Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Favorite Colt Revolver

Chicago, IL—When I became interested in guns my hands were too little to hold them. As I grew I became obsessed with the Colt Python because back then it was the biggest revolver in the Colt product line. The ventilated sight rib looked so impressive.

I was about 17 years-old when I handled my first Python and owned a 4” blue version when I was 19. The cost back then was about $135.00

I love the nickel finish but it cost extra. Today in a world of ugly black semi autos this wheel gun is a real beauty.


Anonymous said...

Got one just like it, 6" barrel and all. My dad gave it to me when I got on the job. I couldn't carry it on duty, but it's still a work of art.

I've shot mine though, hundreds of rounds and it's a beaut! said...

Used to own a Colt King Cobra with a 6" barrel. Sweet pistol.
Wish I still had it. said...

Used to own a Colt King Cobra with a 6" barrel. Sweet pistol.
Wish I still had it.

Anonymous said...

I started out with a Colt Trooper MK III before going semi-auto.

Anonymous said...

Hey Paul, is that your reloading room? I started with a Colt Trooper on the Sheriffs Dept. back in 1970. Had a Colt King Cobra, also.

Anonymous said...

Too bad Colt doesnt make those and many other things that would sell.

Crimefile said...

This is a secret location hidden deep in Chicago's underground away from Daley's gun grabbing spies!

Anonymous said...

I prefer the P framed SAA myself,but the "snake" is a kool gun.

Ed Skinner said...

My first handgun was a 357 and, brother, was that a lesson and then some. I shrank back to a 22 and learned how to shoot and then worked my way back up. My favorites today are all 1911s but don't have any wheel guns of merit yet. Thinking about a K38 Masterpiece to shoot in revolver matches but, yeah, that shiney Colt is a real beaut, Paul. But an unfired handgun is like ... well ... don't ask a virgin 'cause they won't know.
It's made to go "Bang!"

Anonymous said...

Colt needs to get their head out of their butt and bring back models they discontinued at the worst possible time.

Det Special
Colt pocket nine(ok ok,Kahr sued and won)
Colt mustang
Colt Pocketlite/II
Python as a custom shop staple.

Stop with the Clinton era PC AR15s.Everybody and their brother makes semi auto everything variant ARs,why doesnt Colt???

They really need to work on a sub-compact 9mm to get back into the market.2010 may have been the year of the 380,but 2011 will be the micro 9.

If USFA can make things Colt hasnt in 130+years,with UBER high quality(no MIM),under the Blue Dome,why cant Colt???

PS:yes I understand Colt has a screwed up management system due to part employee onwership,part state,part private.This has to end.

Anonymous said...

Bring back the Trooper MK III

Buffalo said...