Sunday, October 25, 2020

Katie Hopkins, the Conservative media personality the political Left loves to hate...

Media personality, Katie Hopkins loves the USA and our freedom. She’s an avid shooter and has actually joined the National Rifle Association. Hopkins has led an exciting life. Not yet 50 years old and she’s trained with British Royal Forces and she’s been hired and fired from numerous high profile media positions. 

Currently in the U.K. Hopkins’ opinions are considered to be somewhat in the political minority. Hopkins has proven that can raise the blood pressure of any Liberal that is within 100 meters to dangerous levels. 

Hopkins detests political correctness in any form and is a rabid free speech advocate. She’s a critic of forced multiculturalism because it results in so much unnecessary violence and difficulties. Particularly she's objected to the importation and financial support of millions Muslims into the UK. The resulting culture clash has devalued the way of life there. In reality we cannot deny horrific Muslim Terrorism any more than we can deny the Nazi Holocaust

Hopkins has an unquestionable sharp tongue that does nothing more than to provoke much needed debate. She is a very talented speaker and a gifted comedian. 

Hopkins weighs in at 110 lbs soaking wet with all her clothes on.  She deliberately gained and lost 42 lbs to show that diet and exercise actually works. That, after being criticized for her numerous fat shaming remarks. 

Currently Hopkins is traveling the USA speaking and lending her support to President Donald Trump

I’ve met her twice now and admit that I’ve fallen to her considerable charms. 

I’ve always believed that free speech and debate is not nor should be considered hate but a tool to work out those issues that separate our diverse cultures. In the words of the late Rodney King, “Can’t we all just get along ?” 

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Exercise or Die, the Choice is Yours!

Ann Jillian with husband Andy Murcia
Los Angeles, CA--I have a new best friend!  This new friend should be a very pretty, young lady that knows how to have fun! Unfortunately, my closest friend has become my refrigerator since the KungFlu-Covid-19 came by.

With the closure of malls, parks and beaches we’ve been incarcerated like criminals in our homes.  We sit or lay around watching Scare TV and obsess on our food and of course treats. 

If you’re like me, you found your clothes are shrinking right in our closets.  Of course, none of this is good. 

The lockdown for many of us is just as deadly as the Plague we are hiding from.  Many of us aside from being seniors have underlying issues such as diabetes, heart conditions or previous or current cancers to deal with.

What can we do to avoid laying in bed all day?  

My very dear friends, actress, singer and dancer, Ann Jillian and her husband, retired Chicago Police Sergeant Andy Murcia have the answer! It's about The Benefits of Walking!  They swear by the fun they are having doing this program and the marvelous results!

Ann Jillian was hit with breast cancer more than three decades ago. Ann’s cancer battle became very public national news. She was so popular at the time a film, The Ann Jillian Story was pushed into production.  Ann wound up playing herself and French Connection actor, Tony LoBianco played Andy.  Ann won a Golden Globe award for her acting in this 1988 film. 

The screenwriter was Audrey Davis Levin.  The screenwriter’s daughter is, Kristina S. Davis MSW, LCSW 

Kristina happens to be an American Council on Exercise certified Group Fitness Instructor.  She developed the program.  She described it well in her own articles that I have attached below.

Kristina S. DavIs
The Benefits of Walking
“Walking is the closest thing we have to a wonder drug.”
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention former director, Dr. Tom Frieden 
Did you know that just by walking you can become stronger and have more energy? Walking can help your brain think better, make you feel calmer, strengthen your immune system, improve your weight and appearance, as well as help prevent and manage chronic health conditions.
After age 30, we can lose up to 5% of our body’s muscle for every decade we’re inactive. After age 70, we can lose 3% of our muscle per year (Dr. Donn Fuhrmann). Less muscle means we’re weaker so we have to use more energy to move through our day.
Walking strengthens and increases our muscles, especially the stomach, legs and buttocks. Because we have more muscle, our daily tasks are easier to do.
Walking improves our circulation and helps us sleep better.
Walking improves our breathing. Our digestion and elimination systems function better as well. 
Our balance and coordination improve so we have less chance of falling.
Walkers’ immune systems perform better. A study of 1,000 people found those who walked 20 minutes a day, 5 days a week, had 43% fewer sick days from colds and flu than those who exercised once a week. And if they got sick, their symptoms were milder and they got better faster.
The areas of the brain that control memory and thinking are larger in people who exercise than in people who don’t.“Regular Exercise Changes the Brain” reports that memory and the ability to think improve with walking.
Feel on edge sometimes? Those feelings that rob us of our enjoyment of life like depressionanxiety and anger can be lessened by walking. Walking releases chemicals in the brain called endorphins that cause us to feel a sense of wellbeing.
Walking can also decrease PMS symptoms and balance hormonal levels of menopause.
Walking burns calories. But the scale is only half the story. Because walking increases our ratio of muscle to fat, we get leaner, lose inches and fit into smaller clothing sizes.
We burn more calories even when we aren’t exercising because maintaining muscle requires more calories than maintaining fat.  

The Benefits of Walking
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The effects of workouts done by 50,000 adults over 13 years, found walkers tend to be thinner than those who go to the gym or only practice high-intensity workouts (London School of Economics and Political Science study).
Walking also tightens our skin, reduces leg flab and belly fat.

CHRONIC HEALTH CONDITIONS - Prevention and Management
Walking can help prevent and manage many chronic health conditions like heart diseasehigh blood pressure and coronary artery disease.
Walking can lower high cholesterol.
Because walking improves the body’s response to insulin and balances blood sugar levels it can reduce the chances of developing Type 2 Diabetes and help those who have it manage it better.
Walking can improve respiratory conditions like asthma because it opens our airways and lungs.
Walking can reduce inflammation and chronic pain from arthritis.
It protects the joints - especially knees and hips, which are most at risk for osteoarthritis.  Walking strengthens our bones to help prevent osteoporosis.
Research shows walking can actually lower the risk for some cancers; colon, breast (American Cancer Society), esophageal, liver, and GI tract and stomach cancer.
Walking can even help our eye health - “Walk for Better Eyesight” - Discover
Genetics and other factors, such as diet, life style and environment play a role in our overall health. Walking a minimum of 150 minutes a week or 30 minutes 5 days a week is one positive lifestyle choice we can make to enhance our wellbeing. So, put on your favorite music and take a walk; outside or just walk in place to your music at home. Happy walking!
Always consult your primary health care provider before starting an exercise program, buy a good pair of walking shoes, drink water and stop exercising if you feel any discomfort.

Sources: Quotation from article, Harvard Health Publishing of the Harvard Medical School,  American Heart Association,Mayo Clinic,  Sleep Health Journal, Arthritis Foundation “12 Benefits of Walking” HealthPrepMSN Health & Fitness “50 Amazing Benefits of Walking Daily”, University of Pittsburgh Study on Walking, WebMD,

Compiled by Kristina S. Davis, MSW, LCSW, American Council on Exercise certified Group Fitness Instructor 2020

Walking is the closest thing we have to a wonder drug."
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention former director Dr. Tom Frieden

After 30, we can lose up to 5% of our body’s muscle for every decade we’re inactive (Harvard Health Publishing).  After 70, it’s 3% loss a year.  Having less muscle means we’re weaker so we need more energy to move through our day. ThinkMUSCLE = ENERGY.  
Experts recommend two strength training workouts and 150 minutes of aerobic activity (30 minutes 5 days a week).
Walking is both aerobic and muscle strengthening. If you add arm and leg movements, you get a strength workout as well as an aerobic workout.
Walking outdoors is very beneficial. So is mall walking. However, when weather or time constraints are involved, or you’re just beginning an exercise program or you want to strengthen your whole body, in-home walking is recommended.  
In-Home Walking is: 
1. Walking done in place to music  
2. Varying the pace of the music so you walk at a pace that: 
 - Warms up your body                                                                                                                        
 - Conditions your body - aerobic level                                                           
 - Cools down your body
3. Uses arm and leg movements and directional changes  
4. Ends with stretching
Movements : raising your arms (raise them at an angle not straight up), pushing them forward, pulling them back, side raises, bicep curls, tricep kickbacks, knee raises, kicking your leg forward tapping to the side, waist rotations. 
Directional changes:  stepping side to side and forward and back.
If you don’t have good balance just walk until your legs get stronger. Then, carefully add the movements and directional changes. You can hold on to a chair or “walk” while sitting.
Set a VERY EASY goal you know you can achieve, “I’ll walk 5 minutes 3 times a week”. Make it really easy. You can always do more if you feel like it.
Check with your primary health care provider and get their ok before starting an exercise program.
Purchase a good pair of walking shoes at a store that knows about exercise. Get fitted later in the day because our feet swell during the day. Rotate your ankles to make sure your have full range of motion.
Walk on a surface with a wood foundation not concrete, preferably not carpeted or if carpeted, with a low pileDrink water before and after you walk and have water available as you walk. 
People with physical limitationschronic health conditions or special medical needs may have other issues they need to address when exercising. Again, check with your primary health care provider. 
Recovery: drink water, eat healthy, rest and get extra sleep after increased activity.

Starting Your Own In-Home Walking Plan
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1. Create your own plan with your own music ¯
Music is the key to success. It motivates us to keep moving and makes walking fun. Research shows listening to music has many health benefits for the mind, body and emotions.
Choose music from your CDs, cassettes, Cable Music channels, Roku streaming APPs (Pandora), Alexa, cell phone APPs like Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music ($) or buy songs from ITunes or
Choosing Music
The beat of the music determines how fast you walk. For some people who are older, have chronic pain, or are overweight or beginners, walking at a regular pace will be a moderate aerobic workout. For others, walking at a faster pace will meet the moderate aerobic criteria. Use the Talk Test described below to determine if you are walking aerobically.
Warm-up music:  about 5 minutes long (6 to 8 minutes if you are older or just beginning) to gently increase your circulation and warm up your muscles.  This may be all you do at first which is fine. Enjoy the music and movement.
Conditioning music: The next few songs should be a bit faster than your Warm Up song(s). Use the Talk Test by talking out loud. You should be able to talk, while feeling your breathing and heart rate increase a bit. You may begin to perspire a bit as well. But if at any time you feel uncomfortable, nauseas, or dizzy, stop, rest, and drink some water if needed.                                                                                                          
Cool-down music:  about 5 minutes long, should be a slower pace so your heart rate and breathing return to normal. 
End with some relaxing music and do some stretches for your legs, back, neck, shoulders and arms. Find ideas for stretching at the library or on the Internet. Never over-stretch your muscles. Breathe deeply as you stretch and do what feels good.
2.  Walk along with a pre-packaged program or instructor - on YouTube, DVD, or APP
Leslie Sansone started the walk at home movement 25 years ago. Watch her on YouTube to see if you like her. Watch a class she leads, not her instructors.
She does arm and leg movements and directional changes which give you examples of movements to do even if you don’t walk with her. Always listen to your bodyModify any exercise routine so it fits you.
If you like working out with her but her pace is too fast to do the movements, just walk to her pace. You can purchase her products at <> or Amazon. There are other instructors on YouTube but they use a fast pace as well. Verv has an APP called “Walking” with beginner, intermediate and advanced walking programs, music mixes included. 
If you want a slower pace, choose your own music. 
Walking is an easy fun way to improve your health so put on the music and happy walking. 
Copyright Kristina S. Davis MSW, LCSW 2020
American Council on Exercise certified Group Fitness Instructor 

Sunday, July 12, 2020

Democrats are Trump's Greatest Campaign Aides!

Los Angeles CA--In the last several months we’ve seen organized Democrats displaying no limits to their violence, lies and incredibly appalling behavior.
Donald Trump supporters dare not wear hats or other material supporting Trump without fear of beatings and worse. The Democrats have clearly shown that they are both unAmerican and absolutely dangerous to our children, seniors, peace and well being.
Voting for these traitors will only cause their useful idiots to level up their terrorism.
They want gun bans and to have police removed from our streets so their thugs can have absolute power over everyone. Democrat Politicians have opened the gates of our prisons letting their new combat troops loose on an unprepared society.
Come November, all these monsters must be soundly defeated at the polls.

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Pam Zekman, A Chicago Legend Retires

Chicago, IL—Okay, retirement was the wrong word to use.  It was obviously the reality that CBS was going trough lean times and Pam Zekman took home a King’s Ransom sized paycheck.  They laid her and a small busload of newsroom faces off in this drastic economy move.  

