Sunday, August 30, 2009

Tips For Bloggers Investigating their stories

Los Angeles, CA—With traditional media dying a very undignified death bloggers and various forms of citizen journalists are filling the need quite well. Some bloggers have become millionaires in the process.

The rules of news delivery have changed in a big way. Vetting the information we deliver has not and cannot change. Credibility and accuracy are as important as ever. In our litigious society those who libel others on purpose or by accident may learn hard lessons.

Here are some tips for my fellow blogging friends that are evolving with their content and the quality of what they post.

Bloggers need to break more news and get away from the idea of republishing what’s already out there. To do this you have to get up close and personal to the newsmakers.

Get yourself on the lists your local government public information officers use to send out their press releases. Go out of your way to attend press conferences and ask questions when you get there.

Don’t be afraid to check out the people you are reporting about. Get into the public records and find out about those people. Be very careful since people often use phony names when they get arrested and sometimes many people share the same names.

Video and photo posting has never been easier so we need to see a lot more of that.

Everyone should be able to post the printed word, photographs, audio and of course video. The equipment to do this has never been cheaper or better.

I’m available to anyone of my fellow bloggers to advise you just how to get your ideas in the best possible form.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

For The Thought Police--Senate bill 773, The Cybersecurity Act of 2009 Is Here

Washington, DC--Chairman Barack Obama has learned that his missteps, misdeeds and treason have been exposed by the Internet. His approval ratings have fallen faster than any American President’s since accurate polling has been in existence.

In true Marxist style, Obama feels the absolute need to control our speech, thought and the flow of information. The authority for him to do just that will be granted in Senate Bill 773 also known as the Cybersecurity act of 2009.

Obama and his Communist cabal are the greatest threat to Freedom and Liberty this country has ever faced. They must be stopped at all cost.

Read this incredible document for yourself!
SB 773- Cybersecurity Internet Tyranny

Dr. Khalid Muhammad And His Flock

I guess this man and his congregation pray to a different God. I’m wondering just how many of people of his mindset are roaming our streets?

Like Dr. Martin Luther King, Dr. Khalid Muhammad too has a dream. Or in this case a nightmare for the rest of us.

My question is where are the Southern Poverty Law Center hate watchers?

Friday, August 28, 2009

Germany Under Siege—The Days of Baader-Meinhof 1968-1998

Frankfurt, Germany—When I was serving as a medical corpsman in Germany I was relatively safe from combat injuries or death. There were a few GIs that were not so lucky. They were killed or wounded by a diabolical group of Marxist revolutionaries led by a young couple, Andreas Baader and Ulrike Meinhof.

This group later became the infamous, Rote Armee Fraktion or in English, Red Army Faction. They were responsible for nearly 300 bombings during their existence.

I knew some radical kids my age in this country I’m so fond of even today. The kids were wrapped up in the politics of the day but thankfully they were more moved by music, romance, persuing education and their wonderful youth. I never once feared the radical kids because they were indeed my friends.

Baader-Meinhof was very active while I was there 1968-1970. They blew up an ammo dump near my barracks and one young soldier was killed. I would have been required to perform guard duty there but was exempted because of my duty status as a medic.

Baader-Meinhof was nothing more than a bunch of boys and girls caught up in a totally bankrupt political ideology. They should have stayed in school, married and had kids of their own.

There were some horrible things that happened including the destruction of so many of their own lives. The whole Baader-Meinhof story was violent and troubling but none the less historical. Now they have released a film that I can’t wait to see.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Obama Popularity in a Steady Freefall

Washington, DC—Americans are discovering that Barack Obama is not working in the best interest of this country’s taxpayers and voters.

Since February of this year his approval rating fell by 20 points. On the other side his disapproval ratings soared 33 points. Voters now know that Obama’s platform and claim that all Americans making less than $250,000.00 would not see their taxes increased by a penny was a huge lie.

Americans wanted to believe the promises despite warnings from the Conservatives that Obama was pure poison for our ailing economy. Instead of tax breaks to stimulate the economy Obama gave trillions to the very thieves and scoundrels responsible for our problems.

Shoving every play in Karl’s Marx’s, Das Kapital along with GITMO terror detainees down our throats has educated Americans of the threat to liberty Obama represents.

I suspect that a real showdown will surface in a very short while forcing this traitor from our Whitehouse perhaps even to a gallows. Treason is a Capital Offense.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cops And Robbers IS Gun Art At It’s Best…

Click on photos to enlarge!

Gun as art had seemed to have had its heyday in the 1970s. A lot of historic guns were engraved and are priceless today. There are engraved guns that are not so special, and there are the Rembrandts and DiVincis that belong in a well guarded museum.

In the 1970’s a private collector had two unfired and perfect early manufactured blue Smith & Wesson, Model 27s in .357 Magnum caliber. These were chosen for this art project of a wild imagination. That was the gun chosen by J. Edgar Hoover’s G-Men of the FBI. A large frame gun that could handle the increased pressures of the Magnum cartridges used to penetrate the vehicles of the infamous motor bandits of the Great Depression.

John Dillinger and a short list of bold bank bandits were hunted by the FBI. The crimes were indeed notorious and they inspired an endless stream of books and movies.

They also inspired the Leonardo DiVinci of gun artists, Leonard Francolini to create one of the finest masterpieces ever made. Francolini is undisputed as the best engraver ever to work at the Colt Firearms factory in Hartford Connecticut.

Francolini was on his own being commissioned by the wealthiest gun collectors in the world to do his magic. In that era, Cops and Robbers was born.

The pair of exquisitely engraved revolves represent both sides of this story. One revolver is dedicated to the Robbers and the other to the cops hunting them.

