Friday, May 01, 2015

Black Lives Don’t Matter Especially When Other Blacks Murder Them!

Baltimore, MD—Saying that, “Black lives matter.”  is disingenuous at best.  The display of rage and anger every time some black career criminal dies fighting cops during arrest situations is always epic.
Such is now the case with that career drug dealer, Freddie Gray who unfortunately died after an arrest by Baltimore police.
What goes nearly unnoticed are the thousands of Blacks murdered by other Blacks in this nation.  Certainly the media dare not publish the statistics in every major city in America.
When I was a Chicago cop I learned about the African-American violent and bankrupt culture first hand.  In the Windy City African-Americans were and still are the minority.  When it comes to crime however it’s a different story.
My duties took me to the Cook County Jail and observe that 90% of the inmates were Black.  The same was true for every Chicago violent felony court call.  Last was the Cook County Morgue. There was always a never ending sea of Black murder victims.  They were shot, cut, strangled, stabbed or simply beaten to death.  This was and still is a very routine end of the line for Chicago’s young Black males.
The White communities of Chicago don’t generate even remotely the savagery of African-Americans. 
The Whites that understand the truth of the Black Culture of Violence do what they can to avoid Blacks.  They don’t want to hire, live near them or associate with them in anyway.   This is in concerns for their very survival. 
Should Whites dare to express their understandable fear of Blacks they are branded racists.  Is that really racism?  The media never acknowledges the dangers surrounding African Americans so many White people in nice neighborhoods remain ignorant of the very real peril posed.
There is no shortage of African-American apologists with high profiles.  They condemn the reaction of Whites that refuse to accept violent Black behavior as some legitimate reaction to being poor or the ancestors of slaves.  I say hogwash.
Tolerance to ignorance, indifference and misdirected hate has done no favors to the Blacks of this nation. On the contrary it’s made matters worse.
Public schools tolerating Ebonics over English and accepting the refusal of their students and their mothers to escape poverty is beyond unacceptable.  Notice I said mothers excluding the fathers. Where are the fathers?  Far too many African-American men are little more than sperm donors.  That separate scandal simply fuels massive poverty and pain for their children.
Our tolerance for the modern African-American culture is nothing less than genocide.  All American’s need to come together to end this fatal African-American cultural disease.
This is not about genetics or skin color.  It’s about senseless violence, disrespect for life and the absence of kindness.  
We may be embarking on a very long and hot summer.  Social media is a huge new weapon for violent riot organizers.  Violence, division and hatred may bring unprecedented pain to our nation this summer.  It’s always the minorities that suffer most from the aftermath.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Drone Is No Longer an Ugly Word!

Kathmandu, Nepal—Drone video of the tragic earthquake that struck the very top of the world is beyond epic.  
As soon as the quake hit television networks and camera drone operators were boarding all available means of transportation.  The drone pilots understood full well the absolute importance of rushing to the scene. 
They know that drone images and video helps rescuers and engineers determine the safest ways to extract victims.   At the same time shows the rest of the world just how this desperate the situation is being handled.
Drone pilots and first responders everywhere are beginning to understand that in natural disasters, search and rescue along with other emergencies analyzing the material is a genuine lifesaver. 
It’s much easier for ground crews to locate survivors, evaluate hazards and determine the need for specialized equipment with the help of the new small drone technology.
Helicopters are too large and their prop wash can actually bring more danger to these delicate extractions.  Once victims are clear then helicopters can drop stretchers and cables to swiftly extract victims to medical care.
CNN broadcast the heartbreaking video below to their viewers of devastation of this ancient and mystical city.  The incredible newsgathering capability of the drones is just beginning to get the attention of the nations news directors and editors.
Again I must herald that with nearly two million multi-rotor drones on the hands of the public, there has never been a fatality or serious injury.  Property damage is limited to drones getting caught in trees or insignificant collisions with the ground.  The 7000 helicopters in service worldwide can never boast of that kind of a safety record.
Aside from capturing stunning images drones are unquestionable lifesavers.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Father of Five is Missing--Foul Play Suspected in Rancho Cucamonga CA

Special Alert!

