Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Top Gun Arizona Lawyer Dead at 68

Richard D. Gierloff  1950-2018
Gilbert, Arizona—It’s with great sadness that I must report on the death of Phoenix, Uber-Lawyer, Richard D. Gierloff this past Monday (04-09-18).

Richard was my personal lawyer, mentor and friend for well over three decades.  He handled criminal cases exclusively, including many death penalty matters.  He took on each case as a matter of life and death for his clients.  He never undertook his duties in a lighthearted manner.  Richard was a very meticulous winner.

Richard began his working life as a drug abuse counselor; soon he entered the University of Arizona Law School.  He went on to become one of Arizona’s greatest lawyers.  I was really pleased to work as his investigator on so many high profile cases.  Together we had many great victories.   

Richard was stricken with throat cancer last year and waged a courageous battle.  He was forced to shut down his law practice and withdraw his State Bar Admission.  He knew things were very serious.

Soon a special lady that was a longtime girlfriend, Christine Berry suddenly became Richard’s caretaker.  Christine lovingly took care of Richard’s needs as he was in the biggest challenge of his life.

I was able to visit Richard and Christine last month.  Richard was still confidant and fighting.  He was however, so frail and thin.  Considering this was a man that always ate right and did daily gym workouts this was so grossly unfair.  

Richard surprised me by telling me I was invited to finally see something that should have happened years ago.  Richard and Christine were to be married on April 21st.  Instead of a wedding, I’ll be attending his final sendoff. If I know Richard, he will be vigorously advocating for people waiting at Saint Peter’s Gate. 

As for the rest of us, we lost a giant of a man.  He has saved and changed many lives.  Richard Gierloff is a real hero that will never be forgotten.  

Richard is survived by his true love, Christine and his adult daughter, Nora Gierloff.    

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Whatever Happened to the Old CTA Dicks? Did they Kill Too Many Thugs?

The official star of the CTA Police
In Chicago, the Chicago Transit Authority best known as the CTA once had its own police department.  There were about 100 male cops that were called, CTA dicks.  

They were trained and armed to deal with the muggers, sex offenders and fare jumpers that always plague public transit. 

There was a slight problem.  Since they wore plain clothes and were a predominantly white group they were choice targets of roving groups of black criminals.   

The CTA dicks were sending more thugs to the hereafter then any police agency in the state of Illinois including Chicago cops.  Most of these shootings were somehow magically kept out of the news! 

The vast majority of the thugs killed by the CTA dicks were career felons.  Others were youngsters just beginning their lives of crime.  

The bogus screams of racism and murder by cops became a PR nightmare.  So in the early 1970s they put all the CTA dicks in green uniforms and put them in patrol cars guarding CTA bus barns where nothing bad ever happens.  Soon they disbanded this entire department.  

The Chicago Police Department then created their Mass Transit uniformed Unit.  For a while they included some undercover officers but they too were targeted by unsuspecting black thugs.  After a few more Justifiable shootings they pulled nearly all plain-clothed officers from this duty. 

So today you have the grandsons of the old thugs that wear hoodies to defeat the new technology surveillance cameras.  They are pretty much guaranteed of no undercover police interference with their crimes.  

The politicians made the CTA property a, GUN FREE ZONE to deter potential robbery or rape victims from shooting the the well protected thugs roaming the Windy City! 

It’s a great country, isn’t it! 

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

The CEO of the New York Times said print news will be dead within 10years...

That’s a sad but realistic view of our society that tolerates ignorance despite our taxpayer funded public education.  

Our massive immigration invitation to the worlds poor and illiterate combined with acceptance of their refusal to learn how to read and write has become a major crisis.

Too many of our own children, particularly Blacks and Hispanics are allowed to reject the tools needed to escape a lifetime of financial dependency.  

Our illiterates are doomed to only receive communication rather than creating and influencing their world.  The future is in clearly creating watchable video.  Government, businesses, news providers and entertainers must cater to our illiterate society. 

Of course video communication is now superior to any other form.  Being able to create exceptional video will be the ultimate influencing skill.  

We must equip our children with the tools and resources so they are not allowed to fail.

