Sunday, May 07, 2017

FAA Drone Regulation, Is It Time For Mass Civil Disobedience?

Let me begin by saying my views on this subject are my own and doing what I suggest could result in prosecution. The risk however is very low…
Being an avid photographer for most of my life, the amazing drone technology has become an exciting addiction.  Ive been flying them for over four years now getting images I could only dream about before.  Placing great musical soundtracks on my videos has been pure joy.  

I fly really safe having never once damaged property or caused injury. I follow sound advice like staying away from other aircraft, flying well below 400 feet (flying higher does not aid in capturing great images).  I fly sober and watchful and accordingly I have never needed crash repairs.

I won’t ever ask permission to flyover or photograph private property.  That’s constitutionally protected activity that fixed wing and helicopters have enjoyed for years and there is plenty of settled appellate law that guides me.  

As for the FAA.  FAA rules, until drones became to be, were always written in the blood of actual air catastrophes. Prior restraint regulation was not part of the FAA’s culture until modern hobby drones appeared in our skies. 

Conventional pilots understood only too well that drones were going to invade their professional turf and threaten their livelihoods. Pilots and FAA officials entered into a public relations conspiracy to demonize drones, their operators and to frighten the public that their safety, privacy and wellbeing were at serious risk. 

Pilots were calling in phony drone sightings and near collisions constantly creating what I called, Drone Hysteria. The phony reports are few and far between now that the novelty has worn off. 

The Obama Administration’s FAA’s mouth was watering with the idea of punitive drone regulation followed by thousands of new enforcement jobs and promotions.  

Fortunately drones increased by a few million and still there were no collisions with conventional aircraft, serious injuries or property damage.  Any excuse to grow the FAA because of drones was and is a total failure.   

The FAA has since created a horrendous, two tiered system for drone operators with separate rules.  The somewhat relaxed hobbyist rules and the substantially burdensome, stricter and more unreasonable commercial user’s regulations.  

The Part 107 Commercial rules are petty, unfair and do nothing to make our airspace safer.  The simply make unnecessary work for everyone akin to digging holes only to fill them back up.

The petty, Part 107 rules are virtually unenforceable because the FAA lacks meaningful manpower to police them. 

Drone operators love answering questions to FAA officials and that ignorant behavior allows the FAA inspectors to easily build cases against them. If the drone operators simply were smart enough to ask for a lawyer instead of blabbing and making admissions there would be virtually no cases to prosecute.

It’s much easier to talk your way into a courtroom.  Keeping your mouth shut tight will do wonders to keep you out of trouble, away from lawyers, their fees and court fines.    

I say when in doubt, fly if you really need the images. Lets say your two miles from a major airport and you want to inspect a roof or capture real estate marketing material at less than 70 feet above the structures go ahead.  

If your in such an area considered sensitive, fly your drone early in the morning before the FAA, local police and public have had their coffee. Use your vehicles to shield drone take offs and landings. Above all fly low and safe. 

Above all tell your Congress people to get the FAA off of our backs and have them return to real safety issues with conventional aircraft. 

Monday, February 20, 2017

Immigration, Trump and The Reality of a Political Power Grab.

Washington, DC--For the most part our Congress has been ruled by Democrats for the last 100 years.  Our Immigration laws that the executive Branch's elected officials and their appointed bureaucrats are sworn to enforce have not changed. The votes to change our immigration laws are just insufficient even with a Liberal majority.
So the open borders loving politicians can't get the law changed so they do the next best thing.  That's to obstruct, de-fund and denounce our border law enforcement efforts and employees. 

When the political Left (including Liberals like the father and son Bush team) owns the Whitehouse, educated, self-reliant and law abiding Europeans are turned away in favor of economic refugees that bring, ignorance, poverty, total dependence, crime and drugs from Mexico and regions South. 

Trump has merely said he'd enforce existing laws. Keeping his immigration promises has caused Liberal heads to explode. 

I'm appalled that under Obama European tourists have been forced to provide fingerprints and are subjected to unwarranted humiliation.  The Europeans spend millions of dollars that support many American families. Needless to say America is becoming a piranha for Europeans to visit now.

Democrats are in a rush for grabbing power and know impoverished dependent immigrants from  South of our border will vote for them.  So it's not about humanitarianism but rather seizing political power and shutting out Conservatives. 

