Friday, March 20, 2009

Our Disastrous Economy And Prostitution-- It’s Time To Leave The Hookers Alone.

Arresting prostitutes for trying to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table is beyond low. We can argue morality all we want but that will never change reality. We can no longer afford enforcement nor can the women who find this is the way they must earn a living.

Pimping, pandering, enslavement and crimes against children should continue to be enforced. Legalizing the act itself would free prostitutes from their pimps. Those creeps demanding money from prostitutes need to face extortion charges.

Consenting adults wishing to pay for or be paid for sex should not be clogging our courts any longer.


Anonymous said...

Why is paying for sex illegal??No different than going on a date or keeping the wife happy.

Nobody wants street walkers or pimps.Legalize it and regulate it like any other industry.This way the women will get of drugs and wont have Ray Ray the pimp to answer too.

Provide safe working evironments of a brothel instead of hooking the street.

Ecomomic stimulus??Sure as hell.We need to create jobs,and fast.

This would cause condom sales to go up(mnaufacturing),medical checks and the use of medical supplies.Lab results,licensing fees,taxes,inspector jobs.

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

Regulate prostitution? Don’t we already regulate enough crap in our lives? I don’t want or need the government conducting studies on the best sexual positions for hookers and their customers.

The hookers can file their own tax returns without the government running their businesses for them. Why trade Ray-Ray for a government bureaucrat-pimp? No way Jose!

Anonymous said...

I see someone from time to time for about $500 a bang. It's safe and discreet, if she wants to claim it on her taxes, thats fine. I just want to retain my privacy.

Anonymous said...

If California and the IRS would tax the racist Indian Casinos for their income,: that will cure Califs deficit.

And yes since congress have become whores, I now support legalizing prostitution.

Although I'm still morally opposed to adultery and fornication.

A bitter Christian that clings to his GOD and his guns.

Anonymous said...

Good post subject ,Paul. I've been watching "BODY HEAT" on cable lately.
I'd rather pay someone by the hour and be done with them than to get jammed up like William Hurt's character did. The trouble just isnt worth it, even with a young Kathleen

Anonymous said...

CF,do the young ladies in the pic do in-call or out-call??

Anonymous said...

racist indian casino's?

Anonymous said...

Where was that pic taken? I'd like a "date" with the one with the yellow shoes.

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