The best camera ever is the one you have at the moment.  For billions of people that is the smart phone.  The very young and even our senior citizens can easily master the iPhone and iMovie editing software. 

The versatility of more sophisticated camera equipment and microphones do have distinct advantages.  But we all must begin somewhere.  

There are many special ways of creating watchable eye candy that traps and holds the viewers enabling you to get your messages to the masses. 

Do you really have a choice about learning this amazing technology?  The good news is really satisfying and fun! It’s truly empowering! 

Friday, January 26, 2018

The Big Picture, Why Broadcast and Print News is on Life Support

Los Angeles, CA—I’ve worked in TV news as an investigative freelancer for nearly 30 years.  I never sought nor obtained a formal journalism education but was drafted into TV news strictly for my investigative ability.  I was lucky to be given a, second to none, on the job journalism education by many gifted reporters, producers, media lawyers  and TV news consultants. 
For the last 15 years I’ve watched the slow death of news, as we knew it.  News consumers have left broadcast and print news in droves. They’ve escaped to Internet bloggers and vloggers for their information. 
Left behind are the folks that simply never learned computers or even smart phones.  Because they’re technophobes they’ve become a captive audience for television and print news.  Then there are the illiterate and poor.  Few of these folks are great targets for advertisers other than drug and reverse mortgage companies.
I think print is failing as society has moved away from reading or even writing to video or voice.  Its sad but simple literacy has been on the decline in America since the invention of radio and TV. 
Despite vast technology changes TV news has changed little since the days of Edward R. Murrow.  A TV news anchor sits at a desk and drones on from a teleprompter.  Reporters in the field tell their stories all in identical fashion.  In this mix is nearly zero originality or creativity.  Every channel is virtually the same! To add insult they even run their segments of news, weather and sports at the same time.  Even the commercials are run in identical time slots.
Murrow has been dead for over five decades!  Since then technology and our capabilities have changed dramatically.  Still the suits running TV news are too cowardly to change with the times. 
However ownership of big media has introduced massive amounts of political propaganda.  The endless talking heads claiming to be experts in government do little more than alienate 50% of the audience. Today you get a little news while the talking heads tell you who to hate!  Anymore, it’s never a case of, “We deliver and You Decide. “  It’s more about, we tell you what to think.
The lack of creativity along with the over-abundance of Leftist opinion is killing broadcast news.  The serious decline in literate Americans at the same time is destroying print news.
YouTube has really broken the mold.  They’ve somewhat democratized the process of just who is allowed to produce video content.  It’s true that most offerings are experimental crappy video made by those that don’t yet have a clue.  However some have developed both terrific video making skills and personality.   Over time they’ve learned the craft quite well.
There the Internet standouts that became millionaires like Casey Neistat. They don’t provide news, just diversions and entertainment.  Others run the gamut of the political spectrum.  Nobody seems to provide pure news anymore. 
Because of serious competition TV News business must be like Barnum and Baily’s Greatest Show on Earth, or it will simply fail today.   TV news must learn from talented bloggers like Neistat who can make a creative and interesting story out of something as boring as paint drying.  Our audiences that advertisers count on are not sophisticated or particularly wise.  There is that thing called, the lowest common denominator and they need to be entertained with serious eye candy and music.
If TV news wants to survive they need the millennials.  TV news has no choice but to quickly learn from Casey Neistat and move forward.  
Avoiding controversial editorial opinions is also something that can unify rather than divide and jettison your audience. 

Sunday, December 03, 2017

Chicago Police Kill Two, Wound Four Others In Raid!

