Saturday, January 30, 2010

$30 Million Lotto Winner Was A Giant Loser

Polk County, FL-- Abraham Shakespeare was an illiterate, petty criminal living hand to mouth as a trucker’s helper. His life changed in a big way when we won the Lotto jackpot. He got a $17 million cash payout.

Shakespeare became more popular than a rock star to people that knew him. Then there were his brand new friends like, DeeDee Moore.

Moore claimed her new friend went into hiding after giving her a $ 1 million dollar cash gift. The bad news is they found Shakespeare’s hiding place. He apparently must have buried himself under a concrete slab on property owned by his new “friend” and her boyfriend. By the way our lottery winner was very dead. Medical examiners are trying to rule out lottery fever as a cause of death at this hour.

Somehow I suspect that DeeDee is scrambling to hire a good criminal lawyer right now.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Anyone Can Do TV News!

This video explains how to do a television news story. With the dropping price of video cameras and the easy to use editing software even a homeless person can do a news report.

This fellow shows you what’s needed get your report on the air or at lease YouTube.

Pink Slips Set To Rain On Phoenix Police And Firefighters

Phoenix, AZ—Decades of wasteful spending has caught up with that tax and spend mayor and city council. Taj Mahal building projects along with an ambitious and unneeded light rail system put this city in bankruptcy. Of course the local politicians never wanted for campaign contributions from those profiting from out-of-control pork spending.

The Phoenix Police Department had 400 vacancies as it was and now they are firing an additional 350 sworn officers. The department is reading to collect badges, guns and other equipment from the officers they’ve spent millions to train.

This will be the first time in the city’s history that sworn officers are being laid off.

As this is happening releasing prisoners is on the negotiation table. Thankfully people in Arizona can carry concealed weapons and have seen self-defense laws beefed up in recent times.

144 Phoenix firefighters will also find themselves out of work. It may be a good time to invest in fire extinguishers and examine insurance policies.

Somehow I don’t see criminals taking over the city any time soon. In the last couple of days Phoenix homeowners have sent a couple of home invaders off to meet their makers.

As neighbors learn to protect neighbors the bad guys may find themselves on the endangered species list. Perhaps we will need more body bags and fewer prison cells.

Credit should go right where it is due, to Mayor Phil Gordon and his cohorts.

American High Speed Rail And The TSA

Washington, DC—Barack Obama wants to spend billions on high speed railroad for passenger movement in the USA. High speed rail works everywhere well. There is a unique departure from the rest of the world in the USA. Under present conditions this type of rail system will fail here.

We in the USA have allowed the TSA to do their little Nazi thing to American rail passengers. Searching airline passengers like criminals has cost the airlines as Americans have avoided flying and the indignity of submitting to police state frisking. Bankruptcies have plagued or airlines ever since.

I for one will not travel by any transportation where I must submit to searching unless I have no other choice.

We don’t need the TSA on our trains and should remove them at once. If the TSA is included in the rail the system will never realize its potential and taxpayers will suffer as usual.

Of Course even in today’s Germany you can board a fast, comfortable and enjoyable ride without being treated by a criminal.

In November I took a marvelous train ride from Berlin to Karlsruhe Germany. I was treated with dignity and class and can’t wait to take my next trip this way. I don’t want to live in a police state.

Here are some highlights to my fabulous train ride. My friends Andrea and Reinhardt brought me to the train where we said goodbye. There was no frisking or indignity on this grand trip.

Obama’s Big Speech Is His Second Presidential Campaign

Washington, DC—With the failure of his agenda despite a Congressional super majority Barack Obama has moved on with the promise of tax breaks he will never deliver. He rallied for small business with more hollow promises and rambled on for a very long time.

He confronted and insulted the Supreme Court over their recent free speech ruling that scuttled the McCain/Feingold, Incumbent Protection Act. Free speech of course is a Socialist’s worst nightmare.

Obama came off as he did in the 2008 Campaign as an empty suit.

Obama is facing mass defections by Democrats who will be paying dearly for ignoring or belittling constituents at Town Hall meetings.

