Saturday, July 06, 2013

The Debra Milke Freedom Clock is Ticking!

Phoenix, AZ--The 30 day clock will begin ticking in just a few days for Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery to decide whether or not to seek a retrial of Debra Milke for Capital Murder. My personal message to Montgomery is posted in the video below.  Montgomery can agree to release Milke right now or at any moment he chooses.  


Cara said...

Thanks for keeping us informed. Keep the pressure on! This woman needs to have her freedom back and plenty of compensation for this travesty of justice.

deek said...

She will you a big thank you, Paul, for all you've done to keep the fires lit when she's finally free. You never lost faith in her innocence.

Anonymous said...

Paul I'm a Phoenix police officer and I've followed your blog for years. i must say that you were right about Saldate and I'm ashamed of what he did as are many of us that served in the Homicide Bureau. Our job is to protect the public and we failed Debra Milke.

If Montgomery wastes another pile of money on a retrial he can't possibly will he will have Hell to pay. That especially after Milke adds that mad act to the already astronomical tap that woman is owed for her decades of misery.

I can't personally make a State Bar complaint but I can't stop my wife or her sister from doing so.

Perhaps Paul you will provide links and a format for such complaints because I know there will be a lot that feel that way.

On the other hand if Montgomery promptly does the right thing he will get my support for re-election and hopefully Crime, Guns and Videotape can endorse him. I know lots of fellow cops read your blog.

This is about justice and they do have two murderers that should and will lose their lives for this crime.

Hernandez said...

I confess it is for me the worst case, for I have ever heard or read. Still can not believe how the jury to send a dear mother without evidence in the death cell it! How sick must be the jury to Saldate buying this shit