Gold inlay is profusely used to recreate faces and places involved in this rich historical period. The artisans of Eagle Grips of Carol Stream, IL partnered with Francolini creating the elephant ivory grips, accessories and the hand carved, rosewood case that houses this one of a kind pair.

They are for sale if you have the money. The price today is a cool $100,000. Send me an e-mail or leave a comment that won’t be disclosed here if you dare.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What’s Ahead For Barack Obama

Martha’s Vineyard, MA—As Chairman Barack Obama hides from the press on vacation his young Presidency is melting. His ratings are in a free fall as the failing economy and hyperinflation is on the way.

The anger of Americans is swelling by the day after Obama has relentlessly seized control of banks, private businesses and is publicly conspiring for the hostile takeover of the medical and insurance industries.

Free enterprise has been destroyed since competition with the government is nearly impossible. Slavery is here and has been imposed on Americans not yet born by our dedicated Marxist leader.

It is unlikely that Obama can continue without a Constitutional crisis as Americans begin to find more than just words to vent their rage.

Every effort is being made to silence those who loathe the trashing of our form of government and way of life. Hopefully there are enough Americans that will defend and protect the Constitution of The United States and overcome these Bolsheviks and their pernicious plans.

Members of local, state and federal law enforcement agencies along with our military will remember their oaths of office. They have sworn to defend our Constitution rather than Obama’s subversive agenda.

All traitors must be arrested and tried for their crimes. What’s ahead for Barack Obama? The days ahead appear to be very dark and dangerous. It will be Obama’s call.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Freedom For Terrorists That Testify Against CIA Interrogators!

Washington, DC—In perhaps the biggest blunder yet, the Barack Obama Administration announced the appointment of a special prosecutor to bring prosecutions against CIA interrogators. This of course involves the tactics used against those terrorists believed connected to the September 11, 2001 Attack On America.

CIA operatives and their superiors have an absolute right to confront their accusers in court. That means the so-called victims must be brought into American courtrooms to testify against the accused CIA people.

Without the so-called victim’s testimony Obama's prosecutors will never win a conviction.

Here’s the rub. The terrorists will only testify if they get freedom as a quid pro quo. Like any other criminal brought into courtrooms their testimony must be paid for at an astronomically high price.

What concessions will they make to the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks? Will it be freedom and a bundle of cash?

The action also will destroy the effectiveness of any future attempts by our CIA at interrogating captured terrorists. I can see no other agenda by Obama aside from treason.

Obama Needs To Rethink Closing The GITMO Detention Camp

Washington, DC—An inexperienced rookie President, Barack Obama made a silly campaign promise to close our detention facility at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba.

I guess he was trying to curry favor with the Bush hating anti-war folks. Obviously not much thought went into this dumb idea.

The risk is that the very people that have made a religious commitment to destroy America could gain nearly every right of Americans under the Constitution along with every entitlement.

Putting these terrorists on our own soil is dangerous and totally unnecessary. They can be humanly treated where they are without endangering Americans.

There is no real alternative except to release these combatants to their own countries. Of course that would simply reinforce the terrorist forces we are trying to defeat.

I’m not a fan of the wars of either George Bush. They are being fought Viet Nam style where winning is not the goal. We should have eradicated Afghanistan and perhaps Iraq from the map with nuclear weapons or not bothered at all.

I don’t think that keeping GITMO open for lack of a reasonable alternative would be held against Obama by voters.

I won’t hide the fact that I loathe Obama and his Marxist agenda. Is the real purpose of bringing the GITMO prisoners here to recruit them as soldiers to kill Americans that oppose Obama? I can’t seem to think of another logical explanation for bringing these killers to our soil.

If this theory is wrong and this was just a dumb idea why not simply vacate the order to close GITMO?

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Visiting Dead Celebrities Again

Los Angeles, CA—In Westwood Village there is a very small cemetery that has more celebrity remains per square foot than anywhere. A prime piece of this real estate can set you back by a half-million bucks.

If you’re buried here the star gazing tourists will be walking on your grave trying to figure out what made you so important to be buried here. Actors, comedians, musicians, singers, composers, writers, directors, producers, talent agents from the A list can all be found here.

If there is something strange about this cemetery, it's the sheer diversity of the people buried here. Jews, Muslims, Catholics, Protestants, atheists, and members of every race or sexual orientation can be found side by side. The souls here live in peace that they never enjoyed while they were alive.

People here died very young like Poltergeist actress Heather O’Rourke or were murdered like Dorothy Stratton and Bob Crane. Some died from accidents like Natalie Wood and Beach Boy, Dennis Wilson. Cancer got a gang of these folks taking them at disturbingly young ages. Other managed to live rich and full lives but their age caught up with them finally.

Like sands through the hour glass, so are the days of our lives. Oh, William Bell who created that soap opera is buried here too.

UPDATE: The bidding for the spot above Marilyn Monroe is at $4.6 and is still climbing! Yikes! Read more here.

Annie Leibovitz Tortured By Creditors Or Drugs?

It’s been widely reported that the incredibly talented photographer, Annie Leibovitz has had monumental financial problems despite her ability to generate wealth.

Leibovitz defaulted on a $24 million loan that’s been collateralized by her famous photographs. She’s about to lose everything.

The problem here is simple drug addiction. In the 1980’s the late reporter Tom Fitzpatrick wrote about her selling her own prized cameras and lenses so she could obtain cocaine.

I don’t wish more hardship on Leibovitz even if it’s self-imposed. She is just a microcosm of the bigger problem in our country that has not nor will ever be solved by the Drug War.