Free speech is exactly what may well prevent the Obama, Socialism sales job, from putting America under a Red Socialist flag. Obama is finding out that unlike Adolph Hitler, he’s not going to see a peaceful Socialist revolution. Obama is learning that he will only be able to achieve that by battling armed Americans.

Obama is still willing to recklessly print money and destroy the economy to create a Perfect Storm as there was during Germany’s Weimar Republic. A desperate and hungry population embraced National Socialism, wealth redistribution and the end to freedom, liberty and humanity.

We are not out of the woods yet as far as Obama blight is concerned. We must be ever vigilant. The cancer of Socialism must be destroyed.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Scrapping Front Vehicle License Plates Saves Taxpayer’s Millions

Springfield, IL—Illinois is considering ending the requirement for the front plate on cars and trucks. This is a fiscally responsible move that’s long overdue.

The primary reason for front license plates has been the intense lobbying effort of the 3M Company, holder of the patent for the special reflective paint every state uses in their manufacturing process.

The rear plate is adequate for police plate reading software and the photo traffic extortion revenue programs.

In addition to their political lobbying and generous campaign contributions, the 3M Company exhibits at the Nations Sheriff’s and IACP conventions where they recruit police administrators to preserve the unnecessary and expensive front plates.

The States of California and Texas would reap the biggest cash bonanza by scrapping the front plate. Contact your legislature if you live in a state that requires two plates and help them curb the wasteful practice.

The State Of The Union And Presidency Is In A Shambles

Washington, DC—So far the Obama Administration chose the road of despotism over democracy. The massive destruction of our currency and economy was intentional so Obama could rebuild in a Socialist model. Free speech by Internet bloggers, and the likes of Glen Beck has rung an alarm that has obstructed Obama’s Socialist revolutionary goals.

The problem for Obama now is that too many Americans are refusing to surrender the form of government our founding fathers sacrificed so much to give us. The Socialist flags and the wake of holocausts that always follow, threaten peace and prosperity. Obama’s Hope and Change is no different than that offered by Stalin, Hitler, Mao and Castro.

Obama has to deal with Armed Americans and elections he can’t control. The consequences of Obama’s continued efforts to destroy our representative republic may destroy well Obama first.

Obama’s State of The Union Address will be interesting. Will this President be a lame duck for the remainder of his term or will he change direction? Thankfully Obama and his czars seemed to have set the Left Wing back 70 years. Only a successful Leftist Coup d'état can save Obama’s agenda now

California’s Onion Field Cop Killer Up For Parole

San Luis Obispo, CA—Today California parole officials will consider releasing Gregory Powell 47 years after he and his crime partner, Jimmy Lee Smith kidnapped LAPD Hollywood Division detectives Karl Hettinger and Ian Campbell at gunpoint in Los Angeles.

In March of 1963 the two criminals drove the captive officers up to farmer’s field just outside of Bakersfield and the trip culminated in an attempt to execute them. Hettinger was able to escape but Campbell was brutally murdered by the salt and pepper pair.

Originally Powell and Smith were sentenced to death but after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in the famous Fuhrman vs. Georgia case the cop killers were given life and the possibility of parole.

Smith was paroled several times but kept reoffending and died in prison in 2007.

Powell never made parole and blamed former LAPD cop and author, Joseph Wambaugh for bringing him too much publicity and wrecking his chances for parole after the book and movie The Onion Field were released.

Powell who is 76 years-old educated himself in prison as an effective jailhouse lawyer and judging by some of his correspondence I have read he seems to have excellent writing skills. Powell spent most of his life behind bars and if the police protective league has their say he will stay in prison.

This update from the AP!
A California Board of Prison Terms panel found the 76-year-old Powell unsuitable for parole Wednesday after a hearing at the California Men's Colony at San Luis Obispo. It was his 12th parole hearing.

Deputy District Attorney Alexis de la Garza, who was at the hearing, said the denial was for three years.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Drew Peterson Hearing Is Theater Of The Bizarre

Joliet, Il—Retired Bolingbrook police sergeant, Drew Peterson is being subjected to the worst kind of judicial experimentation in any American court. This is now playing in a new theater that was once a Joliet courtroom. This sensational production is something right out of the spectacular Salem Witch Trials of 1692.

