Friday, September 22, 2017

Don’t Let Local Anti-Drone Laws Keep you from Flying!

This sign in most cases is a paper tiger
Newton, MA—The City Council of this city enacted a highly restrictive ordinance over both commercial and recreational drones.  The most draconion parts of that law was just declared invalid by a federal judge.  

Among other things the council like many state and local governments recklessly went about regulating or restricting most drone activities such as:  
1.  Registration requirement for all drones with the city.
2.  Obtain “permission” from public or private property owners before any flights..
3.  Outlaws beyond line of sight flying.  

State and local politicians are either oblivious or antagonistic to the reality that they have zero jurisdiction over the airspace.  This is the mandated responsibility of the FAA.  They pass laws that result in arrests, search warrants and confiscation of property because of their arrogance and or ignorance. 

Article Six of our Constitution makes it quite clear that in case of a conflict between state and federal law, federal is always supreme.  Congress created the FAA and gave it  exclusive jurisdiction of the airspace.  

People victimized by these tyrannical laws have two ways to attack this monster:

  1. If arrested they can furiously litigate the bad law in court.
  2. By simply suing the offending government agencies seeking to enjoin their over-reaching laws.      
Of course if arrested, the local courts and prosecutor’s will offer you sweetheart deals in exchange for guilty pleas.  Unlike City Councilmen they have a better understanding of these bad laws.   I consider plea bargains in these cases as a nasty form of extortion.  

It will cost you a lot more money to litigate to win.  Rolling over and accepting a permanent criminal record is always the wrong answer here!

There are now two Federal Court cases affecting drone operators:  
  1. Taylor vs. FAA.  This precluded the FAA from requiring registration of drone used for recreation. This new requirement was in serious conflict with existing Federal law.
  2. Singer vs. City of Newton.  This case struck down the most egregious portions of the ordinance.  The plaintiff only challenged those portions of the law that affected him.

The Singer case does not really apply as a mandate nation wide however the case can be cited to various courts dealing with the same issues. The arguments made by Singer and the Court’s decision are very compelling.  

My guess is many local judges will bow not to the law but to the politicians that appointed them.  You could stand to be fined, jailed or placed on probation. 

Unfortunately what’s been left out of this argument is our Constitutional right to photograph and publish under the First Amendment. The media organizations should have challenged the bogus laws long ago.   

We also must deal with ignorant drone industry trolls that want to regulate recreational drone operators into non-existence.  The only acceptable motivation for regulation is safety.  The facts are despite millions of them out there no drone has crashed into conventional aircraft, been involved in death or serious injury.  Additionally no drone has been involved in any significants property damage.  

Many more windows are broken by softball players and golfers than drones!.  

This anti-drone hysteria continues.  It must be fought through education, litigation and safe flying.  Stand up for your rights while you still can!

Here is a copy of the Singer Ruling:

Sunday, September 17, 2017

My Eulogy For The Death of Actress Jennifer Lawrence.

Hollywood, CA—27 year-old Jennifer Lawrence was gorgeous, seriously talented and her smile captivated millions just like me. What could possibly go wrong?  
Our nation became even more divided politically as well as emotionally since the 2016 election and Hollywood overwhelmingly chose the loosing side of the Left.  

Lawrence got caught up in the wild clammer and used her ample media face time to promote her raw hatred for our duly elected president and his supporters instead of promoting her work products.  Expressed hatred is never pretty. 

We all have a First Amendment right to say what we please.  However people selling products run huge financial risks of offending large percentages of their customers or in this case ticket buying fans. 

I was a diehard fan of Lawrence.  She captured my full attention when she appeared in, American Hustle. I meet her very briefly at a screening of that terrific film. I then watched her young career soar beyond all expectations. 

Suddenly her latest film, Mother tanked at the box office.  Was it a bad film?  I don’t intend to find out.  I’ve really lost all interest in Lawrence, her talent and would even take a pass at a second chance to meet her again today.

Lawrence has suddenly announced that she would take a break from acting.  The fact is she had nothing on her film calendar for the next two years anyway.  Her agent, Tracy Brennen at CAA will lose a bundle too!

A similar hard lesson was learned by The Dixie Chicks.  They became a Liberal political force that alienated their mostly Conservative, Country Western fan base.   Their rising careers ended right then and there. Their later attempt at a “comeback tour” was yet another disaster. 

Hollywood’s celebrities are quickly shedding huge portions of their fan base with their emotional and hateful political rants.  This Summer’s film box office take was at record lows. 

I don’t believe in boycotts especially of any form of art and entertainment.  I have however reached my saturation point when it comes to me being disappointed by so many entertainers I once admired, appreciated and patronized with my hard earned cash.  

