Sunday, April 05, 2009

Will Barack Obama’s Lofty Goals End In A Treason Prosecution?

Washington, DC—Will Barack Obama be the first American President to be executed or flee to exile over acts of treason?

Right now Obama’s minions either have or are drafting legislation enabling the President to shut down the Internet, violate gun rights, take over private companies and banks, destroy free enterprise, and dump the dollar for Red Chinese controlled currency.

Can an American President destroy the atomic national defense weapons secretly without the consent of Congress or the American people? Unfortunately I believe the answer to that is yes. All it takes is a disloyal President like that Marxist Obama to order it under the label of Top Secret.

Folks I see rough times ahead.


Anonymous said...

This man scares the shit out of me.......... I am thinking there will be a revolt before he is tried for treason. Americans may have been fooled by his bull before election day, but the liberals who voted for him are NOW FINALLY waking up!!!! He is messing with a sleeping GIANT, I don't believe Americans will stand by and let this all happen, he will be gone, impeached or tried for treason, none to soon in my book.

Anonymous said...

Maybe not.But you can still get one of these!!

Anonymous said...

I can think of only one time that I have agreed with Joe Biden.
"The presidency is no place for On the job training"