Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Seeking Information On A Former Rogue Phoenix Cop, Armando Saldate

Phoenix, AZ—For nearly four decades Armando Saldate worked in Valley law enforcement.  He has a checkered career that includes two investigations for extorting sexual acts from women.  After lying to investigators and failing a polygraph test he confessed to one crime and resigned avoiding talking to police investigators on the other.  He was never prosecuted for his crimes.
Court records now show that Saldate has fabricated many confessions and gave false accounts of under oath in various courts.  He lied under oath and Debra Milke was convicted and sentenced to die in the gas chamber.  The Ninth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals has reversed Milke’s convictions because of Saldate’s documented repeated perjury.
The Phoenix Police Department wanting to eliminate the taint of this and some other officers created a policy of destroying misconduct investigation records after five years.  The purpose of the record destruction was an obvious effort to obstruct justice and prevent accused defendant’s lawyers from uncovering corruption.  This Whitewash now makes the truth nearly unobtainable.
Most past and present officers would never stand for framing the innocent.  Milke is innocent and had a spotless record before her Kidnapping and Attempted Murder by Saldate under color of law on December 3rd 1989.  

Armando Saldate

Incredibly, Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery announced his intention to retry Milke for Capitol Murder.  Saldate will again present the only “evidence” against her in the form of his phony account of her alleged confession.  They are still trying to murder Debra Milke under color of law.
I’m asking for any and all information about Armando Saldate to prevent the further victimization of an innocent woman.  I in turn will relay any and all information to the proper authorities.
Saldate has lived near 20th Avenue and Thomas Road for many years.  People know him and some of his questionable activities. 
This is a life and death matter and keeping Saldate’s secrets may yet cost a human life.  Please if you know something or someone who does please contact me immediately.  I know there are some great cops who have retired that saw things they’d have rather not.  Don’t leave this earth knowing you helped conceal a horrible crime.
Please pass my information request around to everyone you can.  Thank you.

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