Friday, March 27, 2009

Spector Jury Under Cutting Edge Defense Investigation Scrutiny

Los Angeles, CA—Jurors are on a four day holiday until Wednesday when they return to Judge Larry Paul Fidler’s jury room to determine the fate of legendary record producer, Phil Spector.

What the jury does not know their Internet activities have been closely monitored for violations of the court’s order to avoid conversations along with any form of publication involving Spector and any witnesses.

Cutting edge surveillance devices have already exposed some jury Internet surfing and e-mails. The involved jurors will only have to face the music for this behavior should Spector be convicted.

If there is a conviction on any count the defense will move for a mistrial and present their evidence. A single incident will be sufficient to obtain a mistrial and a third trial would be likely. Should Spector be acquitted or the jury hangs, the defense will not need to reveal whatever they know about jury misconduct.

Any members of the jury exposed for misconduct will have a serious problem with Judge Fidler. Considering the cost of Spector’s trial it will be understandable.


Anonymous said...

That would be terrible to upset a guilty verdict just because members of the jury are looking on the imyernet. There is lots of good information their to help yhem with their verdict!

I hope that the jury members getting caught only get yelled at. Putting them in jail would be soooo wrong!

Anonymous said...

CNN has your report on the jury. Now the guilty jurors will be able to wiggle out of misconduct charges by voting not guilty! This should have been kept secret to let these jurors get caught and punished.

Anonymous said...

Way to go DW. Phil Spector is innocent of murder anyway.
This evidence should bring that Alan Jackson to tears...again!! LOl

Let's hear it for the defense team!!!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Any juror caught in violation should be forced to pay for the costs of the entire trial.

Maxium jail time for contempt of court is not enough punishment.

Anonymous said...

Phil Spector didn't do it. He's innocent. I am hoping there will be a hung jury and he can get a new judge. He has been against PS all the way.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the jury members will be brought into Fidler's chambers one by one for examination about their Spector internet surfing?

You know out of 12 people at least three will spill their guts.

Anonymous said...

Alan Jackson won't be much of a "Celebrity Prosecutor" if there is an acquittal. He is the epitome of hubris and was probably handpicked by the DA's office to be the fall guy in this terd of a case.

Does anyone remember the Prosecutor's name in the Robert Blake case, I don't, that was another waste of the tax payers money.

The real issue is, is that LA County has to stop prosecuting cases that have no merit. I truly hope win, lose or draw after the jury renders it verdict in Spector that Complaints go to the Judicial Commission about Judge Fidler. He is a menace to the bench and unfortunately he is not alone in Los Angeles County. This stinking thinking when Judges rule with emotion instead of following the law is a detriment to all of us. There is a reason that we have rules and laws. How can we justify as a nation fighting a war in Iraq under the guise of democracy when it is being chipped away right here at home. When a Judge acts in the manner that Fidler has it subverts democracy. Even though PS as the resources to file and appeal many others don't. How many innocent persons are sent to jail under our great system every year and some sentenced to death? When some of these innocent folks are finally released their troubles with the system all lead back to the DA's that ignored the laws and facts and their duties. Enough is Enough already!!!!!!