Peterson is charged with murder in connection with the suspicious death of his third wife. The cause of that woman’s death is far from settled since medical experts can’t agree on how she died.

Peterson’s fourth wife has been missing for more than a year and was involved in several extra-marital relationships. Is she dead? Was it Peterson or perhaps a married paramour of the fourth wife that is responsible?

The Illinois Legislature created an extra legal end run now called The Drew Peterson Law to deny the suspect any right to confront witnesses against his as guaranteed by our Constitution. A Joliet Illinois judge knows the political wind would shift against him for reelection if he does not go along with railroading the hapless Drew Peterson.

Prosecutors are putting on The Drew Peterson Hate Show utilizing everyone in the world that does not like Drew Peterson. The result is a firestorm of the worst kind of gossip that’s being blast over the major media megaphones to an ignorant public. The result will be the loss of any hope that Peterson can get a fair trial.

Is the arrogant Drew Peterson and his mugging for inquiring media photographers a good reason to destroy the Constitutional protections so many Americans have fought and died to protect? Never lose sight of the reality that you or someone you love may be the next to star in this kind of show.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Blondie Says, “The Tide Is High!”

When I was in Berlin during the 20 year Wall Fest Celebration in November this great song was played. It was perfect music for the celebration. I give you two videos, one from the Wall Fest and the other from a Blondie concert. It’s difficult to believe by Debora Harry is 65 years-old now. This song really rocks.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Tough Times For Gary Coleman Again!

Yep, he’s in the pokey again. This time he got arrested on a domestic violence warrant and can’t seem to post the $17 hundred and change bail bond.

At 4’ 7” and less than a hundred pounds along with serious health problems I’d hope someone would notice that he’s not much of a threat without a weapon.

Too many famous people get arrested just because they’re famous. I hope that’s not the case here.

Incumbent Protection Act Ruled Unconstitutional!

Washington, DCThe United States Supreme Court rang one out for Free Speech by flushing the McCain-Feingold down the toilet where it belongs.

The speech muzzling legislation was mislabeled as Campaign Finance Reform to mislead the public. The bill made political speech a crime 60 days before an election. The National Rifle Association or similar organizations were prohibited from disclosing a political incumbent’s voting record during that most important period. We know politicians hate educated voters.

The laws of libel and defamation are solid and protect us all. It was the truth that the politicians could not handle. I think more members of Congress than ever will be flushed down the toilet as well. We can only both McCain and Feingold are among them!

What’s With The Turban? This is America!

Las Vegas, NV—I received an interesting comment that became the headline for this story. I thought it was a fair question that deserves an answer.

Pictured left to right are, Raj Singh, President of Eagle Grips, Melissa Dragoo a teen spokes model for Ruger Firearms and your author, Paul Huebl.

Turbans are worn in several styles by different Asian ethnic or religious groups. The turban that Raj Singh wears every day of his adult life was earned as a rite of passage. Singh is a member of the Sikh religion. You also need to know that in Sikhs are a small minority in India where the religion was founded more than 500 years ago.

Sikhs unlike many religions don’t stop to publicly pray every day and other than the turban, their good conduct, a simple bracelet and a dagger (when not in conflict with local laws) there is no outward sign of faith. Unlike many religions, Sikhs don’t care about the faith or lack of it that surrounds them. Sikhs all believe in the simple Golden Rule as do good Christians.

Raj is every bit an American. He’s a husband, father, businessman and proud member of the National Rifle Association. None in Singh’s family has ever needed or desired government handouts, free medical care as they have paid extortionate amounts of tax money to the their country of choice, the USA. No member of this family has had more than a parking ticket.

I met Raj’s dad Harbans after I returned home from the Army four decades ago. Long ago they adopted me as a family member. They also host me at their beautiful India home whenever I find the time to go there.

Sikhs can be found fighting on the right side of every war as outstanding military soldiers. Sikhs have served in every branch of the American military too.

When you are in danger or need the Sikhs can be counted on to help you. The Sikhs always deserve your friendship and respect.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

The 2010 Shot Show In Las Vegas

Las Vegas, NV—I just returned from four days of getting up close and personal with thousands of firearms. The largest gun show on earth happens once a year at The Shooting Hunting Outdoor Tradeshow.