Legalization of all drugs and free treatment is needed for those who have found a window to free themselves of that dreaded disease.

Afghanistan Is Unwinnable

Kabul, Afghanistan—The Soviets learned it after years of fighting and thousands of their young men were sent home in rubber bags. We’ve been there since 2001 and have our own dead and dismembered to show for that struggle.

To enter a country in an effort to separate the good people from the bad that mission is doomed to failure. It has not and can never be done.

George W. Bush was not smart enough to realize this and neither is Barack Obama.

It is the job of a country’s own citizenry to control government. It’s not our job. If a government becomes a danger to the rest of the world that country must be bombed into submission and that does not require ground troops. We have the technology to do this.

Fighting Crime Through Property Serial Numbers But For Government Folly

The vast void of common sense in government policy can’t be over-estimated. Imagine you are operating a gun store, pawn shop or car dealership and you have no ability to learn if the items you are buying to sell at retail are stolen. Why’s that you ask?

Because the vast list of serial numbers of stolen items is secret! The government’s National Crime Information Center or NCIC has deemed this vital information as protected criminal data. Only the police who are investigating a suspected crime can access the information.

Some officials will decry this idea because thieves will be able to access the data and find out the property they have is in fact stolen. Okay, I guess crooks are too dumb to realize they have stolen the property in the first place.

Assuming the serial number data could be misused what could cause greater harm? I say having thousands of people buying merchandise checking the list would empower the government to make arrests and recover property at a much faster rate. Perhaps they may be able to jail some really predatory criminals with stolen guns.

If all Americans could access the data, crimes might actually be solved and the stolen property returned to its rightful owners. I guess that’s just too easy.

Ask your local, state and federal politicians about this policy and see if they are smarter than they appear. Maybe they will surprise us? Not!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Are Chicago Police Vehicles Bugged?

Chicago, IL—In a state with unusually harsh eavesdropping laws The City of Chicago is apparently surreptitiously recording the in car conversations of their own police officers.

The Second City Cop Blog has just posted some information about the privacy invasion of Chicago police officers. There are suggestions that it’s all being done for the officer’s own safety. I find that impossible to accept since they never informed the officers of this departmental spying.

This should be investigated and if found to be true the people responsible should be arrested and prosecuted.

For more information visit SCC right here.

Obama Can And Should Be prosecuted And Removed From Office

Washington, DC—Fox News exposed this criminal activity and they have continued to uncover a serious theft of public funds. It all began with a massive spam e-mail from the Whitehouse authored by Barack Obama’s Propaganda Minister, David Axelrod. Obama was campaigning for support of his Socialist health program.

Fox News reporter, Major Garrett asked about the spam e-mail messages sent out by Axelrod to campaign for Obamacare at a Whitehouse news briefing. Garret was treated like a skunk at a picnic over his persistent questioning and now we know why.

The problem was and is that taxpayer funds were diverted from use in legitimate government functions to a political campaign pushing the hostile takeover of the health care and insurance industries in America. That was theft pure and simple.

The Whitehouse paid our tax money to a private firm, Govdelivery to spam the nation with unsolicited junk e-mails promoting Obama’s political agenda. In addition to the Obamacare fiasco they used public funds to push Supreme Court Candidate Sonia Sotomayor’s Senate confirmation efforts. This was nothing short of a major theft and an impeachable offense.

The Obama Administration has adopted the idea that since they won the election they can do whatever they want with reckless abandon. It’s time to put the brakes on this lawless bunch of traitors and send them off to prison.

Read the Fox News exclusive Story here.

Why So-Called Tort Reform Is Justice Denied

You hear the medical community and insurance industry incessantly carping and whining for Tort Reform. The title itself is incredibly misleading. It should be called what it is, The Insurance Company Protection Act.

A tort is an act that injures someone. There are accidental torts and intentional torts. An automobile accident involving simple negligence is a tort. So is an act of libel, assault, or even murder. In this mix are dog bites, construction accidents and the surgeon who amputates the wrong leg.

Most people cannot afford lawyers to force those responsible to pay for the damages they have caused. Usually there is a liability insurance policy involved and insurance companies are in the business of collecting premiums and doing whatever they can to avoid paying claims.

For the average working American the legal community invented the contingent fee arrangement. The lawyers front the sometimes huge expenses related to bringing your claim to court and charge you nothing unless or until they prevail on your behalf. A working man who was injured through a tort may be unable to work and have zero income can pursue his claim even though he has no money.

When and if you prevail in court, the contingent fee lawyer charges one third or more of the final award and the lawyer is entitled to recover the costs they advanced on your behalf.

The alternative is to pay a lawyer’s hourly rate and all of the costs for experts, court reporters or whatever else it may take to prove your case to a jury.

The Insurance companies want absolute caps on jury verdicts and awards. The real effort here is to destroy the contingent fee system altogether. The people who can’t afford to pay $50,000.00 up front to a lawyer will be denied their day in court. Insurance companies will rarely ever be forced to pay claims. That is the real goal of those pushing Tort Reform.

The fun part of Tort Reform is when your own insurance company does not pay up for your valid claim. There will be no contingent fee lawyers to go after them on your behalf.

Will We Pay To Obtain News Content On The Internet?

Hell No I say! We bought newspapers and magazines because we knew the cost of printing and paper required this.

As for news content on the Internet advertisers will pay or the readers will evaporate.

Bloggers like me get nothing for putting up content until we get enough visitors to make advertising worthwhile. Many put up donation boxes but to little benefit.

Rupert Murdock’s News Corp has announced intent to eventually charge visitors. I can live without access unless or until they have something that I really need that I can’t get anywhere else.

