Saturday, April 11, 2009

This Time The Boogeyman Is A Woman!

Tracy, CA-Little, eight year-old Sandra Cantu was missing. The usual suspect sought by police is nearly always some twisted male pedophile. Cops are out checking every creep in or passing through the neighborhood. As always police hope they’d somehow find the child alive somewhere but as time passes. That kind of luck was not happening with this case.

Ten days later on April 6, farm workers draining a nearby irrigation pond found a suitcase that contained the murdered child’s remains. There is little in the way of mayhem that can disturb a veteran cop. I know of no cop than can stomach dealing with the abused or murdered children he many encounter during his career. These cases are indeed the tough ones to deal with.

Right now the information is being guarded by police and prosecutors but their investigation caused them to ask 28 year-old Melissa Huckaby if she’d stop by the station and help police reconstruct the dead child’s last days of life.

Police already knew that Huckaby a Sunday school teacher at Clover Road Baptist Church, where her grandfather is the pastor, received a visit from the murdered girl who came to play with the suspect’s own five year-old daughter.

Whatever happened during that interview ended with Huckaby’s arrest for murdering the little girl. Police using warrants searched the Huckaby family home and vehicles. Huckaby told police her suitcase was left in her driveway and later turned up missing.

Investigators confronted their suspect with inconsistencies in her statements. During the interview police believe they developed probable cause to arrest Huckaby for murdering the girl.

Now Huckaby is facing charges for kidnapping and murder. What remains to be revealed is the motive for the crime. As the case is presented to a preliminary hearing court or a Grand Jury those details will probably not be released by police or prosecutors. The grisly details will be saved for a public courtroom presentation.

Huckaby has been chatty with reporters from jail since her arrest as this video shows.

Huckaby Booking Information

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