Sunday, May 03, 2009

Carmen Trutanich For Los Angeles City Attorney

Los Angeles, CA-- Carmen Trutanich is running for the Los Angeles City Attorney. He is opposed by city councilman and career gun-rights hater Jack Weiss. Weiss is out of touch and does not want to see law-abiding people stopping murder, rape or armed robbery with lawfully possessed firearms. He’d rather see victimization.

Trutanich is a law and order kind og guy that wants to do whatever he can to insure public safety in this city. As the California Department of Corrections is set to release tens of thousands of convicted felons on our streets early because of budget problems the law abiding need all the help they can get.

Weiss has been running countless ads smearing Trutanich with blatantly false allegations suggesting he’s soft on crime for defending gun owners as a defense attorney.

There is a lot more to being a prosecutor than making prosecutorial war on middle-aged gun owners for having gun collections. The US Supreme court and the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has made it clear in recent times that owning firearms is a valid individual, Constitutional right. Jack Weiss hates the Constitution and wants to violate those rights as City Attorney.

Weiss can be counted to rack up millions in legal bills and damage awards after wrongfully charged gun owners sue the city over his unlawful gun crusade against them.

Vote early and often for Carmen Trutanich as your City Prosecutor.

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