Friday, May 08, 2009

The New Trend In Big City Law Enforcement Recruiting

I’d hoped I’d never see the day when cops would be recruited from the ranks of petty criminals. There is a double sin involved here, committing a crime and getting caught.

I’ve heard the horror stories of cops with criminal records. The small wealthy town of Paradise Valley, Arizona hired at least one criminal, Brian D. McFarland who actually got convicted for impersonating a police officer. He was arrested in a Milwaukee, WI tavern bathroom by an undercover cop. McFarland went on to be the most sued officer in Arizona law enforcement history racking up millions in legal fees and damage awards.

Now cities are scraping the bottom of the barrel intentionally hiring thieves, thugs and liars for the sacred position of trust.


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Bad Lieutenant. Harvey Keitel was outstanding in that role. I especially liked the scene where he pulled the two ladies over. Haha. He'd fit right in to this new hiring scheme. What is this world coming to?