Murdock must get real since even quality porn can be viewed for free in Cyberspace!

Friday, August 21, 2009

The Latest In TV Broadcasting Gizmos

Los Angeles, CA—Yes, I’m a camera and gadget junkie. I’ve just got to have anything new and exceptional.

Bryan Frank is a gifted photojournalist and blogger who works for KCBS/KCAL here. His blog shows you the news behind the news.

He just profiled the latest remote broadcast item that’s changing broadcasting and electronic news gathering as we knew it.

He is using a JVC Camera with a backpack that can stream high quality live video over a cell phone. That means there’s no need for a satellite transmitter, or even a short range microwave transmitter to get a video signal live on TV or over the internet.

This talented photographer has shared his photos with his blog readers.

Here is a link to BeFrank and the story!

Mexico Takes Smartest Step Yet In Drug War!

Mexico City—Lawmakers here finally figured out just how to hurt the drug traffickers. They legalized the possession of user amounts of drugs including Heroin, cocaine and methamphetamine.

This will deal a devastating blow to the drug cartels and price of these drugs to the end users. A major portion of the profits has just evaporated there.

Now the drug lords have no choice but to export their poisons to the USA and Canada where the Drug War keeps the prices and crime sky high.

We need to monitor Mexico’s new experience for crime, violence and overdose rates.

American drug addicts can be counted upon to heavily visit or even relocate to Mexico. Hopefully that will make a dent in our own crime rate and rid us of thousands of troublesome people.

Our own lawmakers need to follow suit.

Read more here.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Missing Woman Believed Murdered Found Alive!

Boulder, CO--People love to assume murder in the case of a missing woman. That goes double if the perception of the missing woman’s significant other appears to be a womanizer or jerk.

I never understood why so many people anxiously wring their hands and become angry when a police investigation does not lead to an arrest when there’s no body or corpus delicti.

If no dead body can be located or if there is one but the cause of death cannot be determined you can’t assume there was a murder. You can’t then take the next giant step and accuse someone of the most serious crime we have on the books.

Bolder County Sheriff’s investigators assumed murder in a 1954 case. Amazingly enough, the woman, Katharine E. Farrand Dyer was located alive and positively identified today in Australia. She’s now 84 years old. Thankfully nobody was charged or convicted of killing this woman!

Read more about this strange Colorado case here.

Was Obama’s Hope And Change Less Than Some Wanted?

Barack Obama was elected on his redistribute the wealth platform. Not everyone is that thrilled about what’s happening.

The lesson here is to be careful what you wish for…

Phoenix Women Held In Torture Murder Of A Disabled Man

Phoenix, AZ--Confined to a motorized wheelchair in his Sunnyslope neighborhood, Terry Neely, 46 apparently sought some female companionship. Instead Neely found the most unimaginable nightmare of his life.

According to the confession of a woman being held by police in an unrelated armed robbery told a tale beyond the vivid imagination of even Edgar Allen Poe.

Angela Simpson, 33 told police how she drove a three inch nail into Neely’s skull, stabbed him 50 times, struck him with a tire iron, strangled him with a cable and dismembered him. Simpson disposed of Neely’s remains in an alley trash bin where she set them on fire.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tuesday’s Lunch With An Old Chicago Copper In Burbank, CA

Burbank, CA—My friends former Chicago police sergeant, Andy Murcia and his wife, the lovely star of stage, screen and television, Ann Jillian took me out to lunch today.

Andy met Ann in the late 1970’s when he was working as a part-time house dick at the Ambassador East Hotel in Chicago. Ann was appearing in a show and stopped by the Buttery there afterwards. Sparks flew and Andy went on a wild ride with Ann ever since.

They took me to the incredibly popular Porto’s Café and Bakery. This was my first experience at this place and proved to be a real treat. Thanks Ann and Andy for being dear friends!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Enjoy Lunch With Me Today In Santa Barbara!

Click on pictures to enlarge (Santa Barbara County Jail and today’s lunch)

Santa Barbara, CA—Most of the time I can’t talk about where I’m working because of the sensitive nature of what I do. This time I had an adoption related assignment that took me to the Santa Barbara county Jail.

I travel to cities I can only describe as armpits or worse. Sometimes I’m in some of the great cities of the world. Today it’s one of the better places.

The sun went into hiding but other than that it was just fine. For lunch I stopped at the Warf and shot some pictures and video before and after a good meal.

There is a lonely side of these trips in that since I work alone I have nobody to have lunch with. So today I will have my lunch with my blog visitors. Enjoy five minutes of the sights and sound associated with our lunch.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Will County, IL Judge Stephen White’s Impossible Task RE: Drew Peterson

Joliet, IL-Retired Bolingbrook police sergeant, Drew Peterson is on trial for his life for murdering his third wife. Despite paper thin evidence consisting of double hearsay a Grand Jury has returned a murder indictment.

On Friday Peterson’s attorneys argued a motion before Judge Stephen White for a change of venue over pre-trial publicity issues. Because of heavy publicity and prosecution fueled venom the public perception is that Peterson is not just a murderer but a double murderer.

Can Peterson get a fair trial? I say no jury can be found that has not already been influenced beyond repair. They may find jurors that give the right answers to questions about impartiality but the answers will be deceptive.

Judge White’s Problems:

1. Many jurors, particularly those that don’t have a life, love to get selected for high profile cases. They see opportunities for fame, fortune and perhaps even a book in their future. They will do anything including lie during Voir Dire to get picked on a juicy case such as Peterson’s.

