Friday, July 12, 2013

Debra Milke Has Been Moved From Death Row to The Maricopa County Jail.

Debra Milke at the jail today...
Phoenix, AZ—Early this morning Sheriff’s officers picked up Debra Milke from The Perryville Prison in Goodyear.  They moved her to the Maricopa County Jail.  She was processed booked and then transferred again to the Estrella Jail in West Phoenix. This is a women’s facility.
This facility unlike Tent City or Perryville Prison is has cooling from Arizona’s brutal summer heat.  The trade off is in the legendary horrible food served here.
Milke will be in Court at 201 W. Jefferson Street, Phoenix on July 17 @11:00 AM before Judge Mroz for a status conference.   It’s expected that within another week (on a date not yet determined) there will be a hearing on the issue of bail. 
Milke can receive money and mail.  No letters or packages are accepted only postcards.
Debra Milke
Booking Number P989036
C/O Esterella Jail
2939 West Durango St.
Phoenix, AZ  85009
Money can be sent in accordance with the below jail regulations:
Money mailed into inmates may be in an envelope addressed to the jail and must state the inmates name and booking number. “FOR DEPOSIT ONLY” must be clearly marked on the outside of the envelope, and be sure to include the “Return Address” on the mailing envelope.
MONEY may be placed on an inmate’s “money account” by mailing to the jail a Cashier’s Check (official check),or U.S. Postal or Western Union money order with the inmates’ name and booking number. Also acceptable are checks payable in U. S. funds issued by local, state, and federal government agencies, or by privately run jails or prisons, which are payable to the inmate. The full amount of the check must be deposited to the inmate's fund account. Do NOT mail cash.
A person may also place money on an inmate’s “money account” books by presenting a Cashier’s Check (official check), a U.S. Postal or a Western Union money order with the inmates’ name and booking number to the visitation officer during the regular visiting hours. The person needs proper and current identification. Inmate funds are accepted at any Sheriff’s Office jail for deposit via the touch pay kiosks located in the jail visitation lobbies. Wet, soiled, or altered forms of money will be rejected. You must provide the inmates name and MCSO booking number. Touchpay kiosks currently accept Visa/Master card and funds are usually posted within 1 hour to the inmate's account. There is a fee for this service.
In addition to the payment kiosks, deposits can be made via telephone, the Internet, or at select retail locations.
 To make a deposit via telephone, please call toll free 1-866-355-9593.
 To make an online deposit, visit TouchPay’s website at
 For additional information or to find retail locations where you can make a cash deposit,

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