Thursday, January 02, 2014

The Debra Milke Case Should Never be Compared to the Jodi Arias Mess

Phoenix, AZ—When journalists write and broadcast the story of Debra Milke too often they drag in Jodi Arias’s name.  That’s a disservice to both women. Their cases are not similar.
The only thing the two woman share in common, is being victimized by inaccurate, prejudicial and sensational news reports, shameful prosecutorial grandstanding and the death penalty.
Unlike Arias, Debra Milke killed nobody nor did she confess to doing such a thing.  Mixing the cases confuses the facts and potential culpability in these events.  When that happens the collective and fragile public opinion is then placed in a state of confusion and chaos.
Instead of fair trials both women had circus like inquisitions and worldwide media coverage.   But in the end it became apparent that Milke alone was pure and simply framed by a corrupt and finally disgraced cop.
Unlike Milke, Arias made numerous recorded conflicting statements to police, members of the press and at her trial.  Arias eventually admitted killing her boyfriend and the only questions that remain is whether provocation or justification was part of that sad saga. 
Two creeps who are both on Death Row today confessed on tape to the crime although each blamed the other actually murdered Milke’s son Christopher.  Neither man ever actually implicated Milke in the crime. Milke strongly denied involvement from the day of her arrest in 1989 and has consistently maintained her innocence ever since. 
So far only one woman has been put to death in Arizona since statehood.  Eva Dugan was hanged and garishly decapitated in the process.  Another woman, Winnie Ruth Judd narrowly escaped a similar fate because of mental health issues.  Judd served many decades in the Arizona State Hospital.  Currently two more women are on Death Row but they still face many years or even decades of appeal review.
Milke came incredibly close to being executed before the Ninth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals set aside her convictions and death sentence.   Now Milke is just weeks away from being totally cleared.
Each case is different needs discussion on its own merits.  

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