Thursday, April 23, 2009

L.A. Gun Buy-Back Is Good For Gun Lovers!

Los Angeles, CA—Once again, taxpayers will get bitten with another gun buy-back, feel good, wastefest.

Los Angeles and the already financially distressed TV stations, CBS 2/ KCAL 9 have teamed up to buy handguns for $100.00 and so called assault weapons for $200.00. Instead of cash they will be handing out Ralph’s grocery store gift certificates or Visa gift cards. I see no difficulty with their form of payment. As usual the nitwits have promised that no questions will be asked.

Now is the time to gather your non-collectable, cheap, rusty junk and use the financial reward to offset the cost of better guns and ammunition.

If you have a nice gun and know for sure it’s not stolen any gun dealer in the country will pay you cash so why bring anything valuable or nice to the dopes running the buy-back program.

If the taxpayers of Los Angeles want the politicians to pay premium prices for rusty scrap they deserve that city’s bankruptcy.

To my friends in Arizona gather all the crap handguns or rusty, broken SKS carbines you can and bring them to L.A. on May 9th to the drop off points and help Los Angeles folks learn that the inmates are running the asylum there.

The rest of the details of this silliness can be found here.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Paul. Keep us posted if you see one of these in Chicago. I have a few junkers I'd like to trade in to fund a new 12ga.

VLWH Paul said...

Remember: It's all about intentions, not results!

Illinois Voter said...

Paul I've seen pictures of what california gun owners have had to do to comply to those laws. What is a AW in california? A 10/22 and a 10 round removable magazine? What about a .22 cricket with a barrel shroud thingy....... ?

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

California gun laws are so convoluted and screwy not even the cops and prosecutors can keep up with them. These laws are designed to confound and trap confused gun owners.

Anonymous said...

I've often wondered abut showing up at a "GUN BUY BACK" and paying cash for the firearms being brought in.
Question....How can you "BUY BACK" something you've never owned?

Ed Skinner said...

Drat! Already sold my crappy guns at a carport sale, and for less than $100 each.
Oh well, they probably made it into Mexico faster that way than through the LAPD.

Anonymous said...

If someone is turning in a gun for safety reasons & concern "for the children", then why do they need a bribe? Couldn't they just give the gun to the police any time they want, anonymously if needed? If you care about your kids, wouldn't you want to get rid of the gun right away and not save it for a buyback?

Sigivald said...

On the picture - I bet that StG-44 was worth more than $200 even rusted up.