Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Obama Administration Pollutes The Environment and Wastes Money

Washington DC—The Obama Gun Seizure Machine is gearing up for real War On Gun Owners. They’ve now banned government contractors from recycling spent ammunition brass for the civilian market. This is just another hateful display of, “we won the election and will do whatever we want”.

Not only are these Communist whack-jobs wasting millions they are causing the wasting of energy and unnecessary pollution of the environment as manufactures now have to create new casings from raw brass. Sooner or later this foolishness will weaken our national defense, not that these enemies of America care.

Someone please tell me how this Obama policy helps do anything constructive or enhances public safety at all. Maybe all Americans should follow Obama's lead and stop recycling altogether. Will these Communists learn what, “From my dead Cold hands” means? It means that any politicians, bureaucrats or government agents involved in taking guns from Americans better get their personal affairs in order.

An update: A reader sent me this from another blogger. It seems this news item was spun out-of-control and has been reversed. We will be watching all futher devlopments.

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Anonymous said...

Just like how the goobermint destroyed 100,000s of historic and valuable weapons in the last 30 years.

Why destroy perfectly good equipment when it can be sold through the CMP.The DOD could use that money so war fighters get body armour,up armoured Humvees and other items.