Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Next Nuclear Bomb Won’t be Delivered by a by Missile.

Arizona/Mexico Border—Our nuclear-armed enemies have had five solid years of deliberate and well publicized, near non-protection of our borders.  Instead of protecting our borders the Obama Administration instead beefed up the senseless fondling, groping and outright molesting of old American grandmothers and their little grandchildren by TSA goons at our airports.
The first and so far only use of the Atomic Bomb was by us against Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan in August of 1945. Soon thereafter Julius and Ethel Rosenberg and others stole the manufacturing secret passing that technology to the Soviet Union. The couple was executed in the eclectic chair for their dastardly acts.  From there the stolen secret has armed numerous nations some of which are rogue.  
In the almost 70 years since we’d be really naïve to think building such a device is beyond that of any reasonably financed nation.  We really don’t know who has them or not. 
We all somehow expect that a missile would deliver the next Atomic Bomb.  The rub there is that making such missile is expensive and difficult.  However the A-Bomb can be more easily and unnoticeably delivered by conventional aircraft or even by small trucks.
In case you were wondering the bombs we dropped in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan were rather small in size but somewhat heavy.  The bombs were each nicknamed.  Fat Man weighed in at 10,300 pounds and Little Boy was 9,700 pounds.  Each bomb destroyed their targets and at least 200,000 people lost their lives.  That of course brought Japan to its knees and ended the war. 
We flew the bombs to Japan because we were in a hurry and had not been able to invade by land.   We were also in a hurry but at the time this was newly enabled technology. 
When they talk about Nuclear Arms the always mention missiles for some reason.  A missile could quickly deliver the deadly goods but planting them in simply mini-storage units would do the job better.  They could simply be detonated by a text message. 
The next nuclear device set off in the world will have been planted moths or even years earlier.  There will be no air raid sirens, military intervention or warnings, just a city or cities blown to Kingdom Come.  With any luck the first will go off in the District of Columbia taking out all the traitors and fools that have allowed such a thing to happen.
The saddest part of all is that it’s the population of any nation that gets victimized by the bombs.  It’s a price they must pay for the provocations made by their leaders.    

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Ginny Simone tells us yet another bed time story with a happy ending!

Entering a Hospital? Wash Your Hands or You May Become a Serial Killer!

Los Angeles, CA—The best part of my life was being a medical corpsman for the U.S. Army serving in Germany.  This resulted from being drafted during the Viet Nam War. There, I learned a lot about hand washing and sanitization.  It all made perfect sense.  
Let me begin by reminding you that the life expectancy for human males in America in 1900 was 47 years old?  Wow, what a short life. 
Our most important discovery was Penicillin to combat infections that were killing us all.  There is a catch to that wonder drug and that’s over and or too much repetitive treatment. 
We have now have created so-called super bugs that are immune to our antibiotics arsenal. Soon we will have to find new ways to treat infections.  The best way is not to either get or transmit deadly infections to begin with.
People in nursing homes, hospitals and care facilities are becoming infected with the superbugs at a much faster rate than in even the recent past. 
Generally the medical staff s are bound by strict rules to wash their hands. They don’t do this so much because of the rules but because of training and education.
The patients and their visitors are not even encouraged to wash their hands before entering these places?  Think about how we use our hands to grasp dirty bannisters on stairwells, push elevator buttons or even handle the steering wheel in our own car.  They may look clean but they are not!
Women’s purses and our cell-phones are hotbed breeding grounds for infectious bacteria.  We must take extra steps to sanitize those things.   
I have an idea that’s overdue.  At the entrance of every care facility there should be sinks with running hot water, soap and towels.  Before patients, visitors or for that matter anyone enters these places they should be required to vigorously wash and dry their hands. 
I’m convinced that this would actually save lives.  Children and the elderly would get the most protection from this plan.
It would be expensive for care facilities to retrofit their buildings but the architects and building planners should in the future build these places with the sinks at the entrances. 
In case you’re one of those that believe in hand-sanitizer products they are no alternative for traditional hand washing.   Those things are more of a gimmick. You also need to know that we remove the most bacteria when we rub off the water with clean towels.  Those blow dryers are worthless in any effort to clean your hands.
I hope I have motivated a few of you to rethink simple hand washing.  When cleaning remember the things we touch most often like refrigerator door handles also need the most attention when we clean.
Watch the video below. 

