Sunday, October 30, 2011

My Take On Conrad Murray and the Trial Evidence.

Los Angeles, CA—As the trial of Conrad Murray winds down I will give you my take on this case. Michael Jackson died because of Murray’s negligence and deviation from an acceptable standard of care we expect from physicians.

Saying he was negligent does not suggest he was grossly or criminally negligent.

Murray failed when he left dangerous drugs unattended nearby his patient Michael Jackson that he knew was a tortured drug addict. Jackson would do what’s expected of any addict and that is to recklessly self-administer drugs.

The jury here has to guess who administered the fatal drug dose. We must assume that Jackson wanted the drug that killed him and used an opportunity created by Murray’s negligence to consume what became his poison.

Murray should be disciplined by his peers on the medical boards where he practices medicine. Murray should have deal with the allegations of negligence and medical malpractice in a civil court.

From a purely technical point of view Conrad Murray should be found Not Guilty of any crime.

On a side note this case should not have been televised and the jury should have been sequestered.

What I think does not count, the jury will do what juries do.


Anonymous said...

"Saying he was negligent does not suggest he was grossly or criminally negligent."

Yes it does.What doctor takes
Propofol outside of an OR or ER????This isnt the type of drug you use for house calls.

Anonymous said...

If there is some doubt as to whether Michael Jackson took some extra drugs along with propofol that he had already been given, then all Murray is guilty of is allowing himself to administer propofol outside of
a hospital and negligence to Jackson his client...,

Plus Murray was also negligent to himself, by not leaving the bad scene, and or giving his client over to a different group of professionals, until it was too late, which then embroiled Murray alone in that bad scene, which was not entirely of his own making.

And Jackson was already an incurable drug addict- before Murray arrived on the scene to become his full time doctor and drug deliverer.

but I am not sure that Murray is on trial for negligence although negligence may be part of the bigger crime that Murray is on trial for.

If there is reasonable doubt then all there is to this situation is gross negligence, and in hindsight - Murray would have been far better off - if he had not
been seduced into this situation of being Michael Jackson's doctor which also entailed giving drugs to Michael Jackson since that is all Michael Jackson, the drug addict, wanted.

And Murray had no intent to kill Michael Jackson which is proven because as soon as Michael would die so would Murray's cash flow.