Monday, March 16, 2009

Outrage Over Marketing Of Fried Chicken

Germany—Some overly sensitive people are calling this racist. Others simply understand that nearly all African-Americans have a diet of choice that goes with the culture and has no race agenda. Watermelon and chicken have always been associated with African-Americans and to make that somehow an insult is both sick and twisted.

Is this unfair use of a name that just happens to be the current American President's? Since they only use "Obama" without the Presidents first name or likeness the association can only be in the mind of the observer.

A German company has drawn major criticism for marketing their tasty new “Obama-Fingers”. Because of the rhubarb, this company is now getting great free worldwide advertising. We know they will make more money than ever. Tyson foods should have dreamed this up here.

It’s okay to like fried, chicken, watermelon or any other food your physician will let you consume. Let me say that being a well-feed White guy I can attest to my share of consumption of fried chicken and watermelon.

I’m wondering now what I could market that would get this kind of free advertising since I need the money. This Obama-Fingers thing is just not that important. Excuse me while I put some leftover KFC in the microwave for a treat.


Anonymous said...

hahahahaa......... Love this!!!!!!
You are totally correct when you said, they are getting free advertising........ I hope they make alot of money on this, seems everything associated with Obama is making a ton of $$$ including AIG EXECS!!

Anonymous said...

Already a favourite in 007.

Anonymous said...

Ford Heights is completely sold out of these.