2.Jurors are admonished to avoid any discussion or news material involving the case. Nearly 100% of jurors can be counted on to violate the orders of the court in that regard. It’s not just pillow talk at home but today’s jurors are Tweeting, Facebooking and Googleing everything because the judge can’t follow them home. They do it to be empowered and to get the “real information” the court tries to hide from them. How many people do you know could go Cold Turkey from Internet for a trial lasting from one to several months?

The only way to protect the right of Peterson to a fair trial is in addition to painstakingly questioning of the jurors is to sequester them during the trial.

Internet misconduct:

I can tell you about a case in Los Angeles I covered on this blog. There was a shooting that was an act of self-defense involving two men with unusual names that never were revealed by Google searches until I published them on my blog.

The L.A. District Attorney disingenuously prosecuted the victim who shot his attacker in self-defense for aggravated assault.

The victim being prosecuted had four children, three jobs and no criminal record. The state’s star witness who they claimed during trial was the “true” victim was a nasty drunk who had convictions including hate crimes, assault. In addition he was an illegal alien.

I wrote two stories about this case and published the criminal record and immigration status of the state’s star witness. That information was ruled inadmissible at the trial.

Most or all of the jury members Googled the names of the parties and found their way to my blog. They continued to “check in” for more salacious and inadmissible details for the length of that two week trial. The jury foreman was kind enough to post a comment informing me of the acquittal the very day it happened.

I checked the ISP address of the foreman and it was identical to one that had visited my two articles on the case. I had subsequent telephone conversations with him and never revealed what transpired.

The reality was that 14 different ISP addresses were on my blog for the entire time period of the trial. The jury consisted of 12 members and two alternates. I’d say it’s a safe bet that more members of that jury beyond the foreman violated the court’s admonishment.

Judge White, you have an impossible task before you. We live in a high tech, information or for that matter a misinformation age. How do you protect the rights of a presumed innocent man to a fair trial under these conditions?

Wacha gonna do Judge?

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Germany Rocks!

Click on picture to enlarge it.

Aschaffenburg, Germany—As a U.S. Army conscript I was lucky enough to sit out the Viet Nam War as a medical corpsman here. I was all of 20 years-old when my Military Airlift Command jet touched down on a snowy Frankfurt runway in December of 1968. I lived and worked there until my military obligation was completed in June of 1970.

I wasted no time in getting to know the people customs, and language. I avoided spending any time around my fellow soldiers as I went on a non-stop exploration of a country that was still making repairs from allied bombing a couple of decades earlier.

Many of the older people were unhappy with Americans and viewed us as an occupation army. Others were happy to have us protecting them from the Bolshevik bastards that raped the women and children when Germany fell.

Many Americans want to blame the German people for the acts of their politicians that led to World War Two. Adolph Hitler mesmerized that population just as that Marxist Barack Obama has our own. The people had no clue what Hitler’s idea of Hope and Change would be until it was too late.

Germans are a proud, hard working and law-abiding people. West Germany was no welfare state. The people were just really nice. It’s too bad we don’t have that kind of culture in the United States.

The young women of Germany I met were, refined, elegant and especially pretty. Dating American soldiers was never popular especially with the girl’s parents. Having a working knowledge of the customs and language saved the day. I found myself accepted. At the time I felt I was way too young to hook up with a German bride and fled from that idea.

I truly had the time of my life there but was not smart enough to know it. Getting drafted turned out to be one of the better things that ever happened to this Chicago kid raised in poverty.

In hindsight I should have stayed in Germany and gotten my education there. We all make or choices and we don’t get second chances. My Austrian heritage would have quickly gotten me dual citizenship.

Today I look for any reason to travel to this great place. Investigations, film work and news gathering have rarely facilitated my travel here. I’m ready to go again at the slightest excuse.

I have a real answer to California’s budget Crisis!

Sacramento, CA—Facing bankruptcy for decades of wild spending California has to come to grips with a new court order to release tens of thousands of convicts to the streets. This will be the first order of business when the State Assembly returns from their recess on Monday.

They are looking in every wrong direction at ways to change laws like reclassifying felonies as misdemeanors. They will probably repeal the so-called, Three-Strikes Law as they look for the wrong ways to save some operating expense.

Undoubtedly the convicts will migrate to and ravage nearby states once the doors swing open. The cost to taxpayers for the new crime committed will dwarf the present corrections budget. It’s not difficult to imagine the hospital bills for the new victims will be as these unemployable felons raid the communities.

Of course giving the law-abiding citizens of California the right to protect themselves with concealed weapons will never see the light of day in the Socialist run state.

The easiest way out for California and its taxpayers is to legalize victimless crimes. Can we really afford the Drug War anymore? Do we really need to arrest prostitutes and gamblers? Why are we arresting gun owners for highly technical, difficult to understand and unconstitutional gun laws where there is absolutely no threat or breach of the peace?

There is a much better way to solve this problem then letting thieves, thugs and predators lose on our streets.

California can wage war on victimless crime laws.

It’s Time To Boycott Some Businesses!

These companies pulled advertising from Glen Beck’s Show at FOX NEWS. They no longer deserve the patronage of liberty loving Americans:

ConAgra (maker of Healthy Choice products)
Roche, Sanofi-Aventis, RadioShack
Men's Wearhouse
State Farm
Procter & Gamble
Progressive Insurance
SC Johnson

Friday, August 14, 2009

YouTube Is Dangerous For Political Tyrants, So Why Not Empower Yourself!

As our mainstream broadcast and print media fades off to the sunset, YouTube has risen. Yes, YouTube is a free for all but it’s free speech at its best.

Those video moments of politicians misleading Americans can be counted on being replayed the very second memories begin to fade.

