Monday, July 08, 2013

Bill Montgomery Says He Will Retry Debra Milke for Capital Murder

Bill Montgomery and Debra Milke
Phoenix, AZ—Today the gloves have been taken of as Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery has officially announced he will file his intent to retry Debra Milke for Capital Murder.
Milke will be taken from Perryville Prison’s Death Row and transferred to the Maricopa County jail very quickly.   The man prosecuting Milke will be long time trial veteran Vince Imbordino
Milke will have a realistic chance to be released on bail and it may take a lot of money if that happens.  I suspect that many of Milke’s supporters may want to help with bail and I will announce whatever plans are made to raise money once I’m told.
Prosecutor Vince Imbordino
The trial will begin within 90 days unless the defense waives time for preparation efforts.  We will have to see just how this plays out.  I’m confident that there will never be a second conviction. My question is how many more tax dollars are they going to waste victimizing this woman. 


Carl ToersBijns said...

This will never withstand the test of reasonable doubt. There is a big credibility matter in this case that will embarrass so many involved. Dumb prosecutors and their political hacks thinking with the other side of their ......... I will leave it at that.

Anonymous said...

ANOTHER political hack job by these prosecutors!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear this is happening, but it doesn't suprise me in the least.

Once prosecutors have decided on a defendant or should we say decided on their victim in this case Milke - they keep going biting away like a pack of wolves until they get their prey.

Humans think they are superior to animals but it is at times like this - that I am not sure that our species is any different - the hunters and the hunted.

Sorry the prosecutors didn't give up on Debra Milke.

uncle_fweddy said...

Of course they must take another swing at getting away with this; they realize that Deborah Milke would have a humdinger of a civil case, if they simply give up. Well, surprise, guys; she'll have an even bigger case, after this. Judges don't like to have their guidance ignored, and I think they've already sent a pretty strong signal on this case. I wonder, did any of the justices mention that something stinks in the state of Denmark?

I hope her attorneys remember to make the disgraced serial perjurer, Det. Armando Saldate, the defense's star witness. Detective--sheeesh--pardon me, while I hold my sides. Is a defense witness allowed to take the Fifth Amendment? Just wondering...

I've read through Judge Kozinski's comments on the matter of Det. Saldate's "...long history of lying under oath and other misconduct...? The detective's 5 day suspension for taking liberties with a female motorist, then lying to his superiors, four cases where judges tossed out confessions or indictments because Saldate lied under oath, four cases where judges suppressed confessions or vacated convictions because Saldate had violated the Fifth and/or Fourth Amendments in the course of interrogations. And, judge Kosinski continues, "...It is far from clear that this reflects a full account of Saldate's misconduct, as a police officer. All of this information should have been disclosed to Milke and the jury, but the state remained unconstitutionally silent." So, the state knew of this and other instances of misconduct, and failed to disclose it to the defense, all in direct violation of the US Constitution.

Ms. Milke has been through an unbelievable ordeal, at the hands of the state of Arizona and their agents all acting under color of law. All acting in total disregard of the US Constitution. I hope she can muster the fortitude to stand strong against this latest, and hopefully last, effort to silence her. I want to see her prevail in this matter, and in her subsequent case against these scandalous state agents, from Mr. Montgomery, the judge at her original murder trial, and every single one of them who helped cover this up, to get the original conviction. And including every state agent conspiring in the instant case, this second prosecution. Each of these conspirators should be sued, individually, as well as agents of the state, for the wrongs they have committed. Why make the innocent taxpayers pay for the willful arrogant wrongdoing of these agents?

JeremyR said...

Being that the court ordered that all reports on him be handed over, and being that the PD has dewtroyed all records, The PD should be held in contempt, and its chief and attorneys jailed until all reports are produced, and fined a sizable sum to boot. If after thirty days, they still fail to comply, the retirement fund for teh PD should be seized and handed to the Deb Milke defense fund by the court. Maybe then officers would give consideration as to whether they want to stand in the thin blue line with a piece of garbage.
Sorry, I was a cop once, and a judge for a short time. I have no respect for dirty cops, and I have seen too many.

Anonymous said...

I cannot even imagine the top prosecutor of Phoenix is ready to take a cop that lies and put him on a courtroom witness stand to lie yet again!

Mike Nifong is back but this time he's in Phoenix!