Sunday, October 28, 2012

Don’t Like the TSA? You Can Blame Obama and Bush too!

Bend over and spread your cheeks bitch!
Washington, DC—The TSA focus on potential terrorists has been shifted to harmless grandmas traveling with their grandchildren.  Americans by the millions are getting punished when they travel because of horrible public policy that supports only the illusion of security. 
Privacy, dignity and comfort have been stolen from traveling Americans.   Since 9/11 it has only been alert passengers that have stopped each and every threat, not the TSA!  The TSA can’t claim a single instance where they have prevented a serious security threat.
The TSA relentlessly brags how they get a few handguns or pocketknives from forgetful passengers.  Frankly the vast majority of those discovered with those weapons were lawfully carrying them until they forgot to double check before getting into in the security lines.  These people are simply no risk to anyone.
Not all Muslims are terrorists but virtually every terrorist is a Muslim.  In fact they are male, Muslims between the ages of 18 and 35.  Many of them were flying with passports from nations we are at war with right now!  Our Anglo grandmother’s get more scrutiny than the likely candidates that may actually need special attention.  Why do we allow people from unfriendly nations on our planes in the first place?
Two politically radical Muslims, his father and his stepfather raised Obama.   It’s understandable why his loyalty has been misplaced.  Accordingly he has let lawyer Janet Napolitano run wild with her air travel tyranny.  A career cop, not Napolitano, should have filled that Homeland Security position. 
The entire TSA program and the FAA system before it, was and is ineffective, and wasteful.   The program absolutely violates our Fourth Amendment Rights against unreasonable search and seizure.  The argument is that Americans don’t deserve the right to travel by air, train or even a bus!  That’s an outrageous argument. 
We should have simply trained and armed every pilot.  Additionally we could have recruited the nations certified and trained cops to fly while armed at a significant discount if they’d accept Air Marshall duties.  Cops are trained and vastly experienced to notice suspicious behavior.  Our TSA workers have no real education, training or skills and are barely qualified to work at the most menial of positions. 
Putting these TSA workers in police style uniforms complete with gold badges is an insult to every working cop in America.  It also attracts the most mentally unstable people seeking positions of authority over others.
The TSA workers have proven themselves to be rude, nasty, larcenous and downright dangerous.  They have moved vast quantities of narcotics and have been a part of the problem instead of a solution. Personally I fear the TSA far more that any terrorist.
The TSA needs to be eliminated and a real security program must replace it.  It’s a challenge that must be made to keep the peace in a free society.  Our skies can be kept safe for a fraction of the cost. 
Most importantly we could make flying fun again and revitalize the travel and tourism industry that the TSA has placed into bankruptcy.  It would translate into thousands of productive jobs.
How are airlines are protected begins and ends at the Whitehouse.  We need a president that has the courage to do the right thing when it comes to policing air travelers.  We must always remember we have fought wars to make sure we never had Nazi style checkpoints abusing travelers.  I guess we’ve forgotten about that.   

