Tuesday, May 18, 2010

King of the Mouse Guns!

Charlotte, NC—I just returned from Charlotte where I attended the NRA annual convention and show. Also there with a host of celebrities was Former Alaska governor and vice presidential candidate, Sarah Palin and the Paul Revere of Fox News, Glen Beck.

Mouse guns are those small nuisance pistols that can actually inflict a fatal injury but are too woefully ineffective for serious self defense. The saving grace is any rational person would discontinue an assault on someone pointing such a weapon at them. The problematic key word here is rational and most assailants don’t possess that quality.

My first handgun was an original new Baby Browning .25 ACP (6.25 MM) purchased in 1967 from Briet & Johnson’s sporting Goods in Oak Park, IL. The cost was $36.50 plus sales tax. The little pistol was cute, well made and became an object of uncanny admiration for me. I carried it nearly everywhere with a false sense of security. Thankfully I never needed it even once.

I retired the Baby Browning in favor of a Colt Cobra .38 snub nosed revolver. Training, experience and evolution eventually took me to several great .45 semi-auto pistols that defend this old private eye today. These days I only use mouse guns for those really unruly and thuggish mice.

The gun and others like it were banned from importation by the 1968 Federal Gun Control Act. I don’t know what that law accomplished since similar pistols could be manufactured and sold within the USA. Several manufactures such as Bauer copied the Baby Browning but they were not quite up to the standards of the original Belgium maker.

Finally there is a Mouse Gun God and that’s the CEO and creator of PSA, Inc, Len Kristal. He has taken the Baby Browning to even greater levels of excellence and beauty. PSA is the acronym for Precision Small Arms, Inc of Aspen Colorado.

In the heyday of the Baby Browning there were three. The blue, the lightweight (the lightweight frame was machined from 6061 aluminum and the slide was chrome plated over electrolytic nickel)and finally the masterfully engraved renascence models served the rich, middle class and poor. PSA has 12 stunning variations of this classic from just under $600.00 to around $6,000.00 for the incredible Grand Exhibition No. 1 pictured above. PSA makes 18 of these a year for the entire world.

Perhaps the mystique of the Baby Browning is in the looks, feel and design. Holding the little PSA mouse killers is an adventure I can’t explain. You just have to experience it yourself. PSA Baby has earned the title, King of The Mouse Guns.

Learn more about this mousegun right here!


Anonymous said...

I've had several, including a few of the Beretta 950s. My latest is a Colt Junior. But now that the department has allowed us to carry .380's, I've found the LCP Ruger to be the best. Almost the same size, but more punch.

Still a "mouse" gun, but a bigger mouse gun.

James said...

Lies, all damn lies!


Anonymous said...

Paul, the CPD just approved the use of these mouse guns in .380 and you should see all the nitwits lining up to buy one. Not one of them has a clue as to ballistics and do not seem to realize that this caliber has almost NO stopping power absent a head shot and even THAT'S doubtful. I hear them all boast how they are going to use hollow points or + P's as if any of that matters when it comes to these sub caliber pistols.I pray to God that none of those that think these guns are the greatest thing since sliced bread and are buying them ever have to use one to save their lives. They don't seem to remember that even a 45 sometimes is not enough to bring down the beast. This new directive is courtesy of a new Superintendent/administration who obviously does not have a clue about police work or what's needed when confronting the criminal element.

Anonymous said...

.380 will kill you just fine if used correctly.Yes,larger calibers are more "forgiving",but typically more than one handgun round is used to terminate a fight.

Yes,there are exceptions,I just recently saw a case where a guy took one round to the sternum with a .25 fmj and was dropped.

I love my .45s,but many time a smaller gun is more practical in terms of portability,concealibility,weight.

Crimefile said...

For solid self-defense I’d take a good 4” knife over a mouse gun any day! Nearly every scenario where a mouse gun would be used a knife would be so much better. Even the larger calibers often do less damage than a knife.

Distance between combatants in any police shooting is a luxury. Nearly all are within arm’s length where a knife ifs more effective and practical.

Save the mouse calibers for the mice. Any cop who carries a mouse gun including a .380 has a death wish. That officer is a danger to himself and his fellow officers.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I have to disagree Paul....in part. Nothing beats a 1911 Government model, or a S&W model 25-5, but you can't put a 1911 or model 25-5 in your back pocket in 90 degree weather while riding a bicycle.

I always try to carry the biggest gun I can conceal, which in the winter is almost always my 4" .357 Ruger. But in the summer, I'll take the compact .380 and put one in center mass, one in the head. then repeat.

Anonymous said...

A .380 in hand is better than dingus in hand.

Anonymous said...

The "hit" gun caliber of choice is a subsonic .22 solid cartridge fired from a Sig Mosquito or similar inexpensive semi auto.
Despite the contempt expressed here for "mouse guns" small calibers are lethal if applied carefully.
Just saying...