Friday, October 09, 2015

NAU Shooting, Just Who is or Are the Victim/s Here?

Flagstaff, AZ—Overnight on the campus grounds there was an altercation between several male students.   The details of the altercation remain very elusive. We know four young men were shot, and one lad is being held right now by police for investigation.
Right now, the dead lad and his pals are being spoken about through tears and a way too early eulogy.   Can’t we simply wait for a fact or two before the Left Wing folks using this to promote their anti-gun political agendas?  
Just who was or were the bad guy/s here?   
What we know is right now is there was a winner of the altercation, 18 year-old Steven Jones and four losers.  Colin Brough was killed.   Additionally the other three that were wounded by gunfire included, Nicholas Prato, Kyle Zientek and Nicholas Piring.  They are receiving medical treatment at the Flagstaff Medical Center.
When police arrive to mop up these kinds of things they are very quick to arrest any winners and put the losers in the meat wagons. 
Cops rarely witness these altercations and must rely on their psychic abilities and wade through the wildly conflicting statements of survivors. Hopefully at some point thereafter they do a comprehensive and unbiased investigation.
The media is treating this like recent campus shootings like some we’ve had where mentally disturbed armed miscreants randomly attack people for no particular reason.  In this case reporters aren’t asking the right questions! 
Here we had students out at 1:20 AM.  Were they drinking and more importantly were the four lads shot because they were attacking Steven Jones?  There is absolutely nothing wrong with using deadly force to fend off multiple attackers.  That would be justifiable in all 50 states. 
If Jones violated the Gun Free Zone ban at NAU that does not change his right to use justified deadly force in any way.
The police have not disclosed whether any self-defense claims were made by anyone.  I don’t buy the story that the four shot by Jones are innocent bystanders for a second! 
Jones had and still has an absolute right to remain silent.  Like most people under police investigation I doubt that Jones was savvy enough to exercise that right.  I'd make an educated guess that he actually told police he was using self-defense to terminate the attack.   I doubt any university or police officials want those two words (self-defense) used in connection with this incident.
Instead they will pull out all the stops and make victims out of the dead lad and his three shot up pals. 
Soon a lawyer will answer up in court for Jones.  Prosecutors may still beg off from filing charges unless there is sufficient evidence of a crime on the part of Steven Jones. 
He may never be charged with a crime.   However some prosecutor may want to bankrupt Jones’ parents by forcing a criminal trial so a jury can decide who was right.
Perhaps there may be enough evidence to charge the wounded fellows in connection with an assault on Junes.
In any event my investigative services are available for Steven Jones if his defense is indeed self-Defense!

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

The FAA Can’t Perpetuate Drone Hysteria Without Evidence of a Single Notable Accident!

Town of Paradise Valley, AZ—Some of this small but wealthy community’s politicians bought into the baseless idea that multi-rotor camera drones were a threat to safety and privacy. 
Ignorance and the novelty of the drones themselves motivated politicians here to make an effort to ban drones. They thought that their residents would somehow appreciate their efforts.
Things backfired when local relators complained that the use of drones showcased the homes and community like never before.  Banning or over-regulating them could damage property values and of course property tax collections.
The Town Council considered the ban but cooler heads in that body tabled the idea at least until they had more valid guidance and information.  How they revisit this issue remains to be seen.
As for the somewhat popular Drone Invasion, there were no less than 700 reports of near misses with conventional aircraft investigated by the FAA.
Not a single collision, photo, or video has surfaced in those reports.  Were these bogus reports by people seeking attention?  Were they reports by some pilots seeking to protect their jobs by slowing down the proliferation of drones that will take their jobs?
I can’t guess what was real or fraudulent in the much-publicized world of drones and their detractors.  What we do know is their are zero fatalities, serious injuries or significant property damage.  Certainly there’s not a singe collision with other aircraft.
There are well over two million of these marvelous machines in the hands of teens and adults that are gathering spectacular images for creative endeavors, journalism and marketing.
The privacy invasion and safety fears have not been realized in any way, shape or form beyond unsubstantiated reports that have been given far too much ink.
I fully expect as the bogus reports begin to die down the FAA will take credit for their educational efforts for the decline in those rogue sightings.
The fact is there must come a point in time when the hysteria must die without some tangible evidence. 
It’s interesting to note that all FAA regulations for conventional aircraft were actually written in blood!  Yes, actual deaths and serious crashes were behind each and every rule.
When it came to the drones the FAA radically changed direction to enacting prior restraint guidelines and criminalized private enterprise.  This was un-American and violates the civil rights of those wishing to operate their drones.
Despite the threats of enforcement and state and local efforts to police our drones, what’s lacking is a legitimate demonstration of any misbehavior by drone operators.
The few attempts at prosecution have fallen flat from a lack of evidence.  The videos and telemetry data contained on the drones themselves have vindicated the operators.
It’s time to move forward with this exciting new technology.

