Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Why J-Fed Failed As Chicago’s Police Superintendant

Chicago, IL—Twice in my lifetime rank and file Chicago cops have handed down a no-confidence vote on a police superintendent. That last time that happened was to former superintendent Matt Rodriquez, who was paling around with a notorious convicted felon.

The Fraternal Order of Police just took a vote and Jody Weis was invited to leave the department by the working cops of Chicago. This vote came after little more than a year on the job.

Jody Weis was a square peg in a round hole since the day the mayor appointed him. Weis was never a street cop and could not relate to them. His wearing a uniform he never earned was a big mistake as was his effort to model the department after weightlifting steroid using muscle heads.

The biggest problem Weiss had was the direction from City Hall. The mayor and influential members of the City Council wanted to give the more vocal local African-American reverends the ability to create police policy. Police work is difficult enough to do without creating a climate of fear causing officers to shirk their sworn duty rather than become whipping boys for police haters.

If Weis had any potential to be a good leader for the department City Hall obstructed any positive efforts. Weis is in a no-win situation. The people pulling Weis’ strings simply don’t want an effective police department.

Every cop knows if they avoid conflict with criminals they will never get fired, indicted or suspended over false allegations. There is little reason for cops to do more than to avoid all conflicts and actual law enforcement.

This no-confidence vote is really more about Mayor Richard M. Daley and Uber-Alderman, Edward M. Burke. Chicago’s ignorant voters keep reelecting these fellows and the voters got what they wanted and deserved.

These politicians relentlessly demand and promote unconstitutional gun bans that do nothing but reinforce the authority of Chicago’s armed criminals over the disarmed and defenseless, law-abiding citizens. They have managed to turn good cops into unresponsive props. The City Hall crime control program keeps the thugs, thieves and extortionists in power by design.

Chicago does not deserve the few taxpayers they have left. Many thousands of productive people just like me voted with our feet and left this once great city. Soon there will be nobody left in Chicago but a parasitic population feeding on itself.


Anonymous said...

FBI agents are not street cops.

Anonymous said...

I doubt that anyone, even an insider, could turn the Department around now.

Anonymous said...

"I doubt that anyone, even an insider, could turn the Department around now."

This is true. The only way the department could bounce back is with the support of the mayor and the alderman, and we know that will never happen as long as Daley and the 50 clowns are still running the show.

Anonymous said...

Two words "John Farrell" captain for CPD could, with time, turn it around.

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

I can remember sitting in my car outside the Thomas O Wallace nurse’s residence with a great lady.

My windows were open on a balmly night and I heard shots and yelling opposite a tall chain link fence.

I wound up assisting John Farrell and Mike Malone so long ago (early 1970s) when a drunken POS with a 1911 .45 Shot Farrell in the shoulder and thigh nearly killing and or crippling him.

Malone shot the offender and his brother emptying a S&W Model #39. The offending shooter died of is wounds over a month later at Illinois Masonic Hospital. All of Malone’s nine shots hit flesh.

Farrell & Malone were burglary dicks from the old Area Six. They responded to an on view shots fired at 861 West Barry. As they approached the back alley the offender leaned over a porch railing and open fire on the officers.

Both of these boys were cop’s cops. Farrell would make a fine superintendent and quickly get the department in fine order.

Anonymous said...

Just a matter of time before the midget mayor has a heart attack. At that time a person with worse mayoral skills will replace him. The political machine will find a corupt thief that will not disrupt the flow of tax theft.
The city will fall into deeper depths. The few taxpayers the city has now are leaving in droves. The legit citizens feel trapped in their homes because of a poor housing market. Rising violence, pathetic public schools, awful public transportation, high taxes, high gas prices, no police presence in tax paying communities....what a shame.
Drive around Chicago and you will see that construction has been turned off like a faucet. Stores are closing and jobs are leaving.
Where is a decent place to live? I have been doing research and would like to here some suggestions. Thanks for letting me vent CGV.

Anonymous said...

You got that one right,Captain johnny Farrell is the only one who could turn it around.Cops would go through walls for him,a born leader and a real Policeman.Put him in charge,even the dog motherfuckers would work.Not sure on the last part.