Monday, May 04, 2009

A step Back In Time

Frankfurt, Germany—Instead of being sent to Viet Nam when I was drafted into the Army I served as a medical corpsman in Germany. I was in a Sachsenhausen club called Le Carousel in 1968-70. I was enjoying the company of some young beautiful women that year and here were a few songs they’d play for my enjoyment.


Anonymous said...

Great stuff, Paul..thanks.

Ed Skinner said...

What, no Cream?

Anonymous said...

I was also stationed in Frankfurt as a Military Policeman in the early 70's and visited Sachsenhausen many times. The only downside on a weekend night was the place was loaded with GI's, with a guy to girl ratio of probably 10 to 1. Not good odds. Then again, a visit to "Crazy Sexy" was always an option if things got too bad. Haha. But I was young, single, and had a great time over there and wish I could do it all over again. Also, working foot patrol in the Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof was always an interesting experience. Many times we were approached by visiting American tourists and would chat with them about what was happening back "in the world". Good times.