Friday, October 02, 2015

Obama and His Media Lapdogs Trolling Against Our Hard Won Liberty and Freedom and Very Lives, Yet Again.

Roseburg, OR—We now know that Christopher Harper-Mercer was a lone wolf, copycat,  wannabe,  Islamic terrorist that targeted Christians for murder.
Harper-Mercer found his hapless and defenseless victims to execute here at Umpqua Community College.  They were supposed to somehow be protected by a single unarmed and equally helpless security guard. 
With security like that, what could possibly go wrong?  That was considered a wise decision made by overpaid, politically left leaning bureaucrats.  They gambled with the lives of these students and lost.  Unfortunately these bastards will escape punishment for facilitating and enabling the terrorism.
Islam is in a constant state of war with infidels and the nations they are invading unimpeded while claiming refugee status.  We must take every precaution to resist terrorist incidents and train to stop incidents like what happened here.
While we are under attack by lone wolves and are under protected by our law enforcement agencies Barack Obama wants to disarm America’s law-abiding citizens. A fat-fetched conspiracy theory you might suggest?
Obama never saw a gun ban he didn’t support and vote for in his political life.  His claims that he wants only minimal changes are disingenuous and phony. 
Gun laws like all laws only impact the law abiding.  More restrictive gun laws have been found to actually enable violence as every large American city run by Democrats lave learned. 
Americans are currently under siege by crime and a massive amount of Islamic and assorted illegal immigrants.  Asking Americans to disarm is like telling us to stop using seat-belts and to throw away our smoke alarms and fire extinguishers.  
We need armed police or security at every school in America supplemented by trained and armed civilians.  Without the right tools we are helpless and always ripe for mass murder.
Obama knowingly lied to the American public about so-called Gun Violence statistics.  They include thousands of justifiable shootings by police and intended crime victims.  They include suicides and accidents including those in our military and police organizations.
The crimes are solid evidence that Americans must be responsible for the protection of themselves and families.
Obama's Lapdog media let him ramble on unchallenged for two days relentlessly parroting his lies and misinformation at every opportunity.
We must at all cost resist those Leftist politicians that will enable and facilitate violent criminals and terrorists by infringing on our right to keep and carry arms.  Our lives absolutely depend on our ability to defend ourselves!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Latest UCLA Coed Murder Court Report

Andrea "Andy" DelVesco, UCLA coed Murder Victim
Dimitry Gorim represented Alberto Medina 

 Steven Cron represented Eric Marques 
Los Angeles, CA—This was the initial appearance bail hearing for the two men arrested for killing Andrea “Andy” DelVesco.
It began with an announcement by the judge that there would be no photography, video or sketching in court.   Additionally that much of the evidence offered by the DA was privately discussed in judicial chambers and would be sealed.
Both defendants had top gun, privately retained defense lawyers.  Dimitry Gorim represented Alberto Medina and Steven Cron represented Eric Marques.   Hiring these lawyers involves paying a very large retainer up front.  
Only a partial story was revealed by the prosecutor and many more questions remained unanswered.  These are simply allegations rather than proof.  
Words never uttered in this proceeding were drugs, witness tampering or revenge killing. 
For the blow-by-blow description I made a quick iPhone video that I hope provides a window into the courtroom.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

What I’ve Learned So Far About the UCLA Coed’s Murder Case.

