Sunday, May 10, 2009

Packing Loaded Guns, Arizona and the NRA Convention

Phoenix, AZ—Accepting the conventional wisdom of our nation’s gun control zealots Phoenix, Arizona is about to have the grandest bloodbath ever.

You see this state that allows open personal carrying and transporting in unlocked car glove compartments, loaded guns without any special permits is about to be invaded. Let me not forget to mention if you bother to obtain a “shall issue”, concealed weapons permit from this your own state you can conceal all of the unregistered guns in Arizona you want.

Who is invading this gun happy city you ask? At least 60,000 members of the National Rifle Association will be there all week. The convention will bring these gun-packin’ folks, like minded in their efforts to protect gun rights in America.

Now if the conventional gun-grabbing wisdom and logic is even remotely correct these gun nuts will be involved in numerous mass shootings. The hospitals and undertakers will be doing a land office business as mothers all over the city will be crying over the loss of their children.

That war-zone scenario is pure hogwash. Criminals that engage in mugging, rape and car-jacking during this convention may well find they have chosen the wrong line of work.

Please feel free compare the crime statistics for all cities with what happens in Phoenix this week.

If you were wondering, that's me holding a real Chicago Typewriter.

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San Bernardino PI said...

ah the old 45 cal Thompson Sub-Machine gun.. How I wish I still had mine