A-List actress, Meryl Streep put herself directly in the political meat grinder during the last Oscar Awards ceremony.  However she was nearly at the end of her career and had nothing to lose compared to Lawrence. 

Jennifer, you didn’t have to die so young.  

Friday, August 25, 2017

Why Complaining About President Trump's Tweets is Both Lame and Bogus

That was then
This is now!
Washington, DC—The mainstream media has gone bonkers as President Trump has bypassed them, their nasty spin and malicious editing. He’s done this with his tweets published directly to the world. 

Is this behavior unprecedented? Absolutely not!  The constant whining and carping however is a new thing for our media!

Okay most of us were not alive when our Socialist President, Franklin D.  Roosevelt used and abused the relatively new mass media of radio with his then popular “Fireside Chats”.  There was no barking out of hostile question by the press since they were only invited to broadcast the oneway chats and shut the Hell up. 

Frankly there was a huge literacy gap in the USA at the time and millions were unable to read newspapers.  Roosevelt always got the first and last word. 
Roosevelt was a huge hero of the political Left as he did incredibly monstrous things like bar Jews he knew were fleeing from Nazi mass genocide in Germany and Hitlers captured nations, from entering the USA.  That along with interring thousands of loyal American citizens of Japanese decent in concentration camps for the duration of the war.   

I must however now criticize President Trump for not broadcasting live Youtube messages with something as simple as his iPhone.  

As for the Leftist mainstream media jackals and hyenas, they’re free to print or broadcast whatever political propaganda they wish to the gullible public like they’ve been doing for decades.

Let all the messages hang out for the voters to decide!      

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Sovereign Citizen Movement Scam

The so called "Secret Bank Account" scam the Sovereign Citizen Cult is spreading will put gullible followers/believers behind bars and destroy their  lives.  Here are the facts!

Here is the recently unsealed indictment against two ringleaders of the movement.
  Heather Randall by crimefile on Scribd

Thursday, July 06, 2017

Electronic Newsgathering, the FAA and Drones

NJ Governor Chris Christie captured by an exclusive drone photo by, NJ Advance Media
Los Angeles, CA—The FAA is over-regulating while moving at a snail’s pace as drone technology is advancing at supersonic speed.  Right now camera drones manufactured by DJI are totally safe and virtually crash proof.
Despite claims of potential airline crashes and total mayhem there is not a single death, serious injury or significant property damage from our modern camera drones. They've been around for years now. 
TV news is spending millions that they really don’t have on $1,500.00 to $2,000.00 per hour news choppers.  Drones operate at a tiny fraction of the cost of news helicopters and they are much safer.  There are already million of drones out there in the hands of Americans of every description.
Noisy helicopters are a serious distraction to first responders even at the 500-foot altitude they are required to maintain.   Today’s camera drones fly much lower and can barely be heard.  The prop-wash from drones is miniscule. 
It was a low flying drone that recently caught New Jersey Governor Chris Christie arrogantly enjoying the beach he closed to the public during a fiscal crisis. Drones are actually superior to choppers for covering all manner of news stories except high-speed police chases.
Journalists everywhere are feeling the pinch of lost viewers and readers.  Newsroom budgets are under the ax all over the world right now.   Using drones can save jobs.  The single largest expenditure of every medium and large market American newsroom are for helicopters. 
Where is the media lobby when ignorant and paranoid politicians are trying to ban or restrict drones for electronic news gathering?  The First Amendment issues are glaring! 
Media organizations are fighting for survival right now but the empty suits in corporate management just don’t get it.  Commonsense and the desire to improve the product they are selling should motivate media executives to demand the FAA and Congress allow for unbridled drone use in urban areas.  Certainly,  just as helicopters are allowed drones belong integrated in our skies.
The spectacular video below was captured by a $1,000.00 DJI Mavic Pro, 4K camera drone. 

Sunday, June 25, 2017

13 MINUTES, A Crimefile News Film Review

 Political assassination is a sensitive subject especially for those that believe in their government and support their leaders.
Hindsight can make heroes or villains out of those who take the law into their own hands to end evil regimes. 
13 Minutes is about an assassin that saw his absolute social responsibility to kill a very popular politician, Adolf Hitler.
It was November of 1939 when carpenter and metal worker, Georg Elser, 36 undertook the killing of the most protected man in the world. 
Elser had associated with Communists and had joined a workers union.  Elser considered Hitler both a criminal and a Gypsy.  He felt the ambitious dictator was dangerous for humanity.
Elser hatched a clever plot to plant a bomb behind the speaker’s platform at the popular Burgerbraukeller Hall where Hitler gave an annual longwinded speech.  Elser was able to sneak into the venue at night spending two months rebuilding a wood and plaster column concealing an intricate and powerful time bomb. 
Hitler arrived but was pressed for time and gave a much-abbreviated speech.  He came with his high ranking henchmen including Josef Goebbels, Reinhard Heydrich, and Rudolph Hess.  Unfortunately the intended target left the venue just 13 minutes before the bomb went off. 
The huge blast killed eight people and another 62 were injured.   The relentless Gestapo dragnet for the bomber had begun.
Days later, Elser was detained at the Swiss border and found with tools and drawings connected to his failed plot.  He was handed over to the Gestapo.   The interrogation became the responsibility of Kripo (criminal police) head, Arthur Nebe.   
What followed was the six years of redundant, unimaginable torture and internment in the Dachau Concentration Camp.  They loosened Elser’s lips by threatening the love of his life a married woman named, Else Harlen, and his own close family members.
The movie is indeed a historical thriller. The films Director Oliver Hirschbiegel crafted into the grisly torture scenes cinematic flashbacks of Elsers’ remarkable life and relationships.   
As for the acting throughout the film every actor carries his or her weight in great style.   Christian Friedel as Georg Elser knocks his role out of the ballpark.  He’s followed by veteran actor, Burghart Klausner, (The People vs. Fritz Bauer and Bridge of Spies) who expertly plays Arthur Nebe. There is always a woman involved in these things and the very sensuous, Katharina Schuttler, played Elsner's married love interest. 
The film is in German and is certainly worth the effort to read the English subtitles.  It opens on 30 June at select theaters around the nation. 
Go see this film it won’t disappoint! Here's the trailer!

Sunday, May 07, 2017

FAA Drone Regulation, Is It Time For Mass Civil Disobedience?

Let me begin by saying my views on this subject are my own and doing what I suggest could result in prosecution. The risk however is very low…
Being an avid photographer for most of my life, the amazing drone technology has become an exciting addiction.  Ive been flying them for over four years now getting images I could only dream about before.  Placing great musical soundtracks on my videos has been pure joy.  

I fly really safe having never once damaged property or caused injury. I follow sound advice like staying away from other aircraft, flying well below 400 feet (flying higher does not aid in capturing great images).  I fly sober and watchful and accordingly I have never needed crash repairs.

I won’t ever ask permission to flyover or photograph private property.  That’s constitutionally protected activity that fixed wing and helicopters have enjoyed for years and there is plenty of settled appellate law that guides me.  

As for the FAA.  FAA rules, until drones became to be, were always written in the blood of actual air catastrophes. Prior restraint regulation was not part of the FAA’s culture until modern hobby drones appeared in our skies. 

Conventional pilots understood only too well that drones were going to invade their professional turf and threaten their livelihoods. Pilots and FAA officials entered into a public relations conspiracy to demonize drones, their operators and to frighten the public that their safety, privacy and wellbeing were at serious risk. 

Pilots were calling in phony drone sightings and near collisions constantly creating what I called, Drone Hysteria. The phony reports are few and far between now that the novelty has worn off. 

The Obama Administration’s FAA’s mouth was watering with the idea of punitive drone regulation followed by thousands of new enforcement jobs and promotions.  

Fortunately drones increased by a few million and still there were no collisions with conventional aircraft, serious injuries or property damage.  Any excuse to grow the FAA because of drones was and is a total failure.   

The FAA has since created a horrendous, two tiered system for drone operators with separate rules.  The somewhat relaxed hobbyist rules and the substantially burdensome, stricter and more unreasonable commercial user’s regulations.  

The Part 107 Commercial rules are petty, unfair and do nothing to make our airspace safer.  The simply make unnecessary work for everyone akin to digging holes only to fill them back up.

The petty, Part 107 rules are virtually unenforceable because the FAA lacks meaningful manpower to police them. 

Drone operators love answering questions to FAA officials and that ignorant behavior allows the FAA inspectors to easily build cases against them. If the drone operators simply were smart enough to ask for a lawyer instead of blabbing and making admissions there would be virtually no cases to prosecute.

It’s much easier to talk your way into a courtroom.  Keeping your mouth shut tight will do wonders to keep you out of trouble, away from lawyers, their fees and court fines.    

I say when in doubt, fly if you really need the images. Lets say your two miles from a major airport and you want to inspect a roof or capture real estate marketing material at less than 70 feet above the structures go ahead.  

If your in such an area considered sensitive, fly your drone early in the morning before the FAA, local police and public have had their coffee. Use your vehicles to shield drone take offs and landings. Above all fly low and safe. 

Above all tell your Congress people to get the FAA off of our backs and have them return to real safety issues with conventional aircraft.