These days political or corporate corruption can’t seem to escape exposure on YouTube. If the mainstream media chooses to keep the public in the dark, YouTube citizen reporters and producers fill that vast void.

Free speech is the very cornerstone to our free society. As a staunch and unyielding Second Amendment supporter I can say the computer keyboard and the video camera are mightier than the sword. Each right protects the other.

The Internet is a natural enemy to dictators and despots. We must fight to keep it free or they will tax and regulate it out of existence.

The camera and the keyboard are not tools for the exclusive use of Conservatives or Liberals.

If you don’t have a video camera get one! There are some great, new generation, inexpensive, high definition cameras like the $200.00 Flip HD. Learn how to edit and put your exposé’ up on YouTube for the world to see. It is really easy to do!

Don’t be afraid to jump in front of your own camera tell your story.
Be sure to use the YouTube Tag line so people searching on Google can zero in on the names and subject matter of your reports.

Why allow waste and corruption when you have the power to stop it? Why allow injustice when you can expose the truth? Technology has given us the greatest tools ever to protect and defend liberty and we all have a duty to use them.

Once you have that camera, don’t leave home without it!

An American Presidency Built On A Lie…

Washington, DC—I can’t imagine that anyone was really that stupid to believe this pretender’s claims to never raise taxes. Barack Obama did what all crooked politicians do best; lie to the voters just to get elected.

Obama has been closely following the Marxist playbook; Das Kapatal and can only succeed with his government model with a totally dependent and impoverished population. Marxists judge their success on how well they keep their population orderly and silent through heavy handed police state tactics.

We all know that with Obama’s non-stop bailouts, massive efforts to end free enterprise, cap and trade scam, the hostile takeover of the health care and insurance industries enormous tax increases would enslave every American.

It is time to rid ourselves of this fraudulent President and start over. Polls show many Americans that voted for him, are now remorseful. Obama is well past the point of no return before he completed the first year of his term.

In case you missed it watch this despot as he repeats his campaign lie.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Website For Hate Mongers Of The Looney Left!

If you want to see the reality of extreme hatred of Americans who want to preserve Liberty and Freedom in America, the pathetic souls at, have lots of ideas to offer for their vision of America.

They seem so desperate to silence Americans finding their voice and making their Congress aware that they don’t want a Communist United States.

They are a dangerous bunch, which seems anxious to bring on violence against Conservatives. The whack jobs at believe free speech is only for them.

Visit The democraticunderground hate site here.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Rise in militia groups across the county, sound the alarm!

Montgomery, AL—The Southern Poverty Law Center is warning of a, Second Wave of the militia movement inside the United States. They call the militia movements anti-government, but are they really? Are they really just trying to preserve our form of government that’s been under constant attack by Marxist operatives?

The SPLC has long been known for their Communist leanings under the guise of protecting the poor and disenfranchised minority groups. In fairness they have diligently worked against real crimes committed by such groups at the KKK and various neo-Nazi groups.

The problem with the SPLC is they lump Conservative Americans or anyone who opposes their own Marxist agenda as hate mongers. They have zero credibility as they goad government and law enforcement officials to wage war on gun owners and those seeking to reduce the size of government and extortionate taxation.

The SPLC has just issued and distributed a new report claiming the Second Wave of the militia groups is building after being dormant during the years of the Bush Administration. Perhaps the rise against long held American principals and basic freedom by government Leftists is fertilizing the militia groups. In any event the sentiment among angry taxpaying and loyal Americans is feeding a movement that is ready to explode.

Americans have been buying record amounts of guns, ammunition and survival equipment as the Red Menace of the Obama Cabal has taken over government. Contrary to what is believed by our media pundits, it is not from worrying about new gun prohibitions but they have been preparing for a potential Civil War.

Most taxpaying Americans are absolutely horrified by the un-American business bailouts, seizure of banks and businesses, that bogus Cap and Trade tax scam and the hostile takeover of the medical and insurance industries. This is nothing but the ongoing destruction of the American way of life and form of government under the leadership of tyrants and traitors.

We need people to train and be ready to stop the Communist takeover of America. The traitors will not peacefully cease their attack on America. Soon there will be the “last straw” and traitors will begin to pay dearly for their deeds.

Yes, the Second Wave is here and they will not tolerate any more Waco or Ruby Ridge style operations against fellow Americans.

There is a peaceful solution and that to simply end this ongoing Communist revolution in America.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Gettin’ Old and Can’t always remember?

You are not alone! Just find yourself a support group and a middle-aged mistral to help you cope.

Hysterical Response To An Armed Man Is Fun To Watch

Portsmouth, NHChairman Barack Obama went to town hall meeting in the, Live Free Or Die state of New Hampshire.

An anti-Obama protester, William Kostrick was present in a position well outside the meeting hall with a loaded and holstered handgun. That was his unquestionable right except in the eyes of some people who went absolutely berserk at the simple display. The man also carried a sign with a quote from a great American, Thomas Jefferson that was and is still provocative.

Freedom is here because as George Orwell said, “Men sleep peacefully in their beds at night because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.”

Freedom is being threatened by the Obama regime and the threat is not idle. He and his un-American cabal has begun dismantling free enterprise, our entire monetary system and is moving to place Americans under the yoke of Socialist slavery.

We still have the right to peaceably assemble with the right to keep and bear arms. Both rights of these rights are under attack by the same people who support Obama and all his Marxist programs.

The Secret Service understands our laws and a presidential visit, does not trump freedom. They live with the law and yes some people want to and have killed our presidents. These agents have worked around a free society since the organization was created in 1865. It’s a tough job sometimes.

