Sunday, August 10, 2014

Debra Milke Has Now Lost Her Mother Renate Janke (November 21, 1942 to August 9, 2014) in Germany.

Renate with me in Karlsruhe 2009

Renate with Reinhard Muller in Heidelberg 2009

Reinhard, me and Renate in Karlsruhe 2009

Renate's best selling book
Funeral and burial information:
The funeral service for Renate Janka will be held on Friday, August 15, 2014 by 11 clock in the cemetery of Karlsruhe-Grötzingen instead. 
The burial of the urn is carried out in the following week, on Friday 22 August 2014 by 10 clock in the Church of Emmetten (Switzerland).

Karlsruhe, Germany—I was deeply saddened to learn about the not unexpected death of Renate Janka here this morning. 
Mrs. Janka was victimized in a huge way by the false arrest, imprisonment and attempt to murder her daughter Debra Milke under color of law. 
Mrs. Janka was lied to and turned against her daughter for nearly a decade, by disgraced former police detective Armando Saldate’s corrupt investigation and outrageous fabrications.
When Mrs. Janka finally learned the truth from her daughter and me she became a genuine hero by undertaking a massive effort to call attention to and undo the injustice. 
Mrs. Janka, a German national, rallied thousands of European supporters, government officials and activists to her daughter’s aid.
Mrs. Janka wrote a best selling book in Germany using the proceeds for defense costs.  She spent the last 15 years traveling to Perryville Prison to visit her daughter twice a year through the bulletproof glass until last year when she was finally freed on bail to await her new trial.
Mrs. Janka also moved the European media to question the false arrest and death sentence of her daughter.   I know this because I personally helped every major German and Swiss news organization produce stories of the Milke injustice.
Because of Mrs. Janka’s efforts Caravel Productions in Lausanne Switzerland created a documentary film with my assistance.  That effort took me to Germany and Switzerland twice, once to gather information and video and again to the film’s premier at the Human Rights Film Festival in Geneva.
I also had the special pleasure of visiting with Mrs. Janka and her new life partner, Reinhard Muller at their home in Karlsruhe.   They were in the process of remodeling their home to provide an apartment for Milke’s homecoming that was anything but a sure thing.   They made a bathroom in that apartment for Milke fit for a Princess. 

Mrs. Janka was also a dual citizen of Switzerland last residing in the Eastern town of Emmetten. 
Mrs. Janke suffered greatly but lived long enough to see her daughter freed on bail.  She was able to visit Phoenix and celebrate their hard won victory. 
There is no question that without the tireless efforts of Mrs. Janka that her daughter would have been wrongly executed or be very close to being only the second women ever executed since Arizona’s statehood
Mrs. Janka also passed confident that her daughter will never face being imprisoned or the death penalty again despite the best efforts of the soulless Maricopa County Attorney, Bill Montgomery.
It’s most unfortunate that Debra Milke was forbidden to travel to Germany to be at her mother’s bedside when she passed away.  Milke will not be allowed to attend any services there either because of the pending efforts to retry her on Capitol Murder charges. 
Services and information on them are pending.

I shot this video last week at the site of Christopher Milke's murder in December of 1989.


Anonymous said...

Very Sorry Paul To Hear This.

Condolences to All!

Renata was a courageous one who fought for her daughter, Debra.

Katie and Bill said...

Bill Montgomery, Debra lost her mother now, are you having a party down there??