Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Why News Reporters Fail On Gun Control Stories.

It’s always the same. Some politician or media attention whore and whack job like Chicago’s Father Michael Pfleger sounds the alarm for some new gun ban. The news organizations come running to cover the carefully crafted media event complete with parents of young people killed usually while engaged in risky behavior.

The reporters grab video, interviews and then never go to the other side for opposing views. Instead they head to the nearest gun store where businessmen freely talk to reporters while enjoying free advertising. Gun dealers but for a select few exceptions are neither educated spokesmen nor experts on gun control. They are nothing more than ordinary men on the street with varied opinions.

If reporters want to get both sides they can always get interviews from the NRA leadership or any of the state gun rights organizations. Gun dealers don’t represent or speak for gun owners or their advocacy organizations.

Getting half the story on gun control or any story is always dead wrong.

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