Friday, March 06, 2009

The Republican Party Took A Left Turn And Ditched Conservative Americans

USA-The Republican Party has become the party of pretend Conservatives like John McCain, and both Bush Presidents. Today’s Republican Party supports too much control, taxation and pushes an ever-expanding government over Americans.

The last election saw Conservatives staying away from the polls because McCain was a Republican Senator who voted more often with Obama, Clinton and Kennedy. McCain refused to protect America from illegal immigration allowing for the invasion of crime, poverty and narcotics. McCain never deserved nor did he get the support of Conservatives.

The present Republican Party leadership is that of longtime members of the House and senate entrenched in a system of corruption and pork politics. They have little in common with Conservatives anymore.

Either the Republican Party will clean its own house and return to Conservative values and principals or Conservatives must unite under another brand name.


Anonymous said...


Please take a serious look at Congressman Ron Paul-R Texas.

Read some of his books and you will find a true conservative American hero. He is your kind of guy.

Anonymous said...

McCain, hung Sarah Palin out to dry.