We are all immigrants except those Europeans that were always subjected to extreme vetting, medical exams and loyalty testing.  The slightest problems would bring refusal to those seeking entry and they'd be put on boats returning them raptors Europe. 

The immigrants from below our border have been invited to evade our border security and stay here unchallenged.  They are not turned away from our emergency rooms for their violence related injuries or to give birth of their anchor babies. American taxpayers are forced to pay billions as they watched their healthcare system get flushed down the toilet because of impoverished illegal aliens.

Caught up in this illegal immigration horror are impoverished Americans, mostly minorities that must compete with the illegal aliens for jobs, healthcare and the food on their tables.  

Added to this immigration disaster are those invaders who hate our culture, customs and Christianity. They include people that are Hell-bent on harming and dominating Americans in the name of Islam. 

Humanitarianism or political power grab, you be the judge!

Saturday, February 18, 2017

It’s The Liberals That Are The True Fascists!

Los Angeles, CA—I can never understand how the Liberals always accuse Conservatives of being Fascists.  It’s the liberals that will do anything to force their will on Conservatives. 

Liberals demand that Conservatives pay for the illegal aliens, their medical care and anchor babies.  It’s the Liberals that want to force the Conservatives to pay for their abortions. It’s the Liberals that want to curb free speech calling anything they don’t like hate speech.  It’s the Liberals that want to take the Constitutional protected gun rights of Conservatives by force and violence (Yes, arrest and imprisonment is force and violence).  It’s the Liberals that want to force Conservatives to pay special interest extortionists for their Climate Change Theory.  
Conservatives simply want Liberals to leave their rights, religion and property alone.  Liberals insist on using the full force of the police powers against Conservatives, never the other way around.   

Liberals are violent when they don’t get their way.  Conservatives don’t riot or block traffic. Conservatives don’t want to force Liberals to pay for anything at all.  Conservatives believe in total free speech.  

Liberals need to own up to the fact that they love big government using police powers to force their will on others.   Liberals are the real Fascists…

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Current State of Drones, Laws, Regulations, Fear and Loathing.

Washington, DC--it's a painfully slow process for politicians and FAA bureaucrats to accept the need, legitimacy and relative safety of those little civilian drones. 
There was the initial hysteria of passenger jets crashing, mass privacy invasion because of those little drones.  The panic reaction was bolstered with thousands mistaken or deliberately false reports of sightings claiming drone misbehavior.  

Thankfully as the number of drones in civilian hands increased by leaps and bounds, the bogus reports quietly subsided considerably. 

Very recently progress has been made in allowing the commercial use of drones under a somewhat loosened set of rules and guidelines.  Along with the more realistic drone rules the FAA created the Part 107 licensing exemption with a written test for commercial drone pilots.  

They have allowed for considerable expansion of drone use in urban areas for news gathering, filmmaking, property inspection, marketing and photography.  

The FAA still must give a bit on night flights, first person view and use over highways and people. Slowly that too is happening.

The same is needed for low altitude flights below 150 feet near, but not adjacent to airports.  Inspecting a roof of a building with a drone that's a half mile from an airport from 30 feet above should not require anything more than simple caution. 

We've still not seen a single fatality, serious injury or property damage caused by a drone.  This despite nearly four million of them in the hands of all manner of men, women and children. 

Drones are a natural tool for news gathering purposes. Their excellent broadcast quality cameras, safe low altitude flight and minimal expense will save countless jobs in America's newsrooms.  

For news gathering drones are substantially preferable to helicopters in all but those high speed police chases.  The liability issues of drone use is also minuscule compared to that of helicopters. 

Still safety is a real concern along with the upscale price of drones that ultimately keeps their owners cautious. None of them want to see their precious drones damaged or lost.  

Finally superior drone video has become slowly integrated in our nation's TV newscasts.   There is virtually little noise and no pollution emitted from these marvelous little machines.

Hopefully police will begin to use them to document traffic accidents saving time and money.  Drones can cut the time busy streets are obstructed for traffic investigations by two-thirds.  

The Netherlands has been using them to deliver defibrillators to save the lives of heart attack victims.  Drones are excellent tools for use in critical missing persons cases, search and rescue. The benefits of our civilian drones make for a better and bright future.  

Friday, February 10, 2017

A Review of a Film I Love! Toni Erdmann Rocks!

