Friday, April 17, 2009

Was CNN’s Susan Roesgen Fighting For Obama Or Reporting News?

Chicago, IL—At Chicago’s Tea Party CNN reporter, Susan Roesgen waded into the crowd to spin the event as anti-government. I guess she thinks anyone that wants to protect the Constitution along with its liberty and freedom must be anti-government. Roesgen also called the event anti-CNN and proclaimed it was being led by Fox News.

Roesgen could not grasp the concept that excessive taxation also takes liberty. Taxation to the point of slavery is anything but freedom. There is a strong argument that today’s working Americans are slaves to corrupt politicians and their contributors. I thought we outlawed slavery long ago.

The problem with Roesgen was that she did not like the answers to her questions and chose to pick fights with the demonstrators. Roesgen became emotional and unprofessional as she tried to advocate the Barack Obama talking points to demonstrators. It was lousy TV news but great TV.

I imagine the public referendum results on this battle of the cable news outlets are in the latest ratings on Tax Day.

FOXNEWS 3,390,000
MSNBC 1,210,000
CNN 1,070,000

Fox News played Roesgen’s confrontational clip over and over as a solid demonstration of perceived CNN’s pro-Obama bias. CNN is playing to their own smaller audience and they have every right to do that because the ethical matters of traditional journalism have gone by the wayside.

True journalism gave way to subtle slanting. Over the decades the subtle slanting became full blown advocacy. News as we knew it is dead and today we have a free-for-all. Perhaps it’s more honest. They can report and we will decide.

I have to say in the final analysis if news presenters and writers would all disclose their bias instead of pretending the public would be better served. Saying that I can’t condemn Susan Roesgen for her bias.

Captured video by a bystander:

Here is the CNN story:


Anonymous said...

Live from Chicago...

It really kills the Marxists to see honest, conservatives telling the truth from Chicago, "Obama's Imaginary Hometown".

Chicago,"Murder Capitol of the USA"

Anonymous said...

CNN = Communist News Network

Chicago Tribune & Chicago Sun Times =
Pravda I and Pravda II

Illinois Vote said...

Lets look at it this way. If we were to go back a year in time and report about a event that was protesting something the Bush administration did, would a CNN reporter behave that way ? I don't think so. Rogesgen completely threw out any professionalism and had absolutely ZERO integrity in objectivity that the press should have and so sorely is missing anymore.

She should be dismissed and should re-attend university to retake some of those journalism classes she obviously skipped out of.

No wonder Fox news is killing the other networks in ratings. Some of the people are waking up.

Anonymous said...

She loves radiator hose.

Hi-Caliber News got good video said...

Unlike CNN we were fair and balanced.
Listen to the comments of all those that we interviewed on camera.
We even attempted to interview an assmlyman and congressman in their offices.

Click on above link.listen to my comments to the FBI and Dept of HLS