Hampton lost this battle

Absolute filth In Every Room of the Monroe Street Rathole

No more violence at least from Hampton

Fred Hampton in Life
Chicago, IL—This was the top story on December 4, 1969 when war broke out at 2337 West Monroe Street.
The Black Panthers were at war with cops nationwide.  Cops were being ambushed and murdered from coast to coast.  The BP threat was very real and cops were understandably on guard for violence.
This chapter began when the FBI recruited a troubled fellow, William O’Neal who cooperated in order to mitigate his own crimes.  O’Neal became a part of Hoover’s infamous COINTELPRO program, as both a snitch and as an agent provocateur.  O’Neal successfully created a rift between the Panthers and Black Chicago street gangs.  That act alone was incredibly helpful for the safety and well being of Chicago cops.
It was O’Neal, who told police the Monroe Street apartment was being used by the Black Panther Party to store numerous illegal weapons and ammunition for future use against cops that instigated the raid. 
It should be noted that in 1969 there were no specially trained SWAT teams with armored vehicles anywhere.  The common bullet resistant Kevlar vests had not been invented yet.  Raids like this were very dangerous for police.
At 4:45 AM fourteen cops assigned to Cook County State’s Attorney, Ed Hanrahan’s office raided an incredibly filthy apartment occupied by nine members of the Black Panther Party. Throughout the apartment, found with the occupants were 19 firearms and a huge quantity of ammunition.  The Panther arsenal included a stolen Chicago police shotgun and an illegally sawed off shotgun. 
Moments later BP Deputy Chairman, Fred Hampton who was a convicted armed robber and a Peoria, IL BP leader, Mark Clark were shot dead and four other Panthers were wounded. Two cops sustained minor injuries.
Since the described weapons were seized by police that completely validated O’Neal’s claims that were the basis of the Search Warrant.
Various Panthers and their supporters quickly claimed to the assembled Media that only cops fired weapons.  However, during the follow up police investigation four surviving Panthers admitted firing shots at police, one of them in a signed and sworn statement.   
The polarizing and volatile political climate that followed was epic.  The litigation lasted for many years
A 1970 Federal Grand Jury’s exhaustive Investigation resulted not in Indictments but rather numerous recommendations that demanded reform of police and the Coroner’s Office investigative procedures.  
A Cook County special prosecutor was appointed, Barnabas Sears and he quickly led a Grand Jury to Indict all but one of the raiding cops and the sitting State’s Attorney Edward V. Hanrahan.  Nearly three years after the raid Judge Phillip Romiti finally acquitted all charged.  At last the cops were vindicated.
The Federal civil lawsuits against the cops ended differently but the standard of proof is much lower in civil proceedings. 
Today our nation is still divided simply because inviting cultural diversity in any society simply cannot work except in unusual circumstances.  The evidence of that statement speaks for itself.  None the less we still strive for that peaceful and happy melting pot we’ve created in the USA. 

Monday, November 13, 2017

Massive Fraud, Bribery Scheme Uncovered at the West Los Angeles VA Facility

West Los Angeles VA Hospital 
Los Angeles, CA—The West Los Angeles VA Campus is huge.  It includes the hospital, cemetery, housing, historic church, offices, a regulation baseball diamond, basketball facility and a golf course.  There are lots of places to park cars for events.
Richard Scott, 58 owner of Westside Services LLC, was arrested at his Santa Monica Home.  He’s charged in a federal complaint with fraud against the U.S. by bilking taxpayers more than $11 million.  Scott has enjoyed a contract with the VA for at least 15 years in connection with car parking at the sprawling VA facility.
Hospital parking is managed by the VA Police and is not involved in this fraud. 
In an affidavit, federal agents alleged Scott made bribery payments to a yet to be named VA Official until that co-conspirator retired in 2014.  That unnamed official has been cooperating with investigators, obviously to mitigate his or her own prosecution and punishment. 
I can't help but wonder how many homeless veterans could have been housed for this kind of money?

Friday, November 03, 2017

Hollywood’s House Of Cards is collapsing before our very eyes!

Hollywood, CAThe longstanding casting couch institution here is destroying some lucrative careers and perhaps $billions before the dust settles.  

If they weren’t directly involved in the sexual extortion too many executives winked at the conduct.    That makes them either accessories or enablers.  

Now they are all in an incredible mess.  One thing for sure there will many forced retirements.  There will be lots of luxury Hollywood homes put up for sale as income vanishes.  

They can’t stop residual payments however there will be fewer showings of films connected to those disgraced predators. 

There are new opportunities for up and coming agents, directors, actors and executives opening as we speak.  

Will Hollywood change?  After all them movies we all enjoy are loaded with sex, violence and bad behavior. 

I think the next Academy Award Ceremony will be far more subdued.  Hopefully with much less Hypocritical rhetoric.

We’ll just have to wait and see.