Friday, November 22, 2013

Kennedy Assassination, Where were you? My Reflections of a Dark Day…

Dallas, TX—It was 50 years ago today when a somewhat trusting U.S. president rode his last motorcade in an open top limousine.  We all think we know what happened.  However it seems the only thing we agree on is that a young president and war hero John F.  Kennedy was shot to death. 
Had that happened today with our present technology there would have been thousands of revealing and stunning camera images and videos.  Abraham Zupruder had his new Bell & Howell 8 MM film camera with color film and captured the somewhat grainy movie film.  Had he a modern consumer HD digital video camera the images would have been more revealing and much more difficult to watch.  That also would have answered many more questions for investigators. 
Those of us that were alive remember exactly where we were that day and how we learned about that “crime of the century.”
For me that day was ordinary.  I removed my cased Springfield .22 rifle from under my bed, put a box of 50 .22 long rifle rounds in my pocket and grabbed my books.  I traveled to Senn High School on two Chicago Transit Authority busses. 
I was proud to be on the rifle team of Junior ROTC and people around as usual were totally unconcerned that I obviously was carrying a rifle.  I walked from the bus stop to and through the front door of the school. 
The assistant principal greeted me as I entered.  I then went directly to the ROTC room where I handed the rifle to either Sergeant Ketzner or Mautner who placed it in the vault.  That vault contained about 50 M-1 Grand rifles, A BAR automatic rifle, a M-1 .30 caliber carbine and a dozen or so Springfield .22 rifles exactly like my own. 
We had a small-bore rifle range constructed within the ROTC classroom area.  This day was a regular rifle team meet day. 
I entered the ROTC after lunch and was told to sit down by a somber Sgt. Mautner.  He told us that President Kennedy was shot in Dallas but he did not know his condition.  Everyone in the room was shocked.  A radio or TV was connected to the intercom and we listened intently to the live news reports from Dallas.  Finally the report was broadcast that our president was dead.
There was no more class instruction.  There was a lot of conversation about this catastrophic event at the height of the Cold War and at the beginning of our involvement in the Viet Nam War.  We all speculated that Castro must have been involved because of the recent Cuban Missal Crisis.  After an hour or to we were all dismissed from classes.  There would be no rifle team shooting.  I retrieved my rifle from Sgt. Ketzner and took the CTA buses home.
I watched as the female students and teachers crying everywhere.  The same was true for female bus passengers.  Public emotion of sadness and anger was rampant everywhere.
Writers began shamelessly killing entire forests of trees as they filled millions of pages of conspiracy theories.  Some of the books seemed reasonable and others were extreme nonsense.  
I still believe in a single shooter, Lee Harvey Oswald.  Oswald was a committed Communist looking for recognition from Fidel Castro and I believe he wanted to become a hero in Cuba.  At least one earlier TV news interview showed Oswald passing out literature for a group know as, The Fair Play for Cuba Committee.
As an investigator I’ve kept my mind open to the idea of a conspiracy.  There are lots interesting motives and no shortage of suspects including the Vice President of the United States!
Secret Service agents violently snatched Kennedy’s body from Dallas authorities breaking Texas laws that required an autopsy by the Coroner’s office.  The post mortem examination was not conducted by experienced forensic pathologists but by politically connected Washing DC physicians.  Their failure to properly document the examination is still an embarrassment today.
Oswald had a young wife and two daughters.  He had very limited assets and was living at the poverty level.  He purchased a really second rate Italian military 6.5 MM surplus rifle under an assumed name from Klein’s Sporting Goods in Chicago.  The rifle had an inexpensive telescopic sight attached.   I believed had their been a conspiracy he’s have had a much better rifle like the M-1 Garand.  That superior rifle was offered in the same advertisement.  Instead of $20.00 the M-1 cost over $90.00. 
I personally have stood at that infamous sixth floor window at the Texas Book Depository window.   The sniper’s vantage point was excellent and facilitated an easy field of fire for anyone with minimal skill. Remember the target was moving away rather than from left to right eliminating the normal challenge of hitting a moving target.
This was a sad chapter of American history.   Kennedy did not deserve his fate.  History proves tyrants are always much better protected. 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Was Brittany Murphy’s Death A Murder? I Smelled the Same Cover-up Odor While Investigating Andrew Breitbart’s Death!