I once got to meet a United States President, Jimmy Carter and I carried a legal concealed weapon to the meeting. It was a real non-event other than I was under the watchful eyes of the Secret Service. Okay, I was an off duty cop but never advertised it or made national news over that fact.

I guess there are lots of people who want to assume every gun is owned or carried by evil persons. People who want to preserve freedom and our way of life like me feel it’s our duty. If they continue to take our freedom the smell of gun smoke will once again be in the air. That’s exactly why we have a Second Amendment.

Perhaps it's time for American Presidents to not be dividers and accept the form of government our founding fathers gave us.

Monday, August 10, 2009

A Silent, Two Pound Eye In The Sky Surveillance Drone In Time For Christmas!

Waterloo, Canada—It’s about to hit our sky very soon at a mere $50K per copy. It’s called the Aeryon Scout and will allow minimally skilled users to capture high resolution images of events happening below. The drone is all electric and operates silently.

Its knapsack sized package can be opened and the drone deployed from a car trunk in seconds. The initial intended end users will be security companies, police and we can count on the news organizations avoiding the high cost of helicopter air time. .

For news organizations they will be able to own the sky over crime scenes at least until police or medical helicopters are present.

The company boasts their drone will operate in bad weather and is waterproof.

I can see the Hollywood paparazzi industry jumping on this gee whiz gizmo in a New York second.

You can get more information and place your order here.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Chicago Policeman Densey Cole Making Friends In Denver!


Guaranteed Free Medical Care For Criminal Aliens Under Obamacare

Washington, DC—One thing nobody wants to talk about is the absolute right to free medical care for criminal aliens under Barack Obama’s hostile government takeover of the medical and health insurance industries.

Illegal alien drug dealers, human traffickers and even killers doing their nasty business inside our borders would get the same care as our own law-abiding citizens that paid taxes their whole lives.

Call Congress today and tell them to stop Obamacare now at 202-225-3121

Drew Peterson Prosecution Is Hinged On Illegal Hearsay Evidence

Joliet, IL—They finally indicted retired Bolingbrook police sergeant Drew Peterson on a dubious count of murdering his third wife. The physical evidence of is non-existent and the exact cause of her death is far from certain. Prosecutors are relying on a brand new and perhaps Ex-Post Facto law to enable this prosecution.

As Peterson languishes in jail with an unheard of $20 million bond, his lawyers are scrambling to get him his fair day in court.

The “evidence” here is primarily double hearsay evidence. This Indictment and prosecution was enabled by the “Drew Peterson Law”, which was strictly an emotional response to a stalled police investigation by the Illinois Legislature.

They changed the law, sidestepping Drew Peterson’s Constitutional right to face his accusers. This legislative response was both unconstitutional and un-American.

They already allow prosecutors to present hearsay evidence of alleged confessions by defendants. This is where they take some burglar out of jail, put lipstick and a suit on him and let him tell his tale of hearing another prisoner confess to a jury. This usually comes in exchange for a, get out of jail free card for the babbling burglar.

Now prosecutors have even more nefarious power. They seek using the Drew Peterson Law to present testimony from someone who claims to have heard the confession from someone else who allegedly claimed to have heard it from Peterson. Only the witness repeating the double hearsay will be under oath while the others in the alleged conversation chain will not.

The logical way to deal with this is to have a final judicial ruling on the issue of this new and untested law before such testimony is allowed to be presented.

If the law is struck down this should end the prosecution unless or until more reliable and admissible evidence is located. In any event it all begins with the defense asking for a Declaratory Judgment striking the law down.

The Defense Motion is pending and the Will County State’s Attorney has the right and duty to defend this legislative effort custom made to get Drew Peterson. Despite the ruling from Peterson’s trial judge either side can be expected to appeal the ruling.

Here is that Motion:
Drew Peterson Motion to Exclude Hearsay Evidence of Savio

Productive, Taxpaying Americans Have The Power To Stop Obama

Washington, DC—As the Communists has taken control of our government and placed taxpayers under siege they seem to have forgotten something. The ultimate power lies with America’s taxpaying producers.

We have the ability to shut down this rogue government with our collective clout. The government can be brought to its knees with a three-day productivity moratorium. We don’t buy anything nor do we sell anything for three day periods.

During a normally busy week every business can shut down for three days. Government employees can call in sick to work. People can refuse to buy or sell goods. A three day holiday would cost federal, state and local governments billions in lost revenue and force them to do without.

Unlike refusing to pay taxes that might bring prosecution shutting down our own businesses violates no laws.

Imagine what three-days loss of parking garage tax revenue would do to Chicago’s Daley-Burke crime families?

Why produce just to have the profits taken and redistributed those people who don’t earn them?

Every time our politicians refuse to do what we demand we simply shut down. Why do we continue to feed the monster?

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Manson Family Murders Forty Years Later

Los Angeles, CA—Forty years is indeed a milestone since the nights of unbridled horror rocked Hollywood. A bunch of seemingly disenfranchised kids were misled by an older ex-con who was a charismatic aspiring musician. That group of naive kids was taken down a path straight to Hell.

The crimes were beyond unimaginable and senseless. Was this a product of a mind control experiment gone wrong? I’ve heard all the theories by the so-called experts and can except none of them. Perhaps we will never know.

One thing for sure. If there ever were crimes that justified the death penalty these were at the very top of the list. Fuhrman vs. Georgia changed all that in 1972 when the Manson Family was resentenced to life.


Most Americans can find any mitigation or reason for mercy for the Manson Family horrors. Excuse me for suggesting that the mad acts of first time offenders under unparalleled influence of drugs and an evil leader deserve study and perhaps some form of mercy.

