Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Will Hate Or Real Evidence Decide Phil Spector’s Fate?

Los Angeles, CA—The parade of jilted former girlfriends and disdain for Phil Spector’s wealth and celebrity have all been used to fan the fires of a lynch mob. Prosecutors were on a mission to convict Phil Spector no matter the evidence and have enjoyed judicial free rein throughout two murder trials.

The current jury has been getting too much of their evidence the same way most juries do these days, over the Internet in violation of court rules. At least one blogger is believed to be spewing daily hate and misinformation on behalf of the family of Lana Clarkson who are hoping for a conviction that will enable them to loot Phil Spector’s estate in their pending civil action.

The scientific evidence to murder is simply not there. Since there were no witnesses Judge Larry Paul Fidler has allowed the jury to be swayed by allegations spanning nearly four decades concerning Spector’s prior relationships. Never in Phil Spector’s 69 year history has he ever physically injured anyone.

It was a drunken, destitute and despondent Lana Clarkson who had both of her own hands on the gun that killed her. The only rational explanation for Clarkson’s presence at the Spector home was to engage in an act of unlawful sexual commerce.

Can the jury see past the propaganda to the only reliable evidence and do the right thing? No jury Guilty verdict should be the product of a guess. Having to guess means the defendant is Not Guilty. Will the jury do the right thing? Time will tell.

The prosecution and defense are wrapping up final arguments and with jury instructions pending the case may be in the hands of this jury tomorrow (Wednesday).

One thing for sure, Judge Larry Paul Fidler did absolutely everything he could to deny Phil Spector a fair trial. If convicted Spector would win a new trial but it’s doubtful at least to me that Spector will live long enough to benefit from any appeal of a conviction. This jury is the court of last resort for Phil Spector.


Anonymous said...

I saw that due process is anathema to a lot of posters around the internet. What if their butt was on the line? They would not be posting horse sense, I tell you.

Anonymous said...

CF,I agree with you 100% on this one.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a fan of celebrities
Unless I'm on his retainer.

Think of those indigent clients who can't afford it.

Anonymous said...

the forensic evidence is paramount,
all opinion based on variations of slant of a sequence of events by those not there which is portrayed
is matter of...opinion....

it seems justice is an emotional roller coaster for all concerned as a consequence.....

what is the truth....not the wish or desire to appear to be true?

to convict.or not convict