest, disable or kill a murderer engaged in his crime.  That’s one for the lawyers to figure out. 

We know that the surveillance video will tell the real story of this holocaust.  Not only has the Sheriff refused to release them his office won’t even reveal what they contain. 

Everyone loves a hero like, Sergeant Ron Helus.  Nobody loves a coward.  Apparently those cops that were socializing in the club that night were beyond a disappointment.  

People close to the investigation told me that some were armed and still were simply too afraid to confront the gunman.  

Again the surveillance video will tell the story of both the heroes and cowards.  I say the video must be released at least to the victims, their families and the media. 

The chips must fall where the may.  Remember the crime is always in the cover up!

Friday, December 07, 2018

Borderline Bar and Grill Sheriff's Sergeant Killed by Friendly Fire!

Thousand Oaks, CA—Exactly one month to the day, Ventura County Sheriff Bill Ayob and his PR department held a press conference to release some “new” details.  In reality those details were not so new since a small 5.56 MM projectile was removed from the body of Sergeant Ron Helusduring unsuccessful emergency surgery.  

Since they knew immediately that Ian David Long,the shooter was only armed with a .45 automatic Glock pistol and only the police were using Ar-15 style rifles capable of discharging the 5.56 MM rounds.  They did learn definitively from the FBI laboratory that the round came from a CHP officer’s rifle.  This was and is beyond humiliating as well as epically tragic.  I don’t envy these fellows that had the duty to let this troubling cat out of the bag. 

I did not make things easier for them when I asked about several off duty officers from at least three departments socializing in the Borderline club that were disarmed by a failed public policy.  The answer they provided was skewed with a response that off duty cops aren’t required to carry off duty like it was their own choice!  

They wanted no part of my follow up questions on that hot potato topic! One thing for sure, if one or more of the off duty cops were armed, Ian David Long would have been taken out well before so many, including Sgt. Helus were murdered.  

I asked about surveillance video from inside the club during the shooting.  They admitted that had the video but flat out refused to say what was caught on tape! 

This was nothing more than another epic failure involving a Gun Free Zone.  Off camera, I was told this was a political issue! I countered it was a public safety and survival issue.  One thing for sure, toughening this venue and other soft targets was apparently not on anyone’s agenda.  

Oh, when will we ever learn? 

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

There Are Some Real Heroes In Hollywood! Really!

Marianne Williamson, Founder

Hollywood, CA--Marianne Williamson founded the Project Angel Food charity in Hollywood in response to the HIV/Aids epidemic in the 1980s.   Angel Food brings meals to those people due to illness are unable to shop and prepare their own meals.  As of 2004 the program was expanded to include people suffering from all types of disabling and deadly diseases.

Make no mistake; Project Angel Food is in the business of saving lives everyday.  The workers, donors and contributors involved with Project Angel Food are true heroes.  I’m delighted to introduce you to the Executive Director, Richard Ayoub who will take us on a tour of this amazing operation.  

Saturday, October 27, 2018

I’m getting really serious about vlogging!

Canon 80D

Los Angeles,CA—I just got a new vlogging DSLR camera.  I already had a decent news gathering video camera, a couple GoPro cameras, an iPhone and four drones.  
I actually have a working video and photography studio in my home. Needless to say, I also have a video editing suite and can post whatever I please on Social media sites.  However now, I really do have all need to regularly produce a very watchable vlog.  

I’m still learning new things every day.  The largest vlogging obstacle is a lack of subject material.  I finally made the realization that the best vloggers can make a story out of a trip to the dentist or even the grocery store watchable and interesting!  It’s time for me to learn how to be an enterprising vlogger.  I must go out and find my stories and share them.  

I do have a huge TV news background working on such stories as The Oklahoma Bombing and Ted Kaczynski, the long sought UNIBOM, serial bomber.   I’ve produced hundreds of news stories on high profile murders and other infamous crimes. 

Running around with a camera in the cities where I spend most of my time seems so lame by comparison!  Then it dawned on me that most of the other people in the world rarely or never have the opportunity to see things through my eyes!  They are in all different parts of the country or world! Yes, it’s all brand new to them! I’ve become jaded and unimpressed with my lame surroundings!  It isn’t my surroundings but me that has been lame! 

Super Vlogger, Casey Neistat who makes $8 million a year from YouTube, takes us to all of his local haunts in Manhattan when he’s not traveling.  Since I only visit NYC occasionally I find it very interesting.  Casey can do a vlog about, doing laundry or riding his skateboard interesting and that is the fundamental art of storytelling.  

It’s not the material, but the vlogger’s ability to bring his or her adventures to the audience. Telling the story with excitement and energy is an absolute must!  However, I’ll skip the Neistat skateboard and the trip to my local hospital emergency room. Sorry, I know there are people that would enjoy that episode, way too much! 

If you’ve thought about doing a vlog to cover your hobbies, travel or business just do it!  I want to tell you that without phenomenal luck the likelihood of you getting rich is similar to winning the lottery.  The reward is in getting to know how to let others far away live your adventures.  That is incredible empowerment! 

You should also know I’m a senior citizen and and I’m convinced vlogging will help keep me young.  Last but not least you can learn the mechanics of shooting, editing and posting your own videos at my own video Guru, Michael Rosenblum’s teaching site, 

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Why Investigative Reporting is Dead in America

Los Angeles, CAGeorge Orwell said in best, “Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed; everything else is public relations.”
I’ve enjoyed a joint Career, along with being a licensed private eye, I was drafted into TV news as an investigative producer.  