It was none other than our own government that gave us LSD, an intended weapon of war gone wrong. The 1960’s users of this drug never had the right information about the risks and Hollywood made that and other drugs fashionable. Heavy LSD us by the Manson Family was well-documented.

As for Charles Manson he was no first time offender nor did he deserve to live, but what about the kids Manson twisted? They were an extreme danger and their acts deserved extreme punishment. Had these kids entered my dwelling I would have done my best to kill every last one of them in an act of justifiable self-defense.

Now these kids are senior citizens who have disavowed Manson and taken steps to change their lives. Should they be redeemed? Most or all religions of the world say yes while most Americans say no.

We do know one thing for sure. Age and disability does remove or greatly reduce the danger connected with releasing criminals. We also know that young and dangerous criminals need the confinement behind bars.

At this point in time the Manson kids are incarcerated strictly for deserved vengeance only. Their behavior in prison has been well beyond that of their peers.

As California dumps tens of thousands of prisoners on our streets early I’d like to think the old, disabled and long time reformed prisoners get preference for release. That includes the Manson family sans, Manson.

We must make room in our prisons for the young and able bodied offenders that threaten our safety.

Friday, August 07, 2009

Lady Cop Pummels Old Woman In Columbus Ohio

Columbus, OH—This came to me via a Facebook friend who works as a Cook County Public Defender in Chicago.

At this time I can’t give you background on the underlying circumstances that brought the police to this scene. You see the event unfold as the cell-phone camera owner and others agitate the police for all they're worth.

An old woman goes down hard and was bleeding after she brandished a nasty looking knife at a young policewoman. The officer properly followed her training here. The results are tragic in that the old gal somehow lost it. I’m sure the officer was herself traumatized by the entire event.

This was one of those split-second decisions cops must sometimes make. For those that don’t know it knives at close range are much more deadly than firearms.

Why The Death Penalty Needs To be Abolished

Los Angeles, CA—As most of my readers know I loathe the Marxist agenda of the Obama Administration. For those who suggest this is related to the color of his skin, I freely admit I despise Barack Obama, but only over the Red color of his politics. As for skin color, it has no significance to me.

Conservatives blast Liberals over the Death Penalty. Hard corps Socialist and Communists like Hitler, Castro and Stalin has a solid history of branding their political enemies as criminals and executing them by the millions.

Barack Obama has never taken a public stand against the death penalty. Is Obama capable of using that awesome power to kill his political enemies? Why must we wait and find out? This power needs to be taken away from our government. Sooner or later all governments abuse the death penalty and history teaches this reality redundantly.

During my early years in law enforcement murders were routinely cleared at the 85 percent level. Nearly 40 years later the murder clearance rate has stalled at 35 percent.

That seems crazy since today we have the refined investigative tools of DNA, high resolution surveillance cameras and nearly every American leaves a constant data trail with every purchase or trip on a toll road. Add to that that data can be cross checked with the surveillance video and absolute alibi evidence can often easily be established.

Notoriously unreliable eye-witness identification has been all but phased out by modern technology. The inescapable conclusion is that we have imprisoned and killed thousands of innocent people in America because of a flawed criminal justice system we love to boast about.

We can get along fine without the death penalty and save billions for the legal appeals our justice system demands. It’s far cheaper to keep people locked up for life or until they're too old and infirmed to cause harm.

If Barack Obama was really a simple Liberal he’d have condemned the death penalty long ago. Obama is not what he has been advertised and should not have the ultimate tool of tyranny.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Living In A Socialist Country? Wear The Right T-Shirt!

Los Angeles, CA—The latest rage or in some cases outrage is the artistic rendering of the Chairman, Barack Obama.

You can have this shipped to your door for a mere $28.00. All you have to do is send a money order (no checks, pay-pal or credit cards) to:

Paul Huebl
PO BOX 24055
Los Angeles, CA 90024.

Be the first Obamanomics protester on your block to pay proper homage to this total Bolshevik that occupies our Whitehouse. Fight tyranny!

LAPD Police Chief William Bratton Suddenly Walks Off The Job.

Los Angeles, CA—William Bratton announced his resignation just one year into a three-year term as LAPD’s top cop. The move is said to enable Bratton to take a post in private security.

Bratton seems to have avoided scandal, labor problems or out-of-control crime during his reign. The ride of peace and prosperity is rapidly coming to a close in the land of free money for slackers. Leaving now makes perfect sense for the 61 year-old in light of a bleak future for Los Angeles.

As California releases many tens of thousands of criminals from its prisons crime can be expected to rise off the charts. The convicts will be released into a bankrupt state that has chased far too many employers away through extortionate taxation. That’s a recipe for a total catastrophe. Bratton knows this and that he’s be better off anywhere away from the once Golden State.

This move has caught Los Angeles public officials by surprise. He also recently put his home up for sale. They will now have to scramble to find a replacement.

With California’s gun laws that protect criminals, law abiding citizens better rethink their following the unconstitutional gun prohibitions. Police will never be able to contain crime or provide reasonable protection for the public. Angelinos will have little choice but judicious use of self-help. It may be time to take one of the training programs offered by the NRA.

Bratton is expected to hold a press conference at noon today (PST). I don’t expect much light to be shed on his stunning departure.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

On Meeting Clint Eastwood Today In Westwood…

Los Angeles, CA--Shopping with his wife is one of my all time favorite actors, Clint Eastwood. They were shopping at the Whole Foods in Westwood Village. I quietly complimented him on his achievements and let him shop in peace.

Eastwood extended his hand for a handshake and flashed a broad smile. As much as I wanted to have his wife take a picture of him and me it would have made a spectacle of his shopping so I ruled that out.