This event is not open to the public but is an event for folks inside the firearm industry. The latest and greatest guns, accessories and related items were on display at hundreds of booths.

The law enforcement section alone was huge displaying the kind of equipment that our police officers want badly but these days city budgets are spent on anything other than officer safety.

I always spend a lot of time with my friends at Eagle Grips where the finest handgun grips in the world are found.

I have lots of video and not enough time to put it all up so please bear with me and return to this page where I will keep adding video.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Arizona Speed Camera Extortion Contractor Wants Court Rule Changed

Phoenix, AZ—The company collecting millions of dollars to run the hated Robocam Extortion Program want court rules changed. That's because most alleged violators caught simply refuse to pay.

The current court rules requires that any court summons be served under civil process Rule 4. That means a process server must locate and serve the violator or a person that also resides at the violator’s residence. The system is overwhelmed and the summonses expire before they can be lawfully delivered.

They are trying to sneak through a legal exemption to allow sending the summons by first class mail to the alleged violator’s last known address. The risk here is that the company could obtain a court judgment without the violator knowing about it or being able to contest the matter in court. This rule change would be done by Arizona Supreme Court judges, most of which are Democrats apponted by former Governor Naplitano. The legislature and curent governor would be bypassed along with debate.

Vacationers, people traveling on work assignments, military duty and simple hospitalizations could victimize those targeted. As a result, property seizure or garnishment could be levied against people that are innocent or at least unaware they were cited by the Robocams.

To stop this effort people must contact members of the Arizona Supreme Court at once.

The Robocam Extortion Program contract is due to expire. Governor Jan Brewer has vowed to end this vile and pernicious practice brought to Arizona by former Governor Janet Napolitano.

Friday, January 08, 2010

Illinois To Imprison Firefighter For Unconstitutional And Victimless Crime

Chicago, IL—Yesterday a Cook County jury found career fireman Ted Kozak guilty of possession of two fully automatic firearms.

The guns were two prized and valuable World War Two relics. They were not involved in threats or violence but kept locked in a safe.

The guns are banned by state law. Federal law only requires registration. Because of conflicting Illinois laws the federal government refuses to allow that states residents to register such guns.

The Second Amendment allows for the keeping and bearing of arms. The Supreme Court so far has said in the 70 year-old Miller case that the arms in possession of civilians must be suitable for military use to gain protection. The Kozak guns are military weapons.

Judge Domicia Ann Stephenson revoked Kozak’s bail and ordered him incarcerated in the Cook County Jail pending sentencing. She also denied a defense motion that he be allowed to remain free on bail pending resolution of unsettled firearm matters before the current US Supreme Court.

Kozak, 58 has no previous criminal record and appeared for every court appearance since his arrest four years ago. Kozak now faces a minimum of three years in prison. The Cook County Adult Probation Department was ordered to conduct a pre-sentence investigation. Kozack will learn his fate in about a month.
Letters can be written on Kozak’s behalf and sent to the judge:
The Honorable Domicia Ann Stephenson
2600 S. California Ave
Chicago, IL

Are taxpayers somehow safer and better off now?

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Chicago Police Applicants Need Not Demonstrate Simple Literacy

Chicago, IL—Years of Liberal tolerance of ghetto culture and the teacher’s union has produced generations of ignorant and illiterate people in the Windy City. African-Americans can’t pass the Civil Service test for police officer despite the fact that it has been made easier and easier to satisfy racial quotas.

No matter how simple they make the test the numbers don’t satisfy the racial quota police. If they pass the test those felony convictions for rape, robbery and mayhem preclude giving them police stars and loaded guns.

It’s insane to hire people who can’t read and understand the laws they are to enforce. How can they write a police report or criminal complaint without simple literacy?

The City of Chicago will be the Dumb Cop Capitol of America if their political leaders follow through with their desire to scrap testing for police applicants.

God help us all.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Airline Security Is In A Shambles--Situation Hopeless

Washington, DC— Today Barack Obama could not offer an explanation or excuse for the Pantybomber event of Christmas Day over Detroit. Every step along the way intelligence, screening and searching failed.

