Friday, July 08, 2016

We are Witnessing the Evolution of Citizen Video Journalism

Dallas, TX--Watching television news coverage of the BLACK LIVES MATTER inspired slaughter of cops gives us clear insight into the evolution of news delivery to the masses. 

Participants, observers and the curious are recording breaking news with their smartphones. Missing are the video creator's coherent voiceovers or explanations of the motivations or reasonings behind the recorded events. 

News is becoming nothing more that the aggregation of videos shot by amateurs with their smartphones. Now if only they could learn to hold their phones horizontally and steady!  They also must get as close to the action as possible.  What's next in the learning curve for the citizen photojournalist is editing software, post production voiceovers and those audio issues.  

The electronic news gathering capabilities of today's smart phones is nothing less than astonishing.  For the most part the unblinking eye of a cell  phone camera is more trustworthy than this spin put on the news by "professional" journalists. 

When you add in the use of a camera drone anybody can do news as competently as any news organization in the world. Of course there is the necessity of literacy, storytelling capability and absolute objectivity.  

We are at the dawn of citizen journalism as the era of A few really wealthy media companies controlling the entire message they spoon-feed to the public is ending.  News is being rapidly democratized as everyone can now manufacture their own political propaganda just as well as CNN.  

Those who are serious about video journalism (or VJ) should take an online course offered  by  The compensation for VJ work is finally becoming standardized and reliable.  Those people with the most compelling video will be rewarded.  Now's the time to learn how to do it right.  Yes, you too can become video literate! 

Friday, June 24, 2016

The European Union is a Victim of its Own Success!

London, UK—The European Union seemed like a good idea however It became too big for its britches and was ruling Europe with an iron fist.  The EU became absolutely tyrannical.  

This Socialist ruled EU monster was destroying Europe with its recent mandate to allow millions of Islamic, so-called refugees to invade member nations.  Refugees or invaders became the question and its impact was and is purely negative. 
The new “guests” absolutely abhor Western culture, food and the way of life of Europeans. They come with zero job skills, ability to speak, read or write the languages of the Euro Nations. The result has been violent crime, terrorism, social conflict and a huge financial burden on the taxpayers. 

The purpose of inviting the Islamic guests was to pollute the vote and guarantee Socialist control of the Euro nations for generations to come. Socialism only endures with a majority of totally dependent people, void of all self-reliance. 

Now the UK voters have spoken and have broken the yoke of EU slavery!  Now other EU member nations are looking to get out too!  

The obvious parallel for America is reigning in our out-of-control over-bloated Federal Government extorting taxes, dictating to and over-regulating every aspect of our lives.  The EU member nations have lost control and their sovereignty like we have ours!

Americans need to re-evaluate the control of the Socialist controlled Federal Government’s iron grip on our lives and our states. We need not submit like sheep to build and strengthen a Socialist nation our founders would have soundly rejected.

The American Congress is not controlled by Republicans or Democrats despite the labels they wear. They, for the most part are corrupt Communists and Socialists disloyal to America and especially its Constitution.  

As for the UK, I congratulate them as they move forward governing themselves.  Self-reliance, independence and self government has returned to the UK.  Margaret Thatcher would be proud!  

Monday, June 20, 2016

Martial Law, you, Cops and the Military.

Washington, DC—Only Farmers, the well armed and the prepared have a chance should things get out-of-hand.   

This divided nation has huge challenges ahead.  The political Left wants total domination over this nation and will stop at nothing to achieve a totalitarian Marxist state.  
The summer promises to have intense racial conflicts not to mention the hostile pre-election political climate. 

Should Barack Obama declare Martial Law our cops and military will initially balk.  The real muscle will surface when food shipments to major urban areas is interrupted. 

The moment they cut cell phones, power and water to our homes citizens will begin to gladly board buses to be delivered to FEMA camps.  They will direct us at least until the power to our cellphones fails. 

As for the cops and military we need only look at history.  The despotic leaders like Hitler and Stalin simply allow these public servants to keep confiscated property including homes and businesses.  Total corruption will rule.  Yes, much of our military and cops will fall to do the devil’s work. 

There is only one way for Americans to end such a conflict.  The homes and families of every Leftist politician must be quickly located and attacked.  They are the only ones that could possibly want a truce. War is an ugly business. 

The horror of such a historical event is just a matter of when not if.  History is the teacher.  What plans do you have to protect yourself and families?  Will you trust your government should Martial Law be declared?  

Every bad government always promises good things to the people they seek to control.  There will be good food and water for all if you cooperate.  They will promise to return citizens to their homes.  People will always believe what their told as denial because their new way of life.  

The second Amendment along with quick and decisive resistance is our only chance to thwart this kind of thing.  The sad truth is that most Americans would march to the ovens rather than to resist. That’s why Holocausts happen throughout history.  

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Posters Cause Liberals to Panic In West Hollywood

West Hollywood, CA--This Morning inhabits of this predominately Gay city woke up this morning seeing these Shoot Back posters everywhere.  The send a strong and solid message of resistance to the horror show we now call, The Pulse Nightclub Massacre.

Reaction of panicked local politicians was quick as they ordered city workers to immediately remove them.  The politicians told the media that the posters were way out of character for their residents and sent the “wrong” message.  Wow!  I must ask if they are they really that candyassed? 
I know a lot of Gays, and yes they tend to be Liberal, but on the issue of self-defense they are divided.  There is a large pro-gunfights organization, The Pink Pistols that supports, protects and defends the simple words of the Second Amendment.  They have not lost their sense of self-preservation. 

What I’m horrified about is these same gunrights hating Gays demand that first responders place their lives on the line protecting them from harm!  I ask, why bother when these fools are so unwilling to protect themselves or each other! 

How brainwashed are these people that they have lost all instinct for simple survival. Gays have been the target of countless hate crimes and murders.  They are vulnerable and deserve protection but everyone has a responsibility to resist criminals, bullies and terrorists!  

My Gay friends are just that, my friends. I want then safe and free from harm.  That has to begin with their own sense of survival and desire to live.  

The police don’t have the manpower to begin to protect Americans from attacks by terrorists.  They will respond in time to clean up the mess. I implore my Gay friends to get firearms and the necessary training because their lives may depend upon that.  

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Another Terrorist Attack, But Will We ever Learn?

Orlando, FL--In light of another mass casualty shooting this time in a crowded Gay Bar we have little choice but to plan ahead for more of the same.

Our ignorant politicians nearly always respond to this kind of threat with every type of failed gun prohibition, TSA style checkpoints and of course those Gun Free Zones. 

We've learned on thing we can’t deny.  Nearly everyone of the active shooter events are stopped either by gunfire by a good guy or suicide of the gunmen. The are only stopped by the type of force they inflict on others. 

As for the TSA style checkpoints at venues, they are a total farce.  Putting unarmed, untrained, un-vetted marginal people in pseudo police uniforms to stop terrorism is laughable.  Additionally this type of faux security makes a mockery of our Fourth Amendment rights to be free of unreasonable searches. 

Any determined armed terrorist/criminal need only display their weapons to totally defeat these search gauntlets. The crowds of people waiting patiently to have their privacy violated are certainly ripe targets for mayhem. 

Shopping malls, sports arenas, theaters, schools or any venue must have a workable and realistic plan. The failed Monkey See Monkey Do response is simply no option.  

The Right Approach

Our cops can’t do this alone.  They're not enough of them, nor can we afford sufficient numbers of them to make a difference. 

We have already in place a huge force of vetted Concealed weapon License holders. They are our veterans, ex-cops, well-trained and trustworthy civilians.  

We need to open our arms to these folks inviting them to bring their weapons and courage to our venues. Somehow we've not learned that gun prohibitions only impact the law abiding folks and never the criminals. 

The right to keep and bear arms is here and is not going away any time soon. Frankly the idea of that right was to allow for better public safety. 

No matter where we stand on guns and gun rights we all claim the same desire to end murder and mayhem. We have failed with the old ideas and new it’s time to try something that works.