Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spector Verdict Is An Injustice

Los Angeles, CA—Legendary record producer Phil Spector should have never been arrested. Spector was arrested, tried and put through two trials that were unfair and un-American.

The most outrageous departure from fairness was the introduction of evidence of some failed relationships spanning 30 years. Recently in California lazy prosecutors created a voter proposition that would allow them to bring up uncharged or proven past allegations. I say lazy because this made convicting people including innocents a lot easier.

In Spector’s case the allegations were actually outside that proposition that became law. Most states would never allow that kind of gossip to taint a defendant’s trial.

The accusations against Spector should have stood or fallen on the scientific evidence alone. The jury was heavily influenced by gossip and hate rather than evidence.

The jury in this high-profile case should have been sequestered because of the media interest and thousands of pages of material posted on the internet most of which is inaccurate or worse. Jurors cannot be trusted to discontinue their Internet use while assigned to their duties. A Google search of Phil Spector and murder provided these results: “Results 1 - 50 of about 431,000 for Phil Spector Murder. (0.34 seconds)”

Judge Larry Paul Fidler took the prosecution’s side from the very beginning of the case, ruling for them on nearly every point raised during the pendency of the case.

This kind of injustice rarely gets anyone’s attention until they or a loved one is suddenly on trial.

I’m confident that Phil Spector’s conviction and sentence will be overturned. I’m not so confident that Phil Spector will survive long enough for the legal reviews of these serious issues.

In the mean time we can count on Lana Clarkson’s mother to use this conviction to her advantage in a civil court to loot Phil Spector’s sizable estate.


A Voice of Sanity said...

Spector should have moved his estate off shore as soon as this happened. The OJ Simpson and Robert Blake cases were surely a warning to him and his lawyers.

Hell, he'd have done better to transfer it all to me for $1 and 'other valuable consideration', conditional on any conviction. At least I would give it back - the greedy relatives never will.

He should also counter-sue her estate for millions since her suicide was a tort which has cost him dearly.

Justice for Our Phil said...

The only reason I'm at all hopeful this decision might be overturned is because Judge Larry Paul Freedom-ridder won't be involved!

Paul I sincerely hope we will get that Appeal and set Phil free, how can Alan Jackson sleep at night knowing full well he put an INNOCENT MAN in jail? Oh yeah, I know! Jackson has no conscience. I personally feel he did this not for "Justice for Lana" but for his own huge ego.

And yeah, I do hope Spector survives long enough-people might forget this man's got an inner strength when most people would have wilted by now. Hear the rumor he would most likely take or try to down a cyanide pill if convicted? Did we see that happen?

Justice for Phil!!!!!!

Disgusted said...

It's not enough they jailed him.
Now people are slinging mud at his mug shot, courtesy of the slimeballs at TMZ. When's the last time you saw a "good looking" MUG shot? They call him a "MURDERER."

It's not enough they jailed him. No, people have to add so many repulsive comments on that Spector hate blog (we all know which one that is). People have to gloat, to bask in the "glory" of justice for Lana.

Sickening beyond belief!

Unknown said...

I used to have a lawyer friend, who was a Duke alumni. He was always trying to impress me that he was smart. (You know the intellectual types I'm talking about, right?) Well at least he was a defense lawyer.

One day, I met up with "Charles" after he had been to a luncheon with other lawyers. There were prosecutors and defense lawyers eating together. He noted how the prosecutors bragged about convicting innocent people. They look at it like a chess match, and morality has nothing to do with it. Here is what Charles said one said.

"Any idiot can convict a guilty person, but the challenge comes when people are, in fact, innocent."

Watch MSNBC's "Witchhunt" and think about the luncheon "Charles" attended.

Here's a link google gave back when I searched for MSNBC+Witchhunt

It is all very sickening.

Unknown said...

I agree with A Voice of Sanity, Phil Spector - who God willing does survive this deranged set up - should sue Donna Clarkson, the District Attorney, the prosecutors, the investigators, the coroners, the "driver," Alhambra PD, and everyone involved in this nightmare.

