Monday, March 16, 2009

Drew Peterson Grilled by Amy Jacobson, Geoff Pinkus and The Public

Chicago, ILAmy Jacobson once again proved her mettle as an investigative reporter when she went face to face with Drew Peterson last night. It was on Geoff Pinkus’ Livin’ Large Radio Show that Derw Peterson and his lawyer, Joel Brodsky answered those biting questions so many inquiring minds wanted answered.

Jacobson never missed a chance to hit Peterson with a skillfully crafted questions and great follow-ups. On the other side was an experienced professional cop/witness/suspect with 30 years of police work on his resume. I don’t know if Jacobson exposed any information that would solve the mystery but she followed the first rule of every investigator, she kept the suspect talking.

As for the interview in general it was timely, interesting and informative. It was great radio that showcased an obvious resurrection of news reporter, Amy Jacobson.

It was the strikingly similar case of Lisa Stebic, the wife of a private investigator, Craig Stebic in another Chicago area probe by Jacobson that sidelined her career. Jacobson caught some unjustified flack for her courageous effort to solve that case.

…And as for the, Will County State's Attorney… When Drew Peterson is answering questions, their investigators are always listening. A few wrong words and a criminal court jury may hear a recording of this and other interviews. Peterson is either very crazy or very innocent.

WIND Radio and Geoff Pinkus deserve a salute for giving their listeners a great show.

Podcast recordings of this “pinker’s” show of 3/15/09 show can be found here.


Anonymous said...

park ridge frank wrote:
I listened to Geoff Pinkus' show and this interview from begining to end. Drew Peterson is a very scary. He is cool and smooth and seemingly unflapable...except for a short period of time during this interview...when Amy Jacobson got her chance to shine.

She was back to being the tough reporter she has been known for. Drew Peterson stammered and paused and was knocked off his smooth talking perch. She pressed him on answering whether he looked at storage facilities the day before Stacy's disapearance and she said "Tell the Truth Drew" and he admitted that he did.

It was the first time in months that Drew Peterson admitted anything new toward the case. It was information that no local or network reporter has been able to get out of him ever.

This information was confirmed on GMA this morning by Drew's step brother.

Bravo Amy. It was great to hear you being the great reporter you have always been and getting a chance to do what you do best.

Anonymous said...

Amy Jacobson can grill me about anything she wants, whenever she wants.

Where are the Jacobson-in-a-bikini pics?

Anonymous said...

Looks like Amy has a new job,CST-FIN-lew27.article

NEW BEGINNING | Former WMAQ reporter Jacobson to join Roe Conn on WLS

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March 27, 2009
LEWIS LAZARE Media & Marketing Columnist;
She's back! Sources confirm that Amy Jacobson soon will come on board as Roe Conn's new sidekick on his afternoon drive show on WLS-AM (890), the iconic news/talk station that is now showing growing ratings strength in all key times of day. The addition of Jacobson is likely to garner additional attention for the AM outlet.
In July 2007, Jacobson became a journalistic cause celebre when she was dumped as a reporter at NBC-owned WMAQ-Channel 5 after she was caught on camera by a CBS-owned WBBM-Channel 2 camera crew at the home of Craig Stebic, husband of Lisa Stebic, who had gone missing. At the time Jacobson said she had gone to the Stebic house clad in a bikini with her children in tow to gather more potential pertinent information about the Lisa Stebic story, which she was actively involved in reporting for WMAQ.

Dethroned WMAQ reporter Amy Jacobson will come on board in early May as WLS-AM afternoon drive host Roe Conn's new sidekick.
(Tom Cruze/Sun-Times)

Since the Stebic debacle, Jacobson had been unable to find another television news job, but she appeared on WLS-AM in recent months, and she has gotten high marks for having a certain tough edge that station management and talent already on air at WLS had found to their liking. Jacobson is expected to start her new regular gig with Roe Conn in early May.