Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Boob Jobs And Crime

Phoenix, AZ—Some years ago I was sent out to investigate a an embezzlement from one of the leading commercial property management firms. My investigative leads were two ladies who recently left their jobs at the bookkeeping department.

I simply knocked on the door of the rented home where these usual suspects lived. I used my trademark introduction, “Hi, my name is Paul Huebl, I’m a licensed private investigator and I’ll bet you know why I’m here?”

In no time these two attractive young women confessed to me and my hidden tape recorder how they siphoned off $50,000.00 from their former employer to fraudulent companies they created. The two offenders offered me a very plausible reason for the theft.

It turned out the two gals were unhappy with their breast size and wanted that porn star look. Both ladies took their ill-gotten gains to a talented Las Vegas surgeon who had them both ready for showgirl auditions in no time at all.

The two suspects lived together in the rented house and agreed to sign a, “consent to search” of the premises for fruits of the crime. While searching I came across the before and after pictures later entered into evidence to a Grand Jury. The result of that Las Vegas physician’s work was fascinating to say the least!

The two now well endowed embezzlers repeated their confessions to the late Phoenix police forgery detective, Mike Butler, were indicted, pled guilty, served time and both re-offended later. There are many unforgettable stories in my career and for these two show stoppers, I say thanks for the mammaries!


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A boob is a terrible thing to waste.

Anonymous said...

I've also found a link to boob jobs and divorce. If a women gets a boob job after being married, a divorce seems to follow in short order. She starts wanting to show them off, then next thing you know looking is not enough, and she likes the new attention enough to take advantage of it.

If you marry a girl who already had the boob job this does not seem to apply because she is already accustomed to the attention.

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I hate phony chicks

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Well, she did get her monies worth, in my opinion.

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