Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Walmart Bathrooms are Filthy and Disgusting.

Houston, Texas—While visiting a local Walmart getting supplies for our exhibition for last weeks NRA Convention I visited the bathroom. 
This is a filthy and unnecessary blight on an otherwise well-established American brand.  They obviously don’t take pride on having sanitary bathrooms.  This one was average or better than most for Wal Mart stores in America.
On every stainless steel panel in the stalls or next to the urinals there are various bodily fluids that are growing bacteria and germs from Hell.  I’m sure children wind up touching this vile material with their little hands.
My question is how difficult would it be to clean this hazardous filth up?   Every Walmart Bathroom seems to have the nasty, caked up filth like this.  Why don’t they take a little more pride?  This is sad indeed.  
Check out this video!


Anonymous said...

Are you nuts, "American" Brand? Thanks to this mega construct, thousands of Mom and Pop businesses are history. That bathroom is alot cleaner than the ones this company's Chinese workers have to endure everyday... But, we can buy a T-shirt for a "Buck" with our Obama cash! Grreat.

Anonymous said...

Jeez, I don't know Paul. If I was working at Wal Mart making minimum wage and the boss told me to clean the jizzed infested walls and sink, I wouldn't. GROSS!

Anonymous said...

Nasty doesn't begin this describe what's on the sides of those stainless steel panels. We need to call in hazardous materials workers!

Anonymous said...

I've seen a lot worse! I never touch the sides/walls or floors - i wipe and paper the toilet seat & flush it if I need to use it, and I stand back from the piss pot (some of us can thanks to being well endowed) If you want to see really dirty bathrooms go in any mid-eastern or chinese restaurant and you will come running out fast! The mid-eastern or Muslim run restaurants are by far the worse i've ever seen. They look like animals use them instead of humans.

Chester Zarembka said...

I agree that this walmart is sickening, but you can't judge all by one. I think the manager of that store should be fired. The bathrooms of the Rhinelander, WI are immaculate.
Bud Z Rhinelander

Anonymous said...

When I was a teenager the second job I ever had was as a gas jockey at a full serve gas station (hell, back then all gas stations were full serve). We pumped gas, did windows and checked oil for any purchase.

My boss was a fanatic about keeping the restrooms spotless! We had to inspect them every hour and whoa to the man who didn't keep them clean to his specifications.

One day he overheard me mumbling after I was mopping the floor for the umpteenth time and he set me straight....he said "you can judge ANY PLACE by how they keep the restrooms be it a restaurant, store, a person's home, whatever!" The lightbulb lit up over my head and I realized he was right! To this day I still believe it to be true. By the way, at my house the bathrooms are the cleanest places in the house.

Janice Romar said...