Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Will The Tax Day Tea Parties Slow Down The Communist Takeover Of America?

Washington, DC—Angry Americans are planning nationwide peaceful demonstrations that are being called Tea Parties. They're designed to send a message to the new administration that brought us more than hope and change. They really brought us their giant Bolshevik wet dream instead.

The real Boston Tea Party was anything but a peaceful demonstration. It involved the forceful boarding of Royal Ships and the destruction of a great deal of the King’s property. That tea party got more than the King’s attention it was the beginning of a horrible war that ultimately established this once great and free country.

The government takeover of private industry is in now full swing along with the re-distribution of wealth.

Our new government is allowing enemy nations to arm and test their weapons of mass destruction while our new President vows to disarm America.

Americans are about to see a massive effort to bring unprecedented, unconstitutional gun laws and persecutions of gun owners refusing to follow the government dictate.

I fully expect the April 15 Tea Parties to end with not a single concession and nothing but the continued forced march to Communism over our backs.

Americans must get ready to destroy this un-American cancer that’s spreading across our land. A good Communist is a dead Communist. Freedom has never been free; we will once again be forced to earn it with our blood.

We can only head of a holocaust if we can convince the administration that we are serious about our freedom and American way of life.

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