The TSA is now in at a state of siege and grandma and the children are paying dearly with additional and unnecessary harassment. Homeland Security from the top on down is a patronage driven mess. This cannot be solved and we can’t made reasonably safe from determined terrorists.

The past few days has been filled with insanity well beyond the Keystone Cop's model. Some man enters through an exit door and shuts down an airport. Of course they can’t find the culprit and the security cameras were not operational. A airport employee's package shuts down another airport and yet a third airport locks down over three jars of honey.

The so called full body scanners will reveal large knives, guns or grenades. Explosives in powder, plastic or liquid form will defeat the scanners with minimal care in packaging. Human body cavities can conceal enough explosives to blow a hole in any airliner and bring it down. The explosive sniffer technology will only detect explosives carried by terrorists that are sloppy and don’t wash their hands.

I fully expect to see pedophiles and perverts employed by the TSA tirelessly watching their X-rated monitors. Will they be looking for bombs or body parts?

Behavior profiling along with keeping people off our planes and soil from unfriendly countries are the only positive security that can work. Remember we are at war.

During World War Two we interned American citizens of Japanese and German decent under the leadership of that famous liberal, Franklin Roosevelt. I don’t suggest this kind of extreme but keeping the inhabitants of hostile nations away is not unreasonable.

What we are doing is waging war against Americans because a foreign enemy. That must make us the laughing stock of the world.

Watch this TSA worker assault me because I was shooting video on the street outside of Terminal 2 of LAX airport. Shooting the video was perfectly legal and despite TSA rules forbidding this kind of enforcement a TSA worker determined that this middle-aged, white blogger’s camera was the a huge threat to airport safety. This is our TSA.

With this kind of judgment what kind of help is the TSA?

New TSA Intrusion Will Facilitate Government Airline Takeover

Washington, DC.-- White House Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel said it best when he advised, "Never waste a good crisis.”

That concept was used in 1933 with great success by the Nazi Party in Germany. The Reichstag was torched in Berlin at a time when the NAZI’s had less than a one-third approval rate.

That arson fire quickly resulted in sweeping new laws that gave the Nazis absolute power. Did the arsonist use that convenient tunnel from the Parliament residential building occupied by Nazi henchman Hermann Goering? That inside job theory is the popular belief today.

Barack Obama knows that the flying public dislikes the TSA and that millions of Americans refuse to fly to avoid getting frisked like criminals. They loathe the hard corps unemployable staffing the TSA utilizes to grope, steal from and otherwise abuse travelers.

With new and more intrusive screening airlines more people will stay home or find other ways to travel. That will destroy the airlines and give Obama the perfect vehicle to take over the industry. The un-American bailouts and health care hostile takeover set the pace for yet another major industry run by government.

The Christmas–eve Panty Bomber has given a gift to the Obama Administration.

Monday, January 04, 2010

When Is A Symbolic Hanging Free Speech?

Plaines, GA—Some prankster unhappy with Barack Obama took a manikin and made it resemble the president and hanged it as some kind of nasty statement. It has brought rebuke, outrage and an investigation from the United States Secret Service.

In October of 2008 in West Hollywood, CA Vice Presidential nominee, Sarah Palin suffered the exact same indignity and it only generated laughter and glee. No charges were brought but the man who put that one up took it down after reflecting on his poor choice of a visual statement.

Both of these events are indeed ugly. The First Amendment gives American’s the right to unpopular thought or speech.

Had this been a effigy hanging of Adolph Hitler in Germany, those responsible would have gotten quick trials and sent to Berlin’s Plötzensee Prison death room along with some friends and family members.

Ugly free speech needs protection or we will be having judges trying to determine if some imaginary speech line was crossed with a particular message.

Ugly speech should be discouraged through social rather than legal means.

In the foreground is the Plötzensee Prison guillotine used to behead most victims until the sheer number of executions during the Third Reich made that method impractical. After this, most victims were hanged from the hooks behind from piano wire.

