Thursday, April 02, 2009

Chicago Police Stand Up Against Mayor Daley’s Olympic Bid

Chicago, IL—All the Olympic Games are to Mayor Richard M. Daley is an event providing an endless supply of political extortion opportunities. Contractors will be lining up to overload City Hall bagman with cash or they won’t be allowed to participate in city work.

The Daley-Burke Machine is looking at this event to pay off for them from committee selection day forward, like a slot machine. This exactly what these clowns don’t need or deserve.

Chicago police officers have been working with greatly reduced manpower, without a contract and working conditions worsen every day. At the same time Daley and the City Council have no problem rewarding campaign contributors with hefty chunks of taxpayer money.

The only way things can possibly improve is for the current city administration takes a long much needed vacation at Club Fed. The cop’s morale has never been lower in many decades. I expect the worst summer ever for Chicago as the Obama checks begin to bounce.

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