Monday, October 22, 2012

Pathetic TV News Coverage of Brookfield, WI Spa Shooting

Racliffe Haughton Google+
Brookfield, WI-Yesterday, Radcliffe Haughton, 45 went to the spa where his wife worked, gained entrance and began shooting women. 
This was a Sunday when the people responsible for the heavy lifting in the news business were home with their families.  TV stations keep only minimal crews working on the normally slow weekends. 
Local police put out a description of this Black male and his automobile complete with a license plate number.
Soon broadcasters were claiming that the police got the suspect’s race wrong in a misguided effort to shield the Haughton’s actual race from disclosure.  We can only guess what that was about.
TV stations began non-stop broadcasting and webcasting misinformation loaded with buzzwords and gibberish.  This while police were slowly entering offices looking for suspects and victims as they were yet unaware that their suspect lay dead in the building.
The media reporters and anchors suggested that there was a machine-gun or assault rifle used.  Of course they had no clue what those terms actually meant.  They used all kinds of modern police jargon lifted from television programs in a really lame attempt to sound like they knew what they were talking about.  
Later they claimed that police found one or more IEDs or improvised explosive devices.  The reporters suddenly became bomb experts explaining to the public what an IED is and how mechanical robots were being deployed.  The rub here was that nobody, no matter how educated could determine if these were bombs or not by mere observation. 
The reality was police saw an apparent propane tank and simply treated it like a suspected explosive device.  They called in the bomb squad to deal with the item that concerned them. Sensationalism was in overkill and of course the anti-gun rights lobby began to politicize the shooting.  In the end there were no bombs.
The media missed the opportunity to quickly examine court and numerous public records to learn about the suspect and his wife.  The only thing these broadcasters did was to never stop babbling.   They would have better served the public by letting the unfolding video roll silently as they released useful information.
The Milwaukee broadcast media demonstrated that they don’t know how to research public records.  They also never bothered to ask the police spokesmen to describe Houghton’s weapon.
As for useful information the broadcast media lagged far behind Twitter reports.   Granted most of the Twitter reports were unsubstantiated but many of them were solid leads to independently investigate and validate.
To learn about this story I opened and listened to police scanner channels, examined #Brookfieldshooting Twitter posts, and went into various available public records such as court, assessor and recorded documents.  I checked Facebook, and quickly found a disturbing picture of Haughton on his Piccasa and Google+ site.
I quickly learned about Haughton’s former addresses and the location of family members along with many more leads to find out additional information.
In fairness to the reporters and anchors local news long ago stopped being competitive.  Instead of enterprising journalism reporters and producers simply rely on the self-serving disinformation put out by government spokesmen.  The broadcast executives making decisions no longer seem care about their news product.
The days of local broadcast news are ending in a hurry.  The question is whether these media dinosaurs can adapt to a new world where virtually anyone gather and report news.  Right now anyone can simply use an iPhone or iPAd to broadcast whatever they wish on UStream as they post a tease with their link on Twitter.
Could the helicopter video shots be replaced by a small inexpensive drone supplemented by satellite photos of the scene?
Somehow I envision this scenario as the way breaking news will be covered in the near future.
When you think about it a well-equipped mobile team of three could absolutely own any breaking news story in the world.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

It’s Finally Time For Me To Publish a book about the Uncertain Plight of Debra Milke

Phoenix, AZ—This December it will be 24 years that I have chased this story and all of the various court proceedings for television and print news organizations in four nations.  I’ve been twice to Europe in connection with a documentary film shown at the Human Right’s Film Festival in Geneva.   I also was called to testify as a witness on Debra Milke’s behalf at a 2009 hearing in the U.S. District Court in Arizona.
This is a sordid tale of the senseless and horrifying murder of a four-year old boy, Christopher Milke.  The two men responsible for his kidnapping and murder are on Arizona’s Death Row and are in the 11th hour of the appeals.   There is no question about these two killers or their involvement in the murder.
A Phoenix cop, Armando Saldate fabricated a confession he attributed to the boy’s young mother, Debra Milke.  That bogus confession became the only evidence linking Milke to the crime.  I know it was manufactured because I interviewed Milke just hours later in the receiving room of the Maricopa County, AZ Jail with a hidden tape recorder.  This woman was beyond adamant about her innocence and desire for a lawyer.  That alleged confession caused a jury to guess that Saldate’s version of events was somehow the true one.  Debra Milke was quickly sentenced to die in the Gas Chamber.
Aside from the rogue cop, there was a litany of massive legal blunders by defense lawyers that has caused Milke to a face her yet uncertain date with the executioner.

Saldate was ordered by a supervisor to tape Milke’s interview but claimed that Debra did not want her interview tape-recorded.   Milke insists that she rejected the entire idea of an interview and asked for an attorney.   The saddest fact of all is that none of her defense attorneys ever bothered to ask Saldate in court why he did not use a hidden recording device like I did.  The glaring truth is that Phoenix cops surreptitiously record suspects on audio and video everyday.  Had that question been asked, anything Saldate could have said would have exposed his nefarious intentions and actions.

In the two decades since that day in 1989, Milke has languished on Death Row.  She’s doing the hardest possible time in a prison that’s unprotected from the scorching desert heat.
The criminal appeals process, in and of itself is torture, as this innocent woman must deal with her shocking and miserable existence.  Milke has experienced thousands of bad meals, degrading strip searches and incredible loneliness along with the constant threat of being killed.  Outside of very rare attorney’s visits Milke never feels the warmth of another human hand with her own. 
Debra Milke was not my friend, a family member or anyone I should care about.   She is merely a needy stranger that has haunted my soul for a very long time. The truth of the matter anyone of us could have been forced into her shoes.  If we don’t protect Debra Milke’s rights who can we expect to protect ours?
I’m now shopping my outline and hope to see this shocking story published soon.   There have been two books published already.  One was in German and the other in French.  I will be doing mine in English.
Here are two videos that shed light on this sad case: 

Monday, October 15, 2012

Amsterdam is a Great City in a Terrific Nation

Amsterdam, NL—This city is probably one of the nicest places you can visit on earth. It’s a place where art and beauty is everywhere. It’s the home of The Dutch Masters, and a friendly society that welcomes visitors with pride. Flowers are everywhere weather permitting. Museums are also everywhere. 

This is a city to see by bicycle and taking a boat ride on the canals is always a treat here. The food is great and the nightlife is first class. 

The Dutch are known for their very Libertarian views on sex and cannabis. This European jewel not suffered for their attitude. This is an example of why our Drug War is such a grand waste. The sex trade in Amsterdam in legendary and you can see quite a show every night in the Red Light District. 

The Dutch have a thriving film industry, with a renowned film festival. Unfortunately I can’t speak Dutch but most everyone here not only speaks English but they do so rather well. 

The Dutch are a freedom loving lot and their brave efforts to resist the tyrannical Nazi occupation are legendary. Many Christian Dutch people lost their lives protecting Jews from persecution during the Third Reich. The Dutch Resistance Museum in Amsterdam is dedicated to the efforts of the Dutch Underground and is a must see attraction as is the Anne Frank House. 

When in Europe Amsterdam and nearby places like The Hague will make you want to have a summer home here.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Murder Prosecutions and Criminal Defense Investigations

Murder cases may often be similar but no two are ever really alike.  Most murder defendants are found guilty.  Any person being put on trial stands an 80% chance of being convicted.
However some of the accused are actually innocent and getting their lives back is anything but easy.  The burden of proof is on the government but over-zealous cops and prosecutors too often lie and cheat to win guilty verdicts from unsuspecting jurors.  Framing someone is very easy to do for any competent homicide detective. Escaping a false conviction is always a life altering challenge.
If the case is not clear and the evidence is weak, that is where and when the prosecution chicanery goes into overdrive.  Cops hate getting sued and they know if a defendant gets convicted, any potential lawsuit would be dead.   That’s part of the motivation along with protecting their professional pride.  It’s ugly but a fact of life.
Murder cases are the ones that usually require the most work by defense lawyers and investigators.  Because of the incredibly high cost of a murder defense, public defenders get the bulk of these cases. 
The public defenders can either be horrible or very good lawyers.  A defendant is usually stuck with what he gets for a lawyer and simply does not have the ability to recognize legal blunders.  The defendant has to deal from a position of pure faith.
Public defender investigators are generally worthless, unmotivated and poorly paid.   Most private investigators over-rate themselves and pad their resumes more than the girls did their bras at my high school prom.   
Usually a good lawyer knows a reasonably decent PI.  Don’t let some plagiarized Internet website convince you to hire an investigator.  The bums see someone else’s attractive and professionally created website and simply copy and convert it to their own use.  Don’t be fooled.
You could have a great private lawyer but he could be handcuffed by budgetary problems that interfere with hiring needed experts and qualified investigators. Too many lawyers wait until they are desperate before they share their retainer with an investigator to track down needed evidence.
It may be best to pay your investigator separately to make sure he can do the work that needs to be done. 
If you’re rich and can hire the best you usually stand a much better chance. If you're poor that invites the unthinkable. 
If you barely have enough money to hire a private lawyer he really can't share any portion of his retainer with anyone else like an investigator or forensic and other expensive technical experts. 
Chances are good your lawyer will not have what he needs to win because of the failure to find witnesses that can impeach or at least challenge those presented by the prosecutor.
Multiple lawyers on a murder case sounds really good but it can be a recipe for a disaster.  Lawyers fight among themselves like cats and dogs.  They wind up working against each other just to prove a point. Any more than two good lawyers is usually a horrible idea.
Investigators are used to do background investigations on witnesses including contacting their friends, co-workers and enemies.  A proper investigation will uncover perjury, witness tampering and evidence tampering.  Investigators need to go through and analyze garbage.  They need to interview anyone and everyone possible and have an envelope with blank subpoenas handy.
If the investigator is lucky to be in a state that allows one party consent to conversation recording he needs to abuse that all he can.  Likewise placing GPS transmitters on people and automobiles to track their movements can lead defense investigators to the criminal activity of the prosecution witnesses.
Let’s say the motive for the murder is theft it’s often a prosecution witness that may be a more viable suspect if an investigator can document his nefarious activity.  If the motive for murder is to cover a sex-offense perhaps a prosecution witness’ unusual sexual liaisons can take focus off of the accused defendant.
There are a million little tricks that can be used to find the truth outside of the courtroom.  By the time the trial begins if there’s nothing discovered about the state’s witnesses the defense lawyer will be at their mercy.  Of course if there’s either no investigation or a limited one the defense lawyer may surely be defeated.
If the lawyer tells you that you don’t need an investigator on a really serious case watch out. 