Anyone with information is requested to call the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department at  909-477-2800 or Paul Huebl Investigations at 310-420-9450.  Missing person report #111504081.
Known facts:
On Saturday April 4th 2015, Oliver “Pareece” Jones, 37 (DOB 01/04/1978) currently of the Denver, CO suburb of Ault vanished.  Mr. Jones was last seen in Rancho Cucamonga, California at or near the Wal-Mart on foothill Blvd. next to I-15.
Mr. Jones was visiting with various relatives exploring the possibility of relocating to Southern California.
Apparently Mr. Jones was assaulted earlier by person or persons unknown in the area of The Plaza Club located at 735 N La Brea Ave. in Los Angeles.
The injuries Jones suffered were serious enough that he sought treatment at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.   However, apparently Jones left the hospital before treatment was completed.
Surveillance video images are currently being sought that may show Jones and any companions in the hours before his disappearance.
We know that Jones had lost his iPhone during the altercation.  We also have been monitoring his ATM and credit cards and since the disappearance there has been no activity whatsoever.

Monday, April 06, 2015

The Great Assault Rifle Propaganda Scam!

The more powerful .30 caliber round above the little M-16/AR-15 (.223 caliber) round
Common (.30 caliber) hunting rifle
M-1 Rifle semi-automatic (.30 caliber) used in WW-2 and the Korean War

AR-15 civilian rifle (.223 caliber)
Los Angeles, CA—Nearly three decades ago the Gun Control zealots pulled a fast one on the public and media.  This was right out of Nazi propaganda minister, Josef Goebbels’ playbook.
Goebbels said that,  “If you tell a lie often enough it becomes the truth.” We all know now that he was spot on in that observation!
Certain military rifles were called assault rifles.  Perhaps it was a marketing gimmick to make them sound all-powerful and magical.  They were also all fully automatic as in, machine guns.
Soon gun makers exploited the designs of some of these assault rifles for the legal civilian market.  They made lookalike rifles that were only semi-automatic. 
Any similarity of the AR-15 rifle to the M-16 was purely cosmetic.  But these civilian copies became popular with military veterans that were all trained with the M-16.  That was simply because they were somewhat similar.
From the distance the M-16 and the AR-15 are identical.  Looks here are deceiving.  The Gun Control propagandists renamed the military lookalike rifles as, Assault Rifles!  This was a huge semantics scam.
The little lightweight M-16 (.223 caliber) rifles made their combat debut in Viet Nam.  It was a fast firing light rifle suited for jungle combat. 
The Viet Cong enemy in Viet Nam had no body armor and they lived in grass huts.  The more powerful rifle rounds of earlier wars just weren’t needed there. 
Soldiers could also carry much more of the smaller M-16 rounds into combat.
Military tacticians were also savvy enough to know that every wounded soldier required two healthy soldiers to carry and tend to each man wounded.  The lighter round proved very effective this way.
In an urban setting with concrete barriers and body armor availability the M-16 is woefully inadequate.  Low powered M-16/AR-15 rounds have poor penetration ability and can’t stop vehicles or anyone wearing light armor.
Currently, our soldiers in the Mideast should be carrying heavier weapons such as the M-14 (.30 caliber) developed at the End of the Korean War.  Instead they must rely on the weapons better suited for Viet Nam jungle warfare.
American law enforcement chose M-16 style weapons simply because of ammunition availability and the veterans that were hired were already familiar with them.  
Accordingly police agencies were satisfied with using cheap, light body armor that would stop the little M-16/AR-15 rounds.
The ignorant media and public assumed that these lookalike weapons of war were the deadliest ever! They always ignorantly refer to them as “high powered assault weapons”.
The AR-15 (.223 caliber) round proved too underpowered for hunting larger American game animals like deer and antelope.  The animals would get shot and runaway wounded only to needlessly suffer. 
High-powered rifle rounds barely begin at .308 (.30 caliber) and advance upward until the .50 caliber BMG.  Calling a M-16/AR-15 round, “high powered” is indeed laughable.
Assault weapon bans were designed to take out the most popular AR-15 rifles because of their sheer numbers.  
The fact remains the more benign looking wood stocked rifles are still much more powerful.  The American Sniper, Chris Kyle used a bolt-action .308 (.30 caliber) rifle for his legendary, one-shot, one-kill missions.
Just look at the size difference above.  Pictured above is the tiny M-16/AR-15 round (.223 caliber) is compared to the M-1 rifle round (.30 caliber).

