Sunday, April 19, 2009

Gun Penalty Enhancements On Prison Sentences Are Misdirected

In most states if a firearm is used in a crime laws require serious additional punishment. So if instead a criminal uses gasoline, knives, bats or a 3,000 pound car to injure or kill someone that somehow deserves lesser punishment.

The real key is injury or death. If a criminal in the course of a crime injures, kills or threatens anyone with any dangerous item the enhancement should be uniform.

Violent criminals will use whatever they get their hands on at the moment. It’s the violence itself and not the instrument used that causes harm.

Keeping all violent all offenders off our streets is a much better answer than gun penalty enhancements.

Remember America’s most prolific serial killers Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy or Jeffrey Dahmer had no history of using firearms. The two largest mass murders in American history were accomplished with fertilizer and gasoline. The Oklahoma bombing and the Happyland Social Club in New York arson holocaust did not involve the use of firearms.


Anonymous said...

you are 1000000000% right on this...........And laws have to be changed so that a firearm is equal with anything that is lethal enough to kill a human being. If they kill by fire, they are charged the same, If it is done by knife, it is the same as a gun.

Anonymous said...

Happyland Social Club,that incident gets "0" play from the anti-gun crowd.You can kill ALOT of people with a gallon of gasoline.

The true agenda is to disarm Americans for totalitarian enslavement,not public safety.

Rush baby said...

Not really.

It's more of a way saying ""You have a God given right to life, liberty, and P.O.H. Your second amendment right was to protect such, and you used it in the name of evil. For this you will burn for it."

If anything, most firearm charges get DROPPED at plea bargains.