After a half-century as Chicago's top investigative journalist, Zekman is wealthy and earned herself a dream retirement package.  Don’t shed a tear for this legendary, Queen of the Ambush Interview, she is now off to new adventures! By the way, Zekman influenced me too, more than she will ever know!

The more difficult job falls in the hands if WBBM-TV’s News Director, Jeff Harris.  He must find a leaner, meaner version of Zekman to fill her shoes.  

I know just the top gun investigative reporter and a kick ass producer, perfect for the Chicago market.  The ad revenue has to perk up a bit.  CBS2 knows it must move on and compete.  There is no alternative.  Harris has both the guts and savvy to make the right decision.  Like me, Harris knows that being number one is never enough!

Here is my Happy Trails video for Zekman:  

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Covid-19 is Changing TV News Delivery Forever!

Los Angeles, CA--The Covid-19 catastrophe may well change forever the way TV news is gathered and broadcast.  

The nation’s news operations have been forced to have some reporters work from home.  They’re suddenly gathering news as they conduct their routine interviews via Zoom, Skype and Facetime

The Multi Media Journalist is a mainstay everywhere except where the photographers unions are politically anchored.  That’s all about to change. 

Drones, smaller and cheaper DSLR type cameras are capturing startling video images.  Quality video live streaming has never been so easy.  The technology learning curve for reporters is no longer an obstacle.

The increased efficiency and cost savings connected to news gathering are really monumental. 

There will always be a need for helicopters, and news crews to chase breaking news.  We need to forever end those ridiculous and expensive reporter’s live shots in front of stale crime scenes that serve no useful purpose whatsoever!  

The result of this will be more and better news stories.  More  reporters and producers can be hired with the cost savings. 

News gathered and reported in the field will have a new look of immediacy with the exciting creativity and style of those sucessful modern YouTube vloggers. 

These may be amazing times if actual news replaces those politically divisive talking heads once again.  Viewers want real journalists, not propaganda purveyors.  Perhaps the term, Fake News will finally disappear. 

I’m convinced the talking heads have driven viewers away from their TV sets. 

Lastly let me say that focus groups have led news managers down the same road for far too long.  It’s understandable, they are comprised of idle people that simply don’t have a life!  

Thursday, December 26, 2019


Richmond, VA—The far left has gained control over Virginia’s political scene. They have a Democratic governor and a Democratic legislative majority.  They are all hell-bent on banning certain firearms and an additional bunch of really draconian dictates.

Virginia has both the federal and state constitutions that protect gun rights but that does not make any difference to this bunch of radicals.  Normally it’s up to the judges to decide the constitutionality of laws that are passed.  The courts however move very slow and resolutions take many years.  In the meantime those victimized by bad laws suffer irreversible harm through incarceration and the loss of valuable property and their guaranteed and hard won freedom.  That does not include tens of thousands in legal fees. I don’t think the founding fathers took into consideration that our courts would someday all but grind to a halt when it came to protecting liberty. 
The oath of office the radical leftist politicians have taken is meaningless to these people who are on a mission to destroy sacred Liberty.  They feel that the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are somehow outdated and they are smarter then our founding fathers.  They insist upon re-writing the constitution in a way that suits them and nobody else.

That’s however not the way it works and they cannot simply pass laws that violate the Constitution.  In a state where the motto is, “Sic Semper Tyrannis!” or, Death To Tyrants the politicians are asking for extreme retaliation from the citizenry. Will we see politician's homes burned down and assassinations? Tempers are understandably at an all time high.  

As the vast majority of Virginia’s counties are declaring their jurisdictions to be Gun Rights Sanctuaries the same leftist politicians are planing to unleash the National Guard on both citizens and their local law enforcement officials to overcome any resistance.  They are also making contingency plans to shut down cell phones and the Internet so the citizens cannot communicate with each other during weapons seizures.  I can’t begin to imagine the cost in both tax dollars and human lives for them to accomplish their demands.

This shows that they’re really not concerned about Public Safety but about Socialist style public control. Enforcing these unconstitutional laws will bring about more bloodshed than if we simply handed out loaded guns to prison inmates. 

We can only hope that these dangerous politicians rethink their plans and come to their senses before it’s too late.