Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Debra Milke has Jumped over the Last Hurdle to Total Freedom!

Disgraced former Phoenix Police Detective Armando Saldate
Phoenix, AZ—Judge Rosa Mroz has just ruled on the matter of the disgraced former police detective Armando Saldate's request to avoid self-incrimination at the intended retrial of Debra Milke.
Saldate has the right to decline to testify and his claim of a confession from Milke was and is the only evidence against her.  Prosecutors are expected to appeal to the Arizona Court of Appeals but it is highly unlikely they will accept jurisdiction.  That rejection will be expedited and the Debra Milke’s nightmare will soon be over.

Here is the ruling below:


Anonymous said...

Government, and its inevitable beurocracy, take FOREVER to play out.

And this appellate decision is exhibit A.

Anonymous said...

Yes and its ok to protect one of the f…ing A..H…

who caused Debra Milke to be imprisoned this long

and her life ruined.

So this is called Justice?