Friday, July 02, 2010

Say Farewell To Gun Laws! The Floodgates are Open!

Madison, WI—The DA will be rejecting prosecution of state laws that infringe on gun rights in view of the McDonald decision handed down by the Supreme Court on Monday.

Jackson County District Attorney Gerald R. Fox said in a statement he will no longer prosecute Wisconsin's prohibitions on carrying concealed weapons, transporting uncased or loaded guns in vehicles, carrying guns in public buildings and taverns and carrying switchblades and butterfly knives. He said the Supreme Court's ruling renders those statutes unconstitutional.

Wisconsin has had some of the most restrictive gun laws on the books in the country. In recent years concealed weapons were legalized twice by the state legislature only to be vetoed by the governor.

Fox is correct in his assessment and won’t be a party to civil rights violations as a result. Of course other government officials will find themselves on the defendant’s side of courtrooms all over the country.

We can look for lots of judges to dismiss cases and prosecutors refusing them simply because they are following their oaths and the law of the land.

Criminals beware! The days of gun bans and Gun free Zones are happily coming to an end in America.

Here is Fox’s press release on the matter:

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Anonymous said...

To keep=to own or posses

To bear=to have on ones person.

Shall not=you cannot ever