Sunday, May 03, 2009

Having Lunch With A Celebrity Murder Suspect

Chicago, IL—This week I took Chicago lawyer Joel Brodsky up on his offer for a lunch. We went to the swank GAGE restaurant on Michigan Avenue. Also there was retired Bolingbrook police sergeant and so called murder suspect Drew Peterson.

Prosecutors and Illinois State Police investigating the death of one of Peterson’s former wives and the strange disappearance of another have called Peterson a suspect. I take exception to that moniker that’s usually reserved only for people who are arrested and prosecuted. Peterson has not been charged or even arrested.

Unfortunately there are so many people who believe that Peterson is a double murderer without the presence of so much as minimal evidence required to bring that matter to a criminal court.

Is Peterson a killer? If anyone really knows they’re not telling and I’m not clairvoyant. What’s wrong with giving Peterson the presumption of innocence any accused American deserves? In this case Peterson has not even been accused by authorities.

I found that Peterson himself has charm and is very personable. He’s bright and just does not strike me as the type of person that would murder anyone.

Peterson’s life right now is a really bad movie. Strangers recognize him, approach and introduce themselves to him like they do with Hollywood celebrities. That while acquaintances try and make money through Peterson’s new found celebrity.

The investigation of Peterson has been ongoing and relentless. I have no problem with that at all. When the evidence is not there Peterson and his children deserve the right to move on without people pointing fingers at them.

Some people have accused me for being on Drew Peterson’s side. They’re dead wrong; I’m on the side of Due Process. How soon we forget how many American soldiers gave their lives to insure we have a Bill of Rights that protects all of us.

Let me not forget to say the food and service at the Gage was first rate.


Anonymous said...

The man is innocent. He's never been proved guilty!

Anonymous said...

What murder??Isnt it a missing persons case?

Mark Herpel said...

Kind of a strange guy that Drew, but this is America and he has not been charged with anything. Free man walking.

Feel free to shut me up with an arrest and conviction anytime.


Anonymous said...

It just so happens that I am a friend of Drews. The man has not done anything, its a witch hunt of epic porptions. Hes smart, funny and a really nice guy. It really bothers me that people only see what the press puts out there and thats the sinister stuff. I would stand up for him anywhere any time because I just do not see it and I am not blind. Thank god he has Joel to protect him in court, other wise he would be railroaded.

Anonymous said...

As always the "HENS" have to slam anyone who can think for themselves, no we would rather be "sheep". Too bad for them because they have been stewing in their juices for a very LONG time !