Thursday, April 09, 2009

Spector Jury on another misconduct opportunity Holiday!

Los Angeles, CA—The jury in the retrial of music legend Phil Spector must need more time to catch up on their Internet surfing of Spector related websites. This time it’s a woman juror who reportedly complained of illness and the jury was sent home.

Reportedly the ill juror will call in the morning and provide an update on her condition. Depending on the report the jury may return to deliberate only for a half day because of Good Friday.

In any event the jury deliberations will continue on Monday. I know they found the Clarkson family hate blogger’s site, now perhaps they can find mine, for another point of view.

Update: As of 8:35 AM Friday, the ill juror is on the mend and deliberations will resume at least for a half-day.

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Anonymous said...

Lets hope they will look for an alternative point of view.

Here is one - to challenge why the prosecution's Brazilian star witness should not be believed, the gist is below

Brazilian Adriano De Souza - Phil Spector's chauffeur that night - was working illegally in US. The man was hungry. was tired. and after hearing gun shots was in fear. His English was poor. The fountain was noisy. The words were slurred. The police were pushy. A green card beckoned.

In Phil Spector's case there are many reasons why the jurors should not believe the testimony of a Brazilian chauffeur Adriano De Souza who was working illegally and who claims that Phil Spector admitted shooting Lana Clarkson six years ago.

Adriano DeSouza, Star witness for the prosecution, testified that immediately after a gunshot rang out, Spector stepped out of the back door of the Pyrennes Castle holding a gun in a bloodied hand and said, “I think I killed somebody.”

Adriano DeSouza could easily have misheard Phil Spector's words or alternatively heard what he wanted to hear because shortly before that a gun had been fired. But De Souza did not see who fired that gun!!!

Adriano De Souza hadn’t slept in 22 hours or eaten in 10 hours and like anyone would be - was shocked and frightened by the gunshot. This situation also meant that he had to face authorities in addition to facing his illegal immigration status where he had no permit to work as a chauffeur.

DeSouza’s ability to understand Spector was certainly hindered by a loudly burbling fountain nearby and his limited grasp of English, and because he heard a gunshot prior to hearing Spector, and because of his fear!!!!

Phil Spector quite likely told the driver to Call Somebody - and not I shot somebody.

Then after Adriano De Souza called the police - the investigators encouraged De Souza into a version of the statement supporting that Spector was guilty of murdering Lana Clarkson and once De Souza was LOCKED IN, he felt obligated to stick by it, especially because it would buy him a residency to live in USA.