Getting Larry Fidler out of the way is a step in the right direction. He should be removed from the bench for this and for having the audacity to incarcerate Phillip - saying he's dangerous. He has done nothing, whatsoever, since posting bond. Fidler is not only dangerous to our communities - he is an absolute danger to the Constitution of the United States of America which he has subverted.

Everyone I talk to says that Alan Jackson, Steve Cooley, Truc Do and that rotten crowd of criminals (personal observation based on personal experience) know that they set up an innocent man but they want to be famous so they sleep well at night. Why would Jackson want justice for a woman who was allegedly a prostitute who played with guns, mixed alcohol and vicodin, forged letters - presumably to obtain loans with, and clearly shot herself at Phil Spector's ... endangering Mr. Spector's life as well - as we now see perfectly well.

Phil Spector is not a coward. The deranged madmen and women that set him up are and everyone in America should demand justice - or this can and will happen to them and/or you.

The creative writing is more fun than the truth. One would think serious journalists would want to know why Bill Pavelic believes LAPD's grotesque Robbery-Homicide Unit set up him, Dr. Henry Lee, and Dr. Michael Baden ... as revenge for the OJ trial.

Watch Nancy Grace's witch-hunt. Then call up the mother and ask her why she would participate in the glamorization of Lana Clarkson.

If you haven't noticed there is clear juror tampering on the internet - a note to the judge and jurors (pre-verdict) from Clarkson's friends. It is shocking.

Michelle Blaine has motive for her site - Bruce Cutler, who understands slander and defamanation, called her a bald-faced liar and a thief. I think those words indicate what is behind her malice. Sprocket is apparently involved, somehow, with Donna Clarkson. She certainly twists everything and wouldn't know a fact or evidence if she fell over it/them.

I want to thank Paul for his bravery.


Unknown said...

This certainly looks like juror tampering. Obviously, the judge incarcerated Phillip - until sentencing - for political reasons.
My response was not published. The newsmedia continues to slant the news and is hiding the truth. They are complicit in the demonization of Phil Spector.