Los Angeles, CA—I love German films because they helped me learn the German language when I was a young Army medical corpsman serving in that great nation.  Today German films and TV series are simply terrific!  

Toni Erdmann is a favorite and the shoe-in for the Best Foreign Film Oscar Award. It's in German, Romanian and English.  Of course The film is sub-titled in English. 
I had to see what the major film festival's buzz was all about. I won’t spoil it for you but will tell you it’s about a somewhat lonely old curmudgeon, Winfried Conradi aka Toni Erdmann (Peter Simonischeck) who refused to grow up. 

Our aging protagonist is never at a loss for a prank or joke and he longs to bring his successful and beautiful role model daughter, Ines Conradi, (Sandra Huller) back into his life. 

Our hero invades his daughter’s life as she is working hard on an Important business trip to Romania.  Needless to say the complications pile up in a big way.

This is a touching comedy that will have every father and daughter to rethink their relationship.  I loved the stellar acting and my money in on the Oscar for this film. 

This film was written and expertly directed by Maren Ade.  

One wonderful surprise happens when Ines sings accompanied by her father on a keyboard.

This film was not lost on our own Hollywood filmmakers that have announced an American remake of Toni Erdmann.  This will bring Jack Nicholson out of retirement and pair him with the fabulous, Kristen Wiig.

I don’t want to miss either version.  The story is so incredibly compelling.   
The Trailer:


Thursday, February 02, 2017

The Unintended Consequences of Meryl Streep’s Emotional Golden Globes Rant

Hollywood, CA—Tinseltown was once ruled by some over-emotional Conservatives.  There was a group of Communist artists here that included Lucille Ball that were considered by others as both dangerous and un-American. 
The result of that misguided political activism was a purge that destroyed promising careers in the form of Blacklisting. Today the shoe is on the other foot and the seeming majority Hollywood’s elite are Socialists. They pour millions into Leftist political campaign coffers.  

Today’s Hollywood power structure has little tolerance for Conservative artists.  The industry’s accepted screenwriters bend over backwards making films that display African-American heroism and legitimize the Gay lifestyle. I guess it might be called, Affirmative Action Filmmaking.  

I don’t want criticize anyone’s artistic products no matter their message.  Saying that, I’m a solid and unyielding believer in Freedom of Speech and Thought. 

Free Speech is messy by nature because someone will take offense to the opinions of others.  In recent years America has become a Nation of Crybabies that can’t deal with unfiltered speech. 

Politics has caused untold millions of intolerant people to unfriend people on Facebook. We should be discussing our differences and find common ground. Making friends is a better idea. 

On to the subject of the superb and gifted actress, Meryl Streep.  At the Golden Globe Awards Ceremony Streep delivered an angry and somewhat hateful rant insulting President Trump. She did this within the safety of a venue filled with like-minded artists and legions of bodyguards.

Sports and Art is a sacred common ground that should be free of propaganda and political acrimony.  These are great things that bridge people together. Streep’s emotional Golden Globe Ceremony display divided rather than united America. 

Streep made her millions from audiences that did not give a rat’s ass about her politics.  It’s fair to say however,  when she outs herself politically her entertainment products will suffer a boycott from intolerant people that take exception to her opinion.  Streep doesn’t care because she knows she will not live long enough to spend the riches she already earned.      

However, now all of Streep’s films will suffer somewhat at the box office, iTunes, Netflix and DVD sales.  In the mix of her innocent victims will be fellow, lesser known actors, the film’s investors and that long list of names appearing in the credits.  

Artists have a right to Free Speech and many of them wisely don’t express themselves politically because they don’t want to lose half of their fans that may be offended. Streep and the other Artists/Political Operatives are damaging their industry’s workers and should control themselves. 

Streep owes all those that made her films possible an apology along with repaying their predictable financial damages. 

The past election saw inexcusable violence from the Left and Hillary Clinton’s loss has brought out bad behavior that is usually seen only in Banana Republics. We’d be a laughing stock of the world but too many nations are holding their breath to see how our mess shakes out. 

We Americans all have a duty to block government tyranny, at the ballot box.  America has done that now it’s time to dictate to our elected officials, not the other way around. 

We need to become self-reliant and united Americans once again. We must learn to let each other cling to our earnings, guns and religions. We must learn how to be kind.  

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Is Civil War Returning to America?