Los Angeles, CA—I took an early interest in the case because of my closeness to past and present UCLA students and alumni. 
It was about 7:00 AM when LAFD emergency vehicles came screaming to the Scene midblock at 10900 Roebling adjacent to the UCLA Campus.
It was a lucky break that some of the students there were awakened by screams and fellow residents were up trying to combat the fire with a fire extinguisher on the first floor, Eastern side of the complex. 
That was the residence of UCLA Spanish and Psychology major, Andrea “Andy” DelVesco.   Andy was an active member of the Pi Beta Phi Sorority. 
Some of the more observant kids present were able to tell the firemen that Andy was unaccounted for and they began an aggressive search.  They found Andy badly burned and beyond all medical aid.  Some 30 firefighters were able to contain the blaze within ten minutes.
Thankfully no others suffered injuries considering this was early when the complex residents would normally be asleep.  Without early discovery by neighbors and and LAFD intervention this could have been a tragic holocaust.  
Soon UCLA police and members of the LAPD determined that this was an arson fire that was set to cover up a murder.  Ignorant criminals often believe setting their crime scenes on fire will destroy evidence and make detection more difficult.  More often this creates even more evidence that will snare the criminals.  This would prove to be one of those cases.

Police quickly notified Andy’s parents, Art and Leslie DelVesco in Austin, TX.  They wasted no time, jumping on the next flight to L.A.  I can’t imagine the horror they are still reeling from and the devastation to their close-knit family.
Police did what cops do these days.  They quickly learned about the recent felony drug possession for sale arrest of Andy and discovered she was cooperating with authorities to curry favor possibly evading a ruined life with a felony conviction and prison term.
It’s obvious to me that the arresting agency (UCLA Police Department) dropped the ball badly here and failed to protect their indentured informant.
Police also obtained Andy’s computer and cellphone.  They’d also get search warrants to capture every possible communication records from her ISP, Email and phone providers.  That of course gave them a shopping list of potential suspects to investigate. 
Once they zeroed in on obvious involved characters their cell phone and emails would be captured via search warrants and analyzed too.
Police released the crime scene on September 21.  However curiously on the afternoon of the 23rd they returned with a search warrant spending the next 30 hours sifting through the debris for evidence.
On September 27 police got a break in the case that gave them probable cause to arrest 22 year-old Alberto Medina who is a pre-psychology and social work major at Fresno State University. That also gave police the ability to obtain search warrants for his cars and residences.  Fresno police acting on a request from the LAPD took Medina down and into custody during a felony stop on the street without incident.
It was learned that Medina was a Member go the Lambada Chi Alpha Fraternity but was expelled over some bad behavior.  

That in turn led police back to the Westwood UCLA Campus.  On the evening of September 27 an LAPD SWAT team raided the nearby Strathmore Regency Apartments arresting 22 year-old Eric Marques for murder too. Needless to say they used a search warrant to locate and seize evidence from his apartment.
Like Andy and Alberto Medina, Eric Marquez had a promising future.  He was a pre-med biology UCLA student. 
On September 28, police felt they could announce their arrests to the media without comprising the investigation.
What remains to be told is more about the motive and the various informants and witnesses that were involved. One life senselessly snuffed out and two others that will unlikely ever taste their freedom again.
Because of the nature of the kinds of drugs seized from Andy by police last June it’s apparent at least to me that the drug ring was catering to Rave Festivals and such.
I have to ask when will we learn that the Drug War and the huge profits it generates are far more evil than the drugs themselves.  How many more lives will be lost or destroyed before we understand treating the addicted is far cheaper and better than the constant violence the Drug Was creates? 
In the meantime we will be waiting and watching as this nightmare unfolds in a Los Angeles courtroom.