Hollywood as the World’s Film Capital is Fading Fast

Hollywood, CA—California has gone Socialist over the last 30 or 40 years. The politicians here never found a tax or a way to waste or steal money they didn’t love. Every successful California business that could has left the not so Golden State or faced a shutdown over tax extortion and over-regulation. They have taken their jobs with them.

The serious jobs loss never even slowed down California’s incredibly corrupt politicians. Thankfully there’s no Berlin style Wall yet, to prevent the flight. Hardest hit by California’s pirate politicians is the film and entertainment industry. As the excessive taxes and other obstacles have impacted this once thriving industry production began running away.

Canada was first to offer a haven for filmmakers through tax breaks and subsidies. That nation learned very quickly that they get much more in return when they host a film production. California’s politicians are clearly too corrupt and stupid to learn from this. More and more once valuable office space is vacant even in prestige locations like inside Paramount Studios. Why stay in L.A. to make films?

I have a friend in L.A. that made a film at her home, driveway and front sidewalk. There were no security requirements, obstructed traffic or anything going on that concerned the city. Still they forced her to pay nearly $1,000.00 for a film permit and they made her pay for expensive liability insurance. It was like watching a police SWAT team dealing with a kid’s lemonade stand.

Now Europe and India has been rapidly taking over making great films. India protects their citizens with a nearly absolute embargo against foreign workers. Germany provides very generous subsidies along with great locations for filmmakers. 

Filmmaking is seeing unprecedented democratization because of technology changes that make filming an editing so much easier an inexpensive. Hollywood has been forced to compete with millions of filmmakers using YouTube and other social media sites.

Monday, October 08, 2012

Taken 2, A Crimefile News Film Review

Los Angeles, CATaken 2 has hit the theater screens like lightening!  This action thriller stars Liam Neeson.   There are plenty of action film stars like Stallone, Willis, Norris, Segal, and Schwarzenegger however the difference here is that Neeson can act!
The Taken franchise is a simple one that began with Neeson, playing a CIA operative, Bryan Mills learned that his pretty daughter Kim, Played by Maggie Grace is kidnapped by terrorists in Paris.  Mills hunts down the bad boys and sends them to their makers and saves Kim.
This time in Taken 2, Mills’ ex-wife Lenore, played by Dutch born actress Famke Janssen is taken in Istanbul Turkey.  Most men would pray for their ex-wives to be taken and in fact many have actually arranged to have that happen.  However Mills is the exception because he still carries a torch for the wife he made second class to his government adventures and lost.
Lenore saw her vacation plans ruined by her present husband and Mills invites her and their daughter Kim to Istanbul where he was wrapping up a post-retirement  assignment.  It’s no surprise when all Hell breaks loose.  The excitement, great visuals and intrigue are non-stop.
Neeson has lots of stunt doubles but for a 60 year-old man he’s in incredible shape.  Neeson’s role is as physically demanding as they get. 
I saw Taken 2 at an Imax monster screen theater and is was terrific.  The entire cast was believable in this improbable situation. The script penned by Luc Besson and Robert Kamen was wonderful and the director, Oliver Megaton pulled it off altogether making a sure-fire hit.
On a side note I got to spend a little time with Neeson at a screening of The Grey.  This was only the second time I saw him in person.  The other was nearly a decade ago when he played opposite Laura Linney in, The Crucible on Broadway.
There are two videos below.  One is the trailer and they other is from our meeting last Thursday night in West Hollywood.

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Obama Was Neutered By His Media Cheerleaders

Denver, CO—For the last four years our Leftist, mainstream media treated Barack Obama like a rock star.
They went out of their way to avoid asking questions that challenged anything Obama said. 
The media forgave Obama’s abuse of the teleprompter filled with words written by others.  

I don’t think anyone can recall Obama getting anything but softball questions to answer.  The media took on a public relations role for the Obama Administration.
Obama would avoid press conferences like the plague without fear that any discouraging words would come from the press. 
In short Obama lacked necessary experience to deal with the criticisms that would certainly see sunlight in a presidential debate. 
All Obama could do was squirm, stutter, smirk, ramble and repeat words.  This was hardly the image anyone wants to see of a world leader.
It is the mainstream Liberal media that should accept the blame for Obama’s lame performance last night.   That and the fact that an empty suit; along with an army of unelected and un-vetted czars have been running this nation straight to Hell.