The impact of Sports broadcasting services

By on 2-04-2021 in Business, Entertainment, Sports and Recreation

A coach of any sport whatsoever is a person whose job entails leading a big number of people directly and indirectly. This calls for excellent organization and application of the right tools needed to achieve the same.

Voice broadcasting is a system that enables the coach to convey a certain message to multiple recipients simultaneously. This method is quite effective and it goes a long way to save time and energy. It is impossible for the coach to keep a group together without having such a tool as voice broadcasting which keeps all the members updated of the present events. Some of the messages a coach needs to relay without any hindrance or delay include uniforms, postponement of a match, passing messages to players, etc. The coach records a certain message and enlists the recipients’ numbers. The message automatically plays on the recipient’s phone or answering machine.

Coaching call is another indispensable tool to coaches in a game. The coach uses this to “coach” a player through the phone. Coaching calls are done by setting a date and a time when the coaching will take place. The coach needs to ensure that he checks his email and calendar to make sure that the set dates are right. He then goes further to ensure that the phone he plans to use is in good order (it is advisable to have two phones or two cellular phones in case one fails or goes off). Since coaching needs freedom of movement and expression the coach will need to use headphones. These, too, must be in perfect order. Then, the coach connects to the recording service and ensures that the whole conversation is recorded. Also, the email is used for emailing an attachment of the call duration when it ends and other call details. Depending on may other factors, the coach then makes himself comfortable (not forgetting carrying a bottle of water or a can of coke) due to the energy coaching needs.

Using a phone tree is another tool the coach can use effectively. The coach, who is the initiator of the communication chain, calls a few people or sends them a message. These people call other people and as this happens, the contacts in the phone tree continue multiplying randomly and the message is conveyed to each one of them. A phone tree is mainly used where the message being relayed is somewhat urgent and cannot wait for the recipients to read their emails or to play their answering machines when they get home. It is also highly used when a sudden disaster happens.