Jury Tampering - Blatant

To the Jury and the Judge in the Phil Spector Murder Trial- A Special Message
Apologies for Lana Clarkson's Mother's Lawyers Who Threaten Friends of Lana For Wanting to Talk Nice About her For the Murder Trial
Los Angeles - We know that you are not sequestered and can listen to the radio, read newspapers, receive e-mails and text messages outside the courtroom. We know that despite your testimony that you are not doing any of this for -ah 1/2 year now?????---You are indeed checking out the news on this trial. Judge Fidler, you know this and even tried to stop it short of sequestering.
So Jury, we hope with all our heart that you will have someone forward this advisory to you ...even if only a few of you get this..we hope it will give you a clear message from some of the good friends of Lana Clarkson on what is going on.
As friends of Lana Clarkson, some who knew her better than her own family, we would like to explain to you why none of us (real friends) have not testified or talked to the media.-Also we want to explain to you why the mother and sister of Lana Clarkson have not spoken to the media, her friends, and the public in any way about their beautiful daughter and sister Lana Clarkson. We don't want you to see this puzzling behavior as a negative towards Lana's life, personality and family life. Sadly we think this behavior helped two jury members last year choose not to find Spector guilty. We have heard that some of you jury members wondered out loud why, "...even her own mother and daughter didn't come to her defense"....Don't get this wrong. Lana loved her family, and her family loved her, yet she had her own life and was independent. Mother and daughter are under the Zingalli-like brainwashing influence of their two troubling civil lawyers. It hurts us when the Clarkson family's two puzzling lawyers, hired only to file and litigate the future wrongful death civil trial, actually put a gag on her family and friends for this murder trial. Although they have no legal power to do this, Roderick Lindblom and John Taylor (who never met Lana), have threatened some of her friends and demanded that we do not speak with the media and justified their demand with this statement, "...something you say may come back to screw up our civil wrongful death case".
We want you jury members to know that there is a group of concerned friends and co-workers who loved Lana and her spiritual lovely way. The chosen witnesses for both the prosecution and defense have excluded family and friends. You have only seen Lana's mother speak once in court and it was tainted testimony caused by both the influence of the defense and the prosecution. There should be no threats or anything coming from Mr. Taylor and Mr Lindblom! They have attempted to even follow through on threats to Edward Lozzi, Lana's friend and one time publicist, who even worked for Lana's memory and consulted for these two lawyers pro-bono before he was threatened and slandered by them. Mr. Lozzi would not continue to remain quiet about Lana and her admirable career and history. He helped turn the ignorant and negative media comments around by the media about Lana for the past six years including influencing Dominick Dunne from Vanity Fair, who even become a crusader for Lana. Lana's family and their two lawyers despise Dunne and have said so publicily. Lozzi helped place the mother and daughter on ABC News, the only TV interview they ever did in 2005. Their two lawyers wanted them to announce- guess what? -The wrongful death civil suit! Lozzi was defamed in writing and to the media last year by Mr. Taylor and Mr. Lindblom. You know these two by site. They sit in the courtroom every day next to the mother and daughter. They are useless. They should be ashamed for what they have done. I know you have heard so much mumbo-jumbo from Doron Weinberg as well as false testimony from his paid witnesses....but wouldn't it have been nice for her friends to have testified or to have appeared in the media. Are you still wondering why this has not happened? Many fear reprisals from these two unethical lawyers. Many of Lana's friends were threatened by these lawyers and most have disappeared out of fear. Some did not and were falsely attacked by the lawyers. We are not like Punkin Pie or disgruntled producers who testified at the trial and were compromised by money and fame to turn around their stories. We are friends who have experienced the talent, motivation, help, and good will of Lana Clarkson and so desperately want you to know that. They say testimony from friends and family is prejudicial. However we know her and the personality that could not commit suicide-and even talked a friend out of suicide. Suicide! Get real jury.
We don't care about the wrongful death civil suit. WE want this gun crazy psychopath Phil Spector taken out of society. A vast number of important people( over 50 to 100) came forward to sign affidavits that Phil Spector pulled loaded guns on them over a 40 year period. Only 5 women were allowed to testify. You heard Spector's death threats on tape, you saw his gun collection, you saw blood on his jacket, you heard the testimony of his own driver that Spector killed......that it was an accident!!!!! Lana did not own a gun. Lana was preparing for her new comedy tour. Lana bought 8 pairs of shoes for work the same day. Lana had her shoulder bag on waiting for the limo driver to pick her up at the back door when she was murdered. Come on jury- Wake up! What is it going to take? Don't dumb down now. Don't be abused by the foreman or other jurors like what happened with the first jury. Don't let Spector go. Many of those abused by him and involved in this trial fear his threatened reprisals. Abusers like him are incurable. He will do it again and it will be on your conscience. The two civil lawyers have no conscience.
Posted by: Friends of Lana Clarkson April 12, 2009 at 07:10 PM

Aloha said...

Lana Clarkson did not purchase 8 pair of shoes. It was her mother who purchased them. What proof do we have that all these shoes were for Lana?

Anonymous said...

Paul - If Phil Spector appeals his conviction is it true that Lana Clarkson's family can still go ahead with their civil suit? Or is her civil suit on hold until the appeal is determined?

Anonymous said...

Judge Larry Paul Fidler likes to be in control and involved in a media circus. He could only be himself and he isn't very fair.

Another famous person that Judge Larry Paul Fidler has been involved with at arms length, is Roman Polanski.

In 1998 Judge Larry Paul Fidler wanted the new criminal hearing against Roman Polanski to be televised in Los Angeles Criminal Courts. Roman Polanski declined Judge Larry Paul Fidler's invite.

