Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Countdown to Suspension Of Our Constitution

Washington, DC—As it was with Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Castro and so many others the excuse to end Liberty will be for public safety. Lately the Barack Obama Administration has been hearing anger and some rage from Americans opposed to adopting our government policy from Karl Marx’s playbook, Das Kapatal.

We have seen this kind of oppression play out before in places like Cuba and post World War One Europe. Yes Abraham Lincoln did that here too and fueled a Civil War that cost more American lives than any other conflict to date.

They are also hearing anger from freedom loving gun owners about the slew of gun and ammunition bans Obama’s minions intend to force on Americans. Yes, despite the recent Supreme Court Heller case that defined the right to bear arms as an individual right rather than a right of government Obama’s tyranny is moving forward.

Guns and ammunition are being hoarded by Americans like never before, not in fear of new laws, but instead for use against anyone the government sends to confiscate guns and endanger liberty.

How soon will we have all our Constitution suspended by our new President? All out civil war is the proper response rather than submitting to some lawless dictator. One only need remember the holocausts of Europe, China and Cambodia to know life, liberty and property must be protected no matter the cost in blood.

Obama better read that portion of our Constitution that gives Americans the right and duty to protect our form of government from many of his Communist ideals.

What will the next presidential assassin’s criminal defense be? The rights of revolution, preserving the Constitution from despotism or simple necessity are all possibilities.

It was my country and its government that drafted me into the Army and taught me how to kill Communists that threaten democracy. I still believe that was and is necessary for our freedom.

Politicians and bureaucrats with designs on our Freedom and Liberty must be stopped where they stand.

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