Fortunately I’ve never been sued despite thousands of investigations and news stories.  I’ve always been very careful to avoid common pitfalls or errors in gathering and disclosing records. However I’ve seen plenty expensive litigation both legitimate and frivolous plague news organizations. Right or wrong litigation costs can be crippling to any newsroom.  

I’ve watched news managers panic when the phone calls bombard newsrooms after an Exposé.  Threats to sue along with demands for retractions are common.  Today’s news managers just don’t have the stomach to hear the whining from the miscreants who see their foul deeds displayed on their TV screens.

It is routine for every investigative story to be reviewed by lawyers before broadcasting is approved.  The cost of the lawyers has steadfastly increased while the revenue form advertisers has been steadily tanking.

What you see these days, are routine and somewhat lame consumer stories disguised and packaged as investigative reports.  

Seemingly gone forever are those great hidden camera stories from the 1960s,70s and 80s.  

Going after politicians or celebrities carries little risk since they are clearly public figures.  Those are considered safe targets since their legal protections are very limited. 

This is really a sad state of affairs for news organizations.  The public no longer has a watchdog press waiting to pounce on lawbreakers and scam artists. 

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Did You Know There Is A Real Empowerment Tool Hiding In Your Smartphone?

Los Angeles, CA--Do you have a cause, perhaps a beef with your government, school, employer, homeowners association or even the news media?  Do you have something you need to promote or sell?  You can unleash that beast in your smartphone and get results! 
If your voice is not being heard you’ve apparently found yourself helpless in calling attention to your situation.  Don’t expect others to speak up for you, but now you can speak up for yourself through technology.

Yes, you can tell your story to the masses on your own terms.  It’s far easier than you may think.  

Your smartphone has a powerful video camera and video editing system.  You just must be able to tell a coherent and compelling story.  You use that smartphone to shoot, write, edit and create your story just as any seasoned TV journalist or vlogger would.

You simply sign up for a free Youtube account.  An important part is creating the tags or search words that people will use to find your video.  If the names, places and subjects aren’t listed in the tags, nobody will find your video unless you first send them the link.  

If you put up a watchable video that contains solid and steady pictures, good audio, decent voiceover and perhaps some text or even music you will get your video noticed.

First and foremost always hold your smartphone horizontally!  TV and computer screens are horizontal!  

Keep your videos short and to the point.  Speak naturally as you would to a friend.  Always obtain interviews from witnesses whenever possible.  

Find a pleasing news story or a vlog that you can emulate in monkey see, monkey do fashion and your good to go. 

There’s lots of internet training videos out there.  I highly recommend taking the on line course offered by because they train video journalists worldwide.

Imagine that you’re inside a business or at the scene of an important news-making event.  If you can put a news video story together you can sell it for a tidy sum!  

You too can become video literate.  Once you begin, there may be no stopping you.  You may even find this learned skill is life changing and bring you unexpected wealth.  

When Conservative Blogger, Andrew Breitbart suddenly suffered a heart attack and died, I wanted to do a simple story for my blog.  

There was a belief by many that Breitbart was murdered because of stories he was publishing about Barack Obama

I went to the scene and just by chance I ran into an eye witness that saw Breitbart fall and die on the street.  I included that interview in my video and made a bundle! 

Here is that story:

Thursday, October 11, 2018

A Gifted 15 Year-Old Rocked My Music World

Breezy Love Rocking!
Winettka, IL—My work has taken me to Europe, Mexico and even India.  I’ve met some amazing people during my adventures.  Last summer I somehow found myself at a great concert.  The venue was the spacious back yard of a beautiful home where some wonderful intimate concerts are held. 
The weather could not have been nicer.  I had an elegant date for the evening but we did not quite know what to expect.  I loaded up with the wine, cheese grapes and other snacks in lieu of dinner.

I grabbed a front row seat and the show began.  The opening act was a precocious and amazing teen, Breezy Love.  She writes, sings and plays a guitar.   Soon she was wowing the audience with her raw talent.  This youngster absolutely owned her audience as few pros can ever equal. 

The star of the show was, Logan Brill who was not in anyway, chopped liver she has been honing her craft already for years.  Logan did not disappoint, but this review is all about Breezy because she was a real prodigy.  

Breezy must now concentrate on her education first and foremost.  But her gift of entertainment must soon be shared with the world.

Let me say that my childhood was a real mess and music lessons were out of the question and whatever special talents I had were never discovered.  Every child’s possible talents for the arts must be explored. I’m always thrilled when I see a youngster excel beyond not only their peers, but the adults in their lives.  

I was so impressed with Breezy I immediately contacted a long time friend working with NBC’s The Voice and America’s Got Talent.  Hopefully Breezy can catch a break   and be seen there.  The rest will take care of itself.
I love selfies with talented stars!
I’ve seen many talented people that were never properly promoted or represented by successful talent agents or managers.  They simply grow old in church choirs or lounges without ever getting the rewards they deserved.
If you have a child your absolute duty is to discover his or her’s talent and promote the Hell out of it.  That is if the child does not have some other interest that shows real promise.  

We all want to see our children have better lives than we have.  Life is too short to not take full advantage of our creator’s gifts.  
I know you will hear a lot more from Breezy.  I give her a definite, thumbs up!

Here is a video from Breezy’s Youtube Channel.  Please enjoy, like and subscribe to it.