The late actress Brittany Murphy and her late husband, screenwriter Simon Monjack

Los Angeles, CA—Are operatives in our government murdering citizens questioning the subversive activities of public officials? 
Has Los Angeles County Coroner death investigation shortcuts covered up murder? 
Under the Obama Administration some terrible and ominous things have been happening that the mainstream media has ignored.  Obama has given himself absolute power over Americans by suspending The Bill of Rights in connection with wiretapping, surveillance, searches, secret detention, due process and even the power to kill Americans.  
It may take more than a decade to sort out the legal challenges to these actions but in the meantime this tyranny seems unstoppable. Additionally Homeland security has purchased millions of rounds of small arms ammunition for use inside the USA we can only presume for use on citizens.   
Conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart, 43 tried to warn anyone who would listen and at the height of his influence suddenly died on March 1, 2012 after drinking a small amount of wine at the Brentwood Inn.  The coroner’s report claimed a heart attack killed Breitbart.
I interviewed an eyewitness, Chris Lasseter twice on Breitbart’s death the first time was on the day after this death.  Lasseter told me enough information to convince me poison may have been involved. That witness described Breitbart’s face to be bright red.  As a former US Army medical corpsman I learned first hand that heart attack victims become cyanotic where their skin usually turns blue not red!  No pun intended here, this was a huge red flag of heavy metal poisoning.
Coincidently a forensic photographer working for the Coroner’s office died from poisoning contemporaneously with Breitbart’s autopsy.  Did that worker die as a result of contamination by powerful toxins released during that post mortem examination? A coroner’s office spokesperson later told me that the employee was not in anyway involved with the Breitbart case.  Was that assertion the truth I wonder? 
Earlier on December 20, 2009 an apparently healthy actress Brittany Murphy, 32 unexpectedly died.  The Los Angeles County Coroner blamed the death on pneumonia.   They did not screen for heavy metals.  That is now in question after a new private toxicology report commissioned by Murphy's father claims the actress had deadly heavy metals within her system.  
Strangely enough her husband, screenwriter Simon Monjack, 40 died some five months later under similar circumstances.
What’s troubling here is that Murphy and her husband were publicly backing the claims of a Homeland Security employee, whistle blower Julia Davis.  Davis called attention to serious security flaws allowing terrorists to easily enter the United States. 
There are too many unexplained deaths of people that knew too much or talked too much about the Obama Administration.  Members of Navy Seal Team Six were wiped out preventing any embarrassing disclosures about the raid to capture Osama Bin Laden.  The secret disposal of Bin Laden’s remains sill leaves many more questions than answers.
 There is a list of deaths connected to Obama that can be found here:
Here is a second video interview I did with Chris Lasseter for WND who actually saw Andrew Breitbart fall and die. 

Sunday, November 17, 2013

“Micro-Budget” Film May Be a Winner For a Terrific Dutch Actress

The multi-talented Carice van Houten

Los Angeles, CACarice van Houten is not well known yet in the USA.  She’s well represented at CAA by Tracy Brennan and managed by Janey van Ierland at Nummer19 in the Netherlands.  This very beautiful actress has both a pretty agent and gorgeous manager too!  I hope to meet this delightful trio someday!
Van Houten won the role of a lifetime in Paul Verhoeven’s film Black Book based on a true story.  That happens to be my all time favorite film about a young and sexy Jewish nightclub singer who was hiding from the Nazis in the Netherlands during the war.   Van Houten’s character by circumstances was recruited to join the Dutch Underground in this great thriller.  By all means get the film from Netflix or and see it.
Van Houten also landed a somewhat small but important role as Nina Von Stauffenberg, the wife of Tome Cruise’s character in the Brian Singer, Chris McQuarrie film Valkyrie.  Van Houten can be see in a meatier role as Melisandre on the HBO Series, Game of Thrones.  Van Houten can also be seen right now in theaters as Brigitta Jonsdottir in, The Fifth Estate
I leaned one thing early on about van Houten.  She absolutely rocks as an actress.  She is totally fearless as does complex and difficult scenes making them look so easy.  She never lets her ego get in the way of bringing the words of a script to life. Additionally van Houten's language and dialect skills are amazing!
Van Houten also has a great record album out on iTunes called See You on The Ice.  I listen to that as I drive around L.A.  All the songs are in English, my favorite being Particle of Light.  I also have the soundtrack from Black Book, which has a wonderful rendition of 100 Years From Today.
Van Houten just landed a lead role in a Jason Blume production of Incarnate.  Blume is a visionary filmmaker in that he makes so-called micro budget horror films.  His films have been incredible moneymakers because they are cheap to produce and they attract a large audience. 
The best example of a micro-budget film ever was George Romero’s Night of The Living Dead.  The cash register is still ringing for that old classic.
Blumehouse Productions has luckily landed van Houten to play opposite of Aaron Eckhart as the parents of a possessed nine year-old child.  This project was penned by script scribe, Ronnie Christensen and is being directed by Brad Peyton.  They are filming the project right now for a yet to be announced release date.  I wish the cast, crew and investors great success.
I hope to somehow land a video interview of van Houten someday soon if her manager or agent will allow her to do that with a smalltime blogger like me.  The only bigger thrill for me would be to dust of my Screen Actor’s Guild membership card to do a few scenes with her in some film.  I could play her father or perhaps boss. 
I actually wrote a script that is perfect for van Houten that’s been suddenly getting some needed attention lately.  All the stars would have to align before that happens and frankly the odds are somewhat against it. 
I’m hoping that American audiences will discover van Houten.  I was shocked to see media reporters and photographers asking van Houten what part she was playing at a Hollywood premier of the third season of Game of Thrones.  In fairness perhaps it was the missing vast mane of red hair Melisandre has that threw these guys off.  
Soon van Houten may be a Hollywood acting legend.  By the way van Houten has a project in development to play Gretta Garbo in a biopic film.  They do have an amazing resemblance. 
I will leave you with a couple of videos of van Houten in action:
Particle of Light from See You On The ICE

