Monday, May 03, 2010

Don’t Confuse Being Anti-Obama With Anti-Government

Washington, DC—The Socialists that are currently in power want to brand anyone who disagrees with their Marxist agenda as anti-government.

What these people are doing to our government destroying its very foundation so they can replace it with another Socialist model that’s doomed to redundant holocausts and failure.

Our government and its foundation have been hijacked and the Constitution ignored. Barack Obama has lost any hope of gaining respect, and recognition as a valid Commander in Chief. Obama is an enemy of the United States government and its taxpayers.

Obama is a despot office holder until he’s removed.

American patriots love their country and government. Americans have an absolute duty to forcibly resist Socialism in every form in order to preserve their government.

Freedom, free enterprise and the American way of life is worth our fighting and dying to protect. These are non-negotiable matters. If the Socialists want to dominate us, that’s nothing less than an act of war against the American people.


Anonymous said...

Dont allow ANYONE to lay a guilt trip on you anymore for standing up for Laws and Conservative Values. All you have to do is look at the direction our country has gone since the mid-sixties, down,down, down, all because of the left wingers of the country and their bright ideas about "Change'.. All this "change", where did it get us? They didn't want change for the better, people, they wanted "change" to give them more power, power to corrupt our fair and decent, caring and sharing, God fearing government of decades gone by, with their new "change' which is noting but old-fashioned Socialism/Communism, which has enslaved and destroyed every nation that fell for it and accepted it. The U.S. was unique, a truely free country, now, sorry to say, I don't think so anymore. It's a violent, vile cesspool of radical warped left-wing values,ideas, lies, greed,drugs, immorality, and unaffordable taxes. Too many takers who don't contribute, and the contributors who once did so gladly to help out their fellow Americans, , are now duped and forced to give thru obsessive taxation, to fund insane ideas of the Left. Further, the guilt trip gets laid on us if we dissent being forced to further pay idiots to further their Socialist causes. Don't fall for it anymore people, American taxpayers are the most generous in the World, we have become too generous with our tax-dollars, helping out far too many deadbeats , glad-handers, and ner-do-wells, who gladly take our hard earned money via taxes and covert Socialist politicians [usually democrats], and then they hate us and laugh at us behind our backs, and plot to take and destroy our great country, which our ancestors worked and died building and defending, so America would be one of a kind, the greatest and most unique place on Earth. God help us All.

Ed Skinner said...

You'll like this one if you haven't seen it already:

send large files said...

Yeah.. you are right anti-Obama doesn't mean that any one is anti- government.