Friday, March 20, 2009

A TV News Photographer Shoots The President!

Los Angeles, CA—Never let it be said that I’m a fan of Barack Obama’s. However because I serve the news business as a freelance producer and have a blog, Barack Obama is a newsmaker and must be accurately covered.

No, I don’t want Obama to succeed in his Marxist quest. However, I would love nothing more for this fellow to, save our economy; protect all our freedom and liberty while maintaining respect for the producers and taxpayers.

KCBS-KCAL TV photojournalist Bryan Frank had that duty and related his experience and posted several photos he took along the way on his blog, BeFrank.

I got a chuckle from something this straight shooter wrote:

“Ooh, here's a little tip. The Secret Service and everyone in charge of the President's media access is much friendlier if you word your request correctly. Always be specific in your phrasing. I'd like to record video or I'd like to photograph the President is always, always, always, always, always, always better than saying, I want to shoot the President. Trust me on that one, brother..”

Pay a visit to this BEFrank story and pictorial…

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