Saturday, April 04, 2009

Video: Muslims beat girl, 17, in Islamic stronghold of Swat, Pakistan

Swat, Pakistan--I watched this sickening and horrible video of a vicious beating of this girl. Her screams are bone chilling. Her crime or the justification, evidence for this punishment will evade anyone but a cruel sadist.

I can’t imagine what these scumbags would do to Western women if they had a chance. Islam demands this kind of horror and is still considered a religion. Of course the so-called honor killings of women are a way of life. Islam needs to be wiped off the face of the earth.

When you watch this video you will want to bomb or burn every Islamic mosque on earth to the ground. It is easy to understand the need for the Crusades.

Watch this if you can stomach the brutality.


Racial Profiling Islamics said...

They do need racial profiling. Great video here.

I don’t think any Lieutenants or cops in Calif have the guts to talk like this on TV. Listen to what the Lt says about his own Mayor.

Anonymous said...

I am happy to report that the new government is going after those that beat her. Justice may prevail..

Ed Skinner said...

The girl is now claiming the video to be a fake --,2933,512785,00.html
But having watched the video, I there clearly *is* someone inside all that fabric who reacts to the strikes. Yes, the audio could be dubbed. And yes, the "victim" could've been wearing a lot of protection. And yes, the "crowd" could all have been paid-off or otherwise coerced to participating in a sham.
But I think it far more likely that the girl is being coerced into this denial.
Public flogging is not what a civilized society does.