This was the German Premier of Black Book with director Paul Verhoeven, Carice van Houten, Sebastian Koch and others.  I speak German and know I missed a terrific event.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Only Fix for Obamacare is Total Repeal

Washington, DC—Barack Obama has just surrendered to his fellow Democrats that are desperate to get the Obamacare monster off their backs as they run for reelection.  That being said Obama has made a baby step to create the illusion of a fix that does nothing at all.   It will take Congressional action to implement Obama’s wishes.
Health care in America was working well with nearly full employment.  The biggest single damage to our healthcare system was allowing millions of illegal aliens to walk into any Hospital emergency room and receive treatment.  The cost for this has been passed on to every other patient or his or her insurance company. 
The Obama junta should have done the proven things to rejuvenate jobs and to reserve medical treatment for Americans and legal residents.  Instead Obama took the route of destructive Socialist policies that have worked nowhere in history.
Obama has raised a smokescreen deflecting examination of the real problems and created an impossible dream of affordable healthcare for all.  If you’re unemployed or underemployed affording any insurance is impossible. Obamacare will never work without putting people back to work.
It’s time for a moratorium on the taxation of employers in order to fix our economy and make conventional health insurance obtainable for Americans.  We have charity and social services for the poor or disabled citizens and legal residents. 
The illegal trespassers that are economic refugees must vacate and follow our laws.  We should be helping the people of Mexico to overthrow their corrupt failed government that has created the conditions leading to our immigration crisis.
The best fix for Obamacare is total repeal.   Americans need relief by a solid return to proven American Capitalist principals.  Americans that want Socialism should simply emigrate to the Socialist nation of their choice.  Tax credits are bogus.  Government simply needs to get out of our pockets. 

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

It Looks Like I Made the Supermarket Tabloids Yet again!

Dallas, TX—On November 22, 1963 I was not on that grassy knoll with a firearm!  That’s my story and I’m stickin' to it!  Now that I got that out of the way you need to know that the Globe regarding issues with the late Lee Harvey Oswald interrogated me.  I gave them some answers. 

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Misplaced Honors for a Murdered TSA Worker Dilutes Recognition for Real Heroes

Los Angeles, CA—Yes, our tax dollars paid and will continue to pay for undeserved honors for a dead TSA screener.
On November 1, 2013 suicidal gunman Paul Anthony Ciancia opened fire at Terminal 3 at LAX Airport killing TSA screener Gerardo Hernandez.  Hernandez was not a law enforcement officer, first responder or soldier.  He did not deliberately place himself in harms way for others.  He was like thousands of other unfortunate killed in the world, simply an ordinary murder victim.
The TSA security theater façade includes some 50,000 people without significant background checks, law enforcement training, arrest powers or firearms.  Dressed in police costumes these workers simply screen passengers that are fully aware they will along with their belongings be searched prior to boarding commercial aircraft.  This is not a dangerous job like being a cop, convenience store clerk or cab driver.

I have recoiled in disgust every time I heard a politician or news reporter say that Hernandez, "died in the line of duty." That's never applied to some murdered 7-11 clerk working nights to feed his or her family.  The TSA police costumes seem to have left a false impression.