Note: Roman Polanski who directed China Town, Rosemary's Baby etc, was charged with having sex with minor in Jack Nicholson's home in the 1970's. Before his sentencing Roman Polanski fled to France where he has lived ever since.

As Judge Larry Fidler has dealt with Roman Polanski perhaps he thought that Phil Spector might take off like Roman Polanski did -by taking a hike in the Pyrenees to never return- before his sentencing.

Well Spector didn't have a choice like Polanski and he is well under Fidler's wing.

It was only a matter of time once the witch hunt had started that the sophisticated spin from the good looking guy, the words of an illegal worker, the irrelevant women who are alive, and the horrific pix of Lana would convince 22 jurors, that Spector was guilty.

I don't have a handle on the truth but I agree with Paul that the scientific evidence was ignored and I believe Adriano De Sousa lacks credibility, because as an illegal worker he was never a free agent in this country.

A Voice of Sanity said...

Scott Peterson is being sued in civil court although he has yet to have his first appeal heard in the sluggish CA courts (and has no assets). The more interesting question is, will he be able to sue the Rocha clan and many others when his case is overturned? Or will he be blocked by some arbitrary statute of limitations? The SCOTUS has made some ludicrous rulings on this IIRC, requiring suit to be initiated within foolish time frames.

Anonymous said...

Apparently Phil Spector is at a (County Prison) hospital because of all the perscription drugs that he takes.

Phil Spector is shocked by the outcome.

Phil Spector is less than 100 pounds in weight and about 5 feet tall. Some of the ex County Prisoners say that he should know how to fight. I am not sure how he would learn if he is on drugs and is 69 years old and is less than 100 pounds in weight.

The Ex County Prisoners complain about the prison food and say it is crap. I don't know how Phil Spector is going to survive without his gourmet food. I guess he is going to starve.

Phil Spector's attorney Doron Weinberg has already visited him at the prison hospital. Attorney Weinberg is optimistic that Spector has strong grounds for an appeal and also states that a suicide watch is not needed for him currently.

The news story video is at this link


Anonymous said...

The more I look at this case, the more I am convinced Spector was railroaded.

1) The prosecution admitted that no one could say with certainty who shot the gun

2) Lana had mentioned suicide in her dairy in some capacity

3) No one buys 8 pairs of shoes for $150 from Nordstrom, so that cannot be reliable evidence that her mood was on an upswing

4) No fingerprint evidence

5) A totally biased judge

6) A woman whose career has bottomed out, who is afraid she will not make rent, who is depressed and tells it to her friends, ends up at the home of a 62 year old man, quaffs Vicodin and alcohol, and it is considered unreasonable to assume she is suicidal?!

7) No fingerprints or DNA

8) A witness who is an illegal alien

9) Spector mentioned suicide to the cops that morning before he was released which is what one would expect if he sobered up after seeing a suicide. Before the defense went with it. No lawyer could have dreamed it up.

I do NOT know Spector

I would NOT like to meet him

He has cheated his talent. Courts have found that he did not pay royalties. He seems to have abused his kids.

He has a temper and he can play at violence

And I would not eat with him unless the forks and spoons were cheap plastic.



I do not know what happened.

But I do know the prosecution did not prove it.

Maybe this is karma for past sins of Spector, but this trial was about 1 death, not karma.

Anonymous said...

Any Chance of a Mistrial in Phil Spector's second trial - due to proof of Juror Misconduct?

In March 09, a juror in a drug trial in a different case admitted that he had done research for the case on the Internet, directly violating the judge’s instructions and centuries of legal rules. But when the judge questioned the rest of the jury, he was shocked further as Eight other jurors had been doing the same thing. The judge had no choice but to declare a mistrial. See below for full article.


The Coin Guy said...

Phil Spector was railroaded. Even I, someone 3,000 miles away have evidence to show that he could not have been given a fair trial.
Hang in there Mr S !