Chicago Fireman On Trial For His Life--Updated

Chicago, ILTed Kozak, 58 is a professional hero. He has saved many lives and many millions of dollars of property during his career. Kozak has never been a threat to anyone and has avoided a criminal record. That all changed in September of 2006 when police raided his home.

Kozak believes that the words of our Constitution have real meaning. Keeping and bearing of arms suitable for military service is not some special privilege for the elite but the right of the people.

Kozak’s close friend, a retired Chicago cop collected guns instead of stamps, cars or toy trains. The retired lawman had a collection worth thousands and prized pieces such as his “Chicago Typewriter” prominently displayed in Michael Mann’s movie, Public Enemies.
Needing cancer surgery the ailing fellow asked Kozak to securely store his collection while he was being treated. The collection was safe until Chicago police found and seized the firearms.

That Thompson submachine gun is a showpiece and it’s over 70 years old. It’s impressive to look at but it’s not for use in violent crime but to be kept under museum conditions. So were the other collectable firearms, found in his possession.

Now Kozak is on trial for engaging in constitutionally protected activity in gun rights hating Chicago. Chicago’s officials want to put Kozak in prison for many years. Is this because he was evil? No, but because he has not bowed to the all powerful Oz and chose to enjoy his American rights.

This is a rare gun case since it only involved simple possession. The usual drug or violence related charges, in so many other gun cases does not exist.

A jury will be selected tomorrow, January 5th at 2600 S. California Avenue room 706, Chicago Illinois. This case will be tried by Daley appointee, Judge Jorge Allonzo.

The jury won’t be told about their absolute power to acquit if they simply feel like it. One juror can simply vote Not Guilty and they will be unable to imprison Kozak.

Chicago area gun owners should dress well and come on down to court beginning Wednesday and attend Kozak’s trial. Be sure to sit on his side of the courtroom and remain well-behaved. Kozak needs all the support he can get.

Update! 6 Jan
Ted Kozak’s prosecution and defense rested today. At 8:30 AM tomorrow closing arguments will begin and then the jury will be instructed by Judge Domenica Ann Stephenson. I suspect after the lunch break deliberations will begin. There well may be a verdict by the end of the day. Be there in room 215.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Selling Communism And Socialism To A Free Society

Karl Marx promises under his ideal plan for government that everyone will share the wealth and dream of being part of a great society.

The Communist revolutions all begin with words, music and art along with good hearted and idealistic young people. Romance, enjoyable parties and the fine poetry set to beautiful music in the musical masterpiece, Guantanamera is a great springboard. I can’t argue that the concept is inviting but unfortunately it always ends the same way.

Even for that great song, Guantanamera there is no shortage of intrigue and controversy surrounding that anthem. José Fernández is said to have composed the music and written the lyrics. Cuban communist history revisionists now credit their hero, Jose Marti with creating the most popular song of the Cuban revolution. I guess if the supreme Communist authority declares it, it must be so.

After the revolution peaceful or otherwise property is confiscated by force from some and given to others. Resistance always results and is soon met by mass executions. No individual rights can remain. Speech and religion gets regulated to death. The Communist criminal justice system is nothing more than a pretend show as authorities convict and condemn the lucky ones to the Gulag but far more are put to death.

By far the most corrupt governments are under Communism/Socialism where officials don’t have to answer to anyone. They plunder their nations wealth relentlessly.

Liberals and those sympathetic or tolerant to communism/Socialism all claim to want to see the death penalty abolished. The cruelest mass murders have all been carried out under the Socialist/Communist flag. There really is nothing Liberal about eliminating Liberty.

The Socialist dream is always a holocaust.

Obama and The TSA Will Save Us from Terrorism!

Washington, DC.-- It appears that at least a weak effort will be made to keep bombs off of our airplanes. The TSA announced that they will be giving special screening to passengers coming from unfriendly nations. Rather than better screening for these people we’d be a lot safer if they were simply kept off of our planes and soil.

Tightened random screening has been promised for visitors from certain countries. Now 100 percent of passengers from 14 terrorism-prone countries will be patted down and have their carry-on baggage searched. The Obama administration was notifying airlines on Sunday of the changes.

You can’t keep deadly weapons out of maximum security prisons and this new program won’t work either.