I'd put TSA workers in simple  red jumpsuits saving taxpayers untold millions. They gave these people gold police type badges too? 
Being a TSA screener is even safer than being a flight attendant, pilot or gate ticket agent. 
LAX is the world’s fourth busiest airport moving nearly 40 million people every year.  It has its own police department and is supported by numerous additional local, state and federal law enforcement agencies. The TSA is nothing more than a pathetic illusion of security that insults, provokes and demeans passengers.  The TSA program is also in direct conflict with the Fourth Amendment to our Constitution.
Since the beginning of the TSA more than a decade ago no other worker lost his or her life while working.  Our government window washers, garbage men or postal service workers have a higher mortality rate from job dangers than the TSA. 
When non-first responding government workers are killed on the job we don’t place flags at half-staff or hold government sponsored memorial demonstrations reserved for soldiers, cops or firemen killed in the line of duty. Why are they going whole hog for a TSA screener?
The full government honors given to Hernandez dilute the distinctions reserved for heroes.  I don’t mean disrespect for Hernandez or his family but being a murder victim does not confer special honor like heroism.
The TSA is an organization created to unlawfully trade liberty and privacy for unobtainable security. As a nation too many of us has allowed our government to convince us to forfeit our freedom for TSA fascism. 
If anything the attack at LAX showed it’s beyond impossible to protect our airports and passengers by creating a totally screened Gun Free Zone!  This program was an abject failure. 
The TSA was nothing more than a massive government jobs program for our unemployable, aimless and ignorant underachievers. 
When it comes to government regulation of our skies and airports the inmates are clearly in charge of the asylum. 
This deadly attack by a lone suicidal gunman who easily breached this secured airport terminal while having his way was absolutely predictable.  Thankfully the gunman avoided shooting innocent passengers while targeting TSA screeners.  That’s why scores or passengers were not killed.
Try to imagine what just three trained and determined terrorists could have done.  They would have owned Terminal 3, its passengers, employees and planes.  The carnage would have been extensive long before law enforcement could have ended such a siege.
If you still think that the TSA somehow helps prevent terrorism you are living in OZ.  The responsibility to defeat terrorism lies within all of us to physically do what we can to prevent it. Disarming off duty or retired cops, pilots, and trained security professionals is a sure way to insure that terrorists will always win.
Few people are aware that on September 11, 2001 two of the hijacked planes contained off duty cops that were disarmed by insane FAA regulations that are still mirrored by the TSA.  Had those officer been armed those two planes would have quickly removed from danger.
Had the airline pilots been routinely trained and armed Sept 11 would have been just another day.  Even today the revised armed, Federal Flight Deck Officer program is a paper tiger since the pilots can’t carry their firearms outside the locked cockpit.
I’m beyond shocked to see the TSA union and some politicians seeking to arm untrained and un-vetted TSA screeners before off-duty, retired cops and our pilots. 

Saturday, November 02, 2013

Immediate Lessons From The LAX Attack By a Lone Suicidal Maniac

Los Angeles, CA—We are quickly learning about suicidal gunman Paul Anthony Ciancia, 23 who shot up Terminal 3 at LAX Airport.
Ciancia had one of those ugly black guns outlawed in his home jurisdiction of Pennsville, New Jersey and within the not so golden state of California.
We will learn about Ciancia's frail mental health and how he broke various gun bans and restrictions already in place.  Again we learn that gun laws are only obeyed by the law abiding who are left defenseless and at the mercy of armed thugs.
Ciancia’s parents put out a frantic call to police after the troubled lad sent disturbing suicidal texts to his brother.
Assuming he survives his UCLA Hospital stay we will learn a lot more about Ciancia’s psychiatric failure in some courtroom.
Ciancia suddenly taught us that our airports are still soft targets and that determined thugs can easily defeat the Security Theater Gauntlet posed by the TSA.   Imagine what three armed terrorists could have done after they breached the TSA barriers within seconds like Ciancia?
Let me also say that terrorists could even more simply gain access to any airport tarmac quickly and virtually unnoticed to do mayhem to any jet filled with passengers.
We must remember that our jets are not made of bullet or bomb resistant material but soft and light aircraft aluminum.  A small truck bomb could kill hundreds on one of our normally filled to capacity planes.
The TSA does little but destroy the employability and lives of people that absent-mindedly leave lawfully owned firearms in their suitcases.
When it’s suggested that forgetfulness is no excuse we seem to forget our own female family members.  Every day they forget and leave expensive lotions and beauty potions in their carryon’s only to see them confiscated by TSA workers.
The TSA practice of disarming pilots, off duty or retired cops and military members only makes our soft airport targets even more vulnerable.
Overall the TSA is one of the more worthless jobs program ever created.  Putting the hard corps unemployed into police style costumes has done nothing to make anyone safe.
The real less here is we will only get more of the same because our brain-dead politicians will never understand nor accept reality.

Read the Federal Complaint and Affidavit below: