Thursday, January 29, 2015

PEGIDA Goals and Aggressive Muslim Deportation Must Succeed for Europe’s Survival.

Dresden, GermanyPatriotische Europäer gegen die Islamisierung des Abendlandes or in its English translation, Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West (PEGIDA) is exploding in Europe.
Huge demonstrations in Germany have sent some controversial shockwaves throughout Europe that has stood by failing to react to the deadly Muslim threat. 
Is this a hate based movement or terrorized people coming together for simple survival? That depends upon whose opinion you’re examining.
There can be no argument that Muslim extremism follows this group wherever they go.  Beheadings, bombings and extreme senseless violence directed by hateful Muslims against non-Muslims is the rule rather than the exception everywhere.
The Muslims have been invited guests in civilized Western nations for longer then most of us have been alive.  Generally it’s been without major problem until the last 20-30 years. 
Civilization demands that when you’re an invited guest in someone’s nation or home that you behave like one or leave.  Those that don’t behave must be tossed out to preserve the peace.  Many Muslims feel they are somehow exempt from customs, laws and simple decency. 
What about the moderate or seemingly peaceful Muslims?  They and their clerics bear a huge responsibility for the savage acts of the militants. They remain silent and by doing so they are no small part of this pseudo-religious, cult based conspiracy of terror.
Muslim culture currently demands they reproduce like rabbits.  In their home nations medical care was non-existent and children died at an alarming rate because of common childhood illnesses that were eliminated in the West.
One thing for sure, Muslim’s demand far too much of their nations they have decided to inhabit.  They instead see themselves on a dangerous global colonization effort.  Muslims simply don’t belong in a civilized nation. 
The PEGIDA movement would not exist but as a direct response to innocent lives lost in senseless acts of hateful violence.
German Chancellor Angelia Merkel along with other politicians condemned PEGIDA to preserve their politically correct image. 
We are 70 years out of a German period of disgrace, shame and national guilt for Nazi Party atrocities.  Any ethnic conflict is a grim reminder for the German people.
The neo-Nazi’s anti-Semitism has a common bond with Jew hating Muslims.  Neo-Nazis do exist in Germany but have curiously joined with the PEGIDA movement.  Joining with neo-Nazis to combat the Muslim threat is distasteful to most Europeans because of their history of hate.
The neo-Nazi endorsement of PEGIDA tarnishes the image of this organization.  That was not helped by the antics of it’s founder, advertising executive, Lutz Bachmann, when he actually costumed and posed as Adolph Hitler for cameras.
Bachmann quickly resigned from PEGIDA after that huge blunder.
PEGIDA now has a platform to deal with Muslims.  Are these enough to stem the problem?  Frankly I doubt it, in that this is all too little and much too late. 
PEGIDA Mandates:
1.  Affirms the right of asylum for war refugees and politically persecuted people.
2.  Advocates to include a duty to integrate into the German Basic Law.
3.  Advocates for decentralized housing of refugees.
4.  Suggests creation of a central refugee agency for a fair allocation of immigrants among countries of the European Union.
5.  Demands a decrease in the number of asylum seekers per social worker from currently 200:1.
6.  Suggests to model German immigration policies after those of the Netherlands and Switzerland and demands an increased budget for the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees to speed up processing of applications.
7.  Demands an increase in funding for the police.
8.  Demands implementation of all asylum laws including expulsion.
9.  Mentions zero tolerance towards criminal refugees and immigrants.
10.  States that Pegida opposes a misogynic and violent political ideology, but does not oppose assimilated and politically moderate Muslims.
11.  Supports immigration as in Switzerland, Canada, Australia and South Africa.
12.  Pegida demonstration on 12 January 2015
States that Pegida support sexual self-determination (opposing "early sexualization of children").
13.  Argues for the protection of Germany's Judeo-Christian coined culture.
14.  Supports the introduction of referenda as in Switzerland.
Muslim terror and crime is a grim reality in Europe. I favor a policy where all able-bodied law-abiding European citizens take a role in national defense.
That is to train and carry concealed firearms to deal with the Muslim threat.  It is unfair and unwise to keep Europeans disarmed and helpless from the savage armed Muslims that are relentlessly killing innocents.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Las Vegas, NV—I’ve been to every SHOT Show since its inception decades ago.  This is the largest Gun Show in the world and here every serious firearm or accessory maker exhibits their wares.
The show is not open to the public and media credentials are only handed out after careful vetting.  Licensed firearm dealers, manufacturers, or other industry related professionals are invited to look over miles of exhibits. 
Products are not sold at the show but qualified licensed dealers  make their orders stocking their stores for the next year at this show.
CRIMEFILE NEWS sponsored by Eagle Grips with the assistance of guest hostess, Ariel Vitalia interviewed some select exhibitors.  Those interviews are below.
Let me apologize in advance for the 20 second Eagle Grips commercial before each interview.  I think you get the message only seeing that ad once!  I must however after my 40 year association say that Eagle Grips are the industry’s very best!
I must say that Ariel is genuine eye candy and especially the boys would much rather see her than me doing these interviews!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A Review of a Terrific Film About a Hero and his Ungrateful Nation—A Shameful Government is Exposed in the Process.

Los Angeles, CA—I have to say I enjoy going to film screenings and meeting cast and crew-members of the films that are in competition for the various awards.  This time it was The Imitation Game.   For me this was a treat!
This is an untold but true World War Two story that was covered up in the name of National Security for more than 50 years. 
Actors pray for a film character that can be their role of a lifetime.  The role of mathematician Alan Turing is just such a dream role. 
Writers had to tell the story and in this case most or all the principals are all dead.  Their conversations must be recreated and the writers were incredibly clever.  Graham Moore crafted the screenplay based on Andrew Hodges’ book.
This story is about the cracking of the impossible to break Nazi Enigma code that shortened the War and saved an estimated 20 million lives.
The starring role of Alan Turing went to journeyman actor Benedict Cumberbatch.  Turing was a classic nerd that throughout his life faced enormous challenges.
Turing was a somewhat closeted Gay man living in the UK in a time when Gay sex was considered a serious crime.
Being a genius/nerd/Gay man set him far apart from his peers.  Understandably Turing was a frequent target of bullies. 
Turing became aware of the serious need to penetrate Nazi communications and brought his unique talent to British Intelligence officials.
Cumberbatch built the world’s first computer and as history revealed the Enigma code was cracked. 
There were no medals, awards or even a job for Turing once the war ended.  He returned to teaching until he was discovered in a comprising position with another man.   He was given the choice of experimental chemical castration or two years in prison.  He chose the experiment. 
Turing was subsiquently treated like absolute garbage until finally Queen Elizabeth posthumously pardoned him.  Frankly, the Queen should have knighted him too.  Maybe this film will make that happen.
Mortem Tydum expertly directed the film, exploiting the wonderful talent of Cumberbatch,  Keira Knightly, Matthew Goode, Alex Lawther, Rory Kinnear, Matthew Beard and a top flight cast. 
There is no shortage humor, excitement, drama and an epic emotional roller coaster for film lovers.  This is a must see film!

Best Actor: Benedict Cumberbatch
Best Supporting Actress: Keira Knightly
Achievement in Directing: Mortem Tydum
Best Motion Picture:  The Immitation Game
Best Adapted Screenplay:  Grahame Moore
Achievement in Editing: William Goldenberg
Music Original Score: Alexander Desplat
Production Design: Maria Djurkovic/Tatiana MacDonald

Murder Arrest Made in Two Grisly Phoenix Cold Cases, but are There More Victims?

Melanie Bernas (Left) Angelia Brosso (Right)

Booking Photo of Bryan Patrick Miller
Phoenix, AZ—In 1992/1993 Melanie Bernas, 17 and Angela Brosso, 22 were savagely sliced up nearly a year apart in the same general Sunnyslope vicinity.
In November 1992 the Brosso girl went for a bicycle ride and never returned. Her live-in boyfriend reported her missing to police.
Brosso was soon found headless and her torso cut in half in a nearby park at 25th Avenue and Cactus. I saw raw and disturbing video of Brosso's naked and bloody body captured by a TV news photographer and it was indeed hideous. That video was heavily edited before it hit the airwaves.
Brosso’s severed head was subsequently located in or next to a canal some two miles away. Brosso’s bicycle has never been recovered and no viable suspect has ever been located.
Nearly one year later in September of 1993 the Bernas girl’s severed head was found near the Arizona canal and the Black Canyon freeway. Nearby floating in the canal the rest of her cut up remains were recovered.  Like the Brosso girl, Bernas was believed to be riding a bicycle that’s never been located.
Police claimed to have a DNA material believed left by the killer but until now they’ve not found a suspect for a match yet.
These two crimes have left an impression on me for two decades.  I can’t believe that this savage predator has not killed more young women. This killer is right out of a frightening horror movie.
Now Phoenix veteran police detective, Clark Schwartzkoph was able to locate a potential suspect and surreptitiously obtain DNA material from 42 year-old Bryan Patrick Miller.  Analysis of the DNA material matched Miller’s positively.
It turned out that as a juvenile Miller was arrested in 1989 and convicted of stabbing a woman at the Paradise Valley Mall.
Miller is now in custody charged with two counts of murder, two counts of kidnapping and one count of sexual assault. He is being held without bond until a Jauary 21st court status conference.  

Reportedly Miller has denied involvement and police have spent the night serving search warrants on the property where it’s believed Miller lived at 844 E. Mountain View Rd. in Phoenix.  
Based upon the current evidence Miller appears to be a serial killer and there may well be more victims.

Since Miller moved to Everette, WA for a awhile after the Brosso/Bernas killings and police there will be looking into similar murder cases there.  

Brandi Lynn Myers
One case I suspect police are now re-examining is the May 1992 missing persons case of 13 year-old Brandy Lynn Myers who disappeared while walking through her Sunnyslope neighborhood to raise money for a school Read-a-Thon fundraiser.
No trace of the Myers girl has ever been found.

Miller called himself the Zombie Hunter and here's video of Miller's personal vehicle: