Tuesday, April 07, 2009

This Is A Great Country!

Laguna Niguel, CA—It all began 30 years ago as a silly prank that was a product of a wager. People lined up by the Amtrack train and mooned the train passengers.

Every second Saturday in July, thousands show up for a chance to display their bare butts to hapless train passengers passing by. With the introduction of alcohol some of the celebrants have been known to get carried away and display more their buns.

Reports of flagrant displays of sex acts and drunken excess have caused the city fathers to find ways to ban the event. I guess they don’t want people having too much fun. I’d like to think the city fathers worry about some real problems like their budget and let the silly cavorting clowns have their fun.

Perhaps the members of the City Council need to take a little field trip and participate this July before they destroy a tradition.


Too Many Rectums said...

That's somebody's daughter out there!

Anonymous said...

What is the guy in the black t-shirt looking at? Not the pretty blond female!

Ed Skinner said...

Absolutely disgusting!
I'm marking my calendar for July 11th -- Avoid train through Laguna Niguel.
Er, what time of day?
And which side of the train?

Anonymous said...

shdes of the ssi parade on western, saw more ass and cooch then a explosion in a porno theater,ahhh there now bridget darling this is how we do the breatalyser