Friday, April 03, 2015

No Lie Was Off Limits to the Late Sarah Brady in Her Quest to Disarm Law-Abiding Americans.

Baltimore, MDSarah Brady had been the face of Gun Control in America for more than three decades.  However today at age 73 she has succumbed to a bout of pneumonia.  

Brady became the convenient standard bearer for the forces that hate all guns and gun rights.  This after a armed madman wounded her husband James Brady who was President Ronald Reagan’s Press Secretary during a 1981assassination attempt. 
Brady led a very deceptive campaign that was intended to incrementally outlaw all firearms.  She cleverly began to change firearm adjectives and successfully demonized firearms based on simple cosmetics.
Like Brady most Americans were ignorant about guns.  She renamed all the firearms that looked somewhat scary as assault weapons. 
Assault rifles were actually classic military combat weapons and were by that definition all fully automatic.  That meant one pull of the trigger could cause the weapon to fire until it was empty.   
Assault weapons were really machine guns already banned by federal laws.   Machine guns were already unpopular because they extravagantly consume expensive ammunition.  
What she did was redefine millions of semi-automatic rifles and pistols confusing anyone and everyone that they too were machine guns. 
She succeeded to get the so-called Assault weapons ban passed into law by a single vote. The law lasted ten years and the crime rate soared anyway.
When the law expired millions of the formerly banned guns were suddenly purchased and the crime rate began to drop like a rock.
Brady always pretended she just wanted to go after the scary guns when she really wanted every last law-abiding American defenseless and helpless to criminals or government gone wrong.
Brady redundantly invented her own statistics, overstated claims of gun deaths and injuries.  She used FBI Uniform Crime Reports that lumped justifiable killings by cops and citizens as Homicides suggesting they were all murders.
She cleverly called the ATF gun trace requests as crime gun incidents.  ATF routinely traced any and all found weapons or whenever their ownership was questioned. To suggest those guns were involved with criminal events was another very bold lie.
Brady published a grading list for jurisdictions on the basis of their gun laws.  The paradox there was that the “A” list states with gun bans or draconian restrictions had the highest murder rates.  The “D” list states had few gun laws along with little or no violent crime. 
Finally Brady ran out of lies and all but a few states passed laws allowing the law-abiding the right to carry concealed weapons.  Her landmark Assault Weapons Ban was allowed to expire.  Courts nearly everywhere have reasserted Constitutional Second Amendment rights.
Brady was clearly humiliated into her obvious forced retirement.  she quickly dropped out of sight.  
Brady's dream was forced registration of all firearms so government agents could locate and confiscate them later with the next laws she’d hope to champion. 
Brady somehow convinced politicians that pre-purchase background investigations would insure criminals and mental defectives would be unable to obtain weapons.  Another expensive failure! 
Phony identification and purchasing fraud efforts routinely overcome the expensive and ineffective Brady check system.  Of course the Brady checks created every kind of obstacle for the law-abiding especially those with similar names to convicted criminals.
Nobody wants to see armed criminal and mental defectives on our streets.  They are and always will be out there.  Well-trained and armed law-abiding people are the only way control cowardly criminals.  There will never be enough cops to do this. 
Sarah Brady ran a successful but deceptive scam on America that gave her a huge financial reward and sainthood among her gun rights hating disciples.
I will not mourn the loss of Sarah Brady.  I do however mourn the loss of those who were murdered because they were enjoined by unconstitutional laws to defensive weapons. 
Government must stop insuring that only violent criminals are armed.