Washington, DC—We are a divided nation like never before or at least since the North and South rained carnage on each other not that long ago. 

Donald Trump won the election promising an end to importing crime, drugs, poverty and terrorism through a castrated immigration control system.  The Leftists politicians (that includes both Bush Presidents) never had enough votes to repeal immigration laws so they simply obstructed justice and willfully refused to enforce it.
From Gun rights, free medical care demands and the Global Warming theory, the Left and Conservatives are at constant odds.  

We settled it with an election that Donald Trump won. However the Left can’t emotionally deal with losing and are taking to the streets in some cases like thugs.  It’s laughable as they are all shooting cell phone video of each other’s bad behavior. 

The political venom is getting worse everyday.  The Left is well known for using violence as a political tactic.  It’s only a matter of time before the Soros funded agitators begin arson, bombing and shooting.  The violence will be contained in the larger populated cities where rioters will burn their own homes along with the local businesses they need. 

The police with somehow deal with this with little support from their Leftist mayors and local politicians. It could become an epic mess.

As for the rest of the nation the well armed and trained civilians will backup the cops and National Guard easily crushing the undisciplined and untrained Leftist troublemakers should they try and leave the cities.  

As for a coup d’e tat it just ain’t gonna happen!  The military and police will never side with the Leftists.

In short, a Civil War would simply control the population of the political Left in a big and messy way.    

The real solution of for the Leftists to get back on their meds and calm down.  They need to work within the system and help make this country the greatest place on earth.  

We all must all strive to support each other making sure no innocents suffer.  We all want full employment, health insurance and peace for all. 

Conservatives like me just want our guns, religion and wallets left alone. Communism/Socialism does not work. 

The followers of the political Left should begin to study the ideas of our Founding Fathers.  History is the best teacher.  Join the Conservatives because they’re the ones working for peace and humanity.  Let’s move forward working together in a united and freedom loving nation. 

A Stunning View of the Hollywood Hills by Drone!

The flight begins and ends just a little North of Franklin and Vine.  You can see three famous landmarks, The Hollywood Sign, Griffith Observatory and the iconic Capitol Records Building.  Spandau Ballet sings their hit True.  Please be sure to watch full screen and enjoy!   

Meet My Pal, Raj Singh and he will Tell you the Eagle Gun Grips Story!

Friday, December 23, 2016

Even Jessica Chastain Could Not Save This Propaganda Clinker!

Hollywood, CA—The filmmaking business is getting more democratized every day.  The days of only the most powerful studios and talent agencies  producing films are numbered. Cheaper equipment means  more people than ever can make films.  

Alfred Hitchcock was a master of making great films on the cheap.  No special effects, difficult sets or  costumes were used.  Just talented writing and actors made his success.

Some filmmakers enjoy the power of mixing art with political propaganda.  They want to influence the masses rather than entertain them.  That’s exactly what was behind the recent financial film disaster of, MISS SLOAN.

With an estimated $13 million budget, a terrific leading lady (Jessica Chastain) what could possibly go wrong?  The answer is everything!

I’m loving the films finally being produced with female protagonists. When I saw the slick previews I thought this would be something I wanted to see.  However I was spared from seeing this disappointing disinformation package when I found out this was a not so subtile attack on America’s gun rights. 

The previews did not let out even a hint that this was about pushing gun bans that have proven time and again to actually be more dangerous to public safety.  I’m sure not tipping their hand this was a deliberate effort by producers to ambush and brainwash their audience with their tired political message.    

Gun control is a far more complicated idea than most people realize. Gun bans always fail because they only impact the most law-abiding and trustworthy citizens.  The criminals will always continue to obtain and use, gasoline, bombs, knives, clubs, motor vehicles and of course guns.

We all ready know only too well how bans work in America.  The wars on drugs and alcohol never had a meaningful effect on consumption, only the price and staggering corruption.   

The sad truth is that in the gun control Utopias the sheep are unprotected and the wolves reign supreme.  

It serves the investors in this film flop right to have lost their money.  Imposing their will on others camouflaged as art is risky business. 

I don’t fault the actors for this colossal film failure, after all they are paid to perform. I cant wait to see the next film starring Jessica Chastain

I simply love this beautiful and kind actress who will move on to thrill us on the big screen for years to come.  

As for the up and coming filmmakers, those that don’t learn from history are bound to repeat it!