Wednesday, June 02, 2010

What’s More Important, Protecting Our Children Or Our Cash?

We Americans like to claim that our children are our most important asset. We send them off to schools we have declared Gun Free Zones.

I guess Colorado’s Columbine High School showed just how effective that was. When The Jefferson County Sheriff’s officers finally responded they simply marched around the school waiting for every wounded child to bleed to death rather than to try and stop the killers when they had the chance.

Little has changed since then. Our children are really just not that important as you will see below.

Here are two videos that show what’s really important in our country. I ask, where is the deserved outrage?

Protecting Cash

Protecting children.

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Anonymous said...

Spot on again Paul.Since we nolonger have real street COPS but metermaids the current doctrine is to turn every man with a gun call into a SWAT call out.

Wait for SWAT im told over and over again.I hear all this "talk" about active shooter teams/training but its always,Wait for SWAT.

Patrol is THE most elite spot on any PD,everything else is a support element.If your a shitty patrolman,then you will make a shitty detective.

Get some REAL COPS back on the street